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Rob & Kristen with Fans on the "Twilight" Set

Making of "Remember Me" Features (8 Parts)

The Making of Remember Me Part 1 - Charactors & Story 

The Making of Remember Me Part 2 - Shooting In New York

The Making of Remember Me Part 3 - 911
The Making of Remember Me Part 4 - Directing

The Making of Remember Me Part 5 - Tyler Hawkins

The Making of Remember Me Part 6 - Ally Craig

The Making of Remember Me Part 7 - Caroline Hawkins

The Making of Remember Me Part 8 - Final Words

Vote Rob & Water For Elephants for the 'Total Film Awards' 2010

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is Daniel Radcliffe taking a cue from Rob?

Celeb Lookalikes

Spotted on the set of his latest film The Woman In Black, Daniel Radcliffe is a dead ringer for Robert Pattinson when he was filming scenes for Bel Ami back in April.

Sure the old-school costumes and side hair partings help bridge the gap but we still think these two young actors are morphing into each other. Does that mean we can expect a double cameo any time soon?

These two have never been on our radar as looking alike.

But when Sky Showbiz spotted this recent picture of Daniel Radcliffe, it took us at least a double take to work out it wasn’t the lovely Robert Pattinson.

So why the sudden doppelganger situation?

Daniel has just begun filming his new big screen project The Woman In Black, dressed in traditional English costume that bares more than a passing resemblance to Robert’s guise for his recent movie Bel Ami, filmed in April.

Sure the old-fashioned neck-tie and side hair parting bridge the gap between the two actors but we think their features even look the same.
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Old Pics of Rob Signing Autographs for Collectormania in 2006 & Mini Bio


New Pics of Rob from the MTV Movie Awards 2010


Rob in LA (Sept 28th) with his mate TomStu!


more pics here

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New/Old Pic of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen for Twilight prom scene

Here's what they had to say about Rob:Before shooting began Robert Pattinson came into the kitchen where we were watching and asked if anyone knew how to tie his tie for him, sadley none of us did, but now I wish I would have given it a try. At least I could have looked into his golden eyes :-)

Mackenzie Foy to play Renesmee in Breaking Dawn?

It’s a big day for Twihards. First Maggie Grace signs on to play Irina. Now has learned that little 9-year old Mackenzie Foy is inches away from signing on to play Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s vampire/human love child that’s a central role in the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

It’s not yet clear how the diminutive actress, who’s appeared in one episode each of television shows FlashForward and ‘Til Death, will portray the character who ages a full 17 years in only seven. Sources have suggested that director Bill Condon will employ similar digital effects to those used by David Fincher in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where Foy’s face would be digitally transferred onto the face of a younger child. It’s also probable that the studio will hire a younger child in some capacity, too.

Summit Entertainment is remaining mum on the issue. But to see Foy’s angelic face, which could very well be the offspring of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, check out her website.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Rob Named Best Dressed British Man of 2010

THE WINNER: Robert Pattinson

His Style: Tartan lumberjack shirts and jeans when out and about, drool-inducing tailored suits and skinny ties when on the red carpet. Robert Pattinson is certainly the crush of the moment but now he can now add Britain’s Most Stylish Man to his long list of accolades.
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Ed Westwick "People come up to me so many times and think I'm Robert Pattinson"

At 1:30
"I get people coming up to me so many times and think I'm Robert Pattinson and it's so bizarre and hilarious but it's good company to be in," he said.

When asked if he ever says he is Pattinson, the star replied: "No, I haven't! But maybe I will one day!"
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MTV's "The Buried Life" talks about stealing Rob's hair.

"We got dared on our Facebook page," Jonnie recalled. "We asked them what they would dare us to do, because one of the list items is to accept a dare, and they said the world voted and that we should steal a lock of Robert Pattinson's hair."
The guys, always up for any challenge, went after the "Twilight" star.

"So, we went vampire hunting and did it," Duncan said. "I'm not telling [where the hair is]. It's in my pillow case."
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New/Old Fan Pic Of Rob from August 2009

This picture is from Marcus Foster concert (August 8, 2009) at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles - there were a couple pictures of Rob and Andrew there posted last year HERE
Click for HQ
This was taken August 8, 2009. I was there...just to the right of the picture trying to disappear into the wall because I was close to losing consciousness. The person that took the picture was Marcus Foster. The lovely lady in the picture, Nicki, is like an angel sent from heaven to make my dreams come true.

I met Rob that night and got my picture with him but I never would have even asked him for a picture if Nicki hadn't done it first. I referred to her as "bold girl" in my fan encounter over a year ago. I felt, "If SHE can ask for a picture, certainly I can! Snap out of it, Tink!" If you've known me for awhile, you know my encounter. You can read it HERE if you'd like.

I never forgot Nicki because there was no one in this small foyer except me, the fan, Rob and his entourage. After my picture was taken, everyone seemed to disappear...or I bet it was really ME that disappeared...drifting off to a far far place. I didn't get a chance to ever thank her.

Yesterday, I got this tweet from Nicki who found me:
I met RP at the Hotel Cafe on August 8th last year and have been trying to figure out if Andrew Garfield is the guy in the back of my picture with him, so I googled it, and found the picture of you two that I took ! SUCH a small world !

A small world indeed. I am so grateful to Nicki because I know EXACTLY how I felt that night as if it was yesterday and if she wasn't there, I wouldn't have found my voice and gotten my picture.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

New/Old Rob 'Remember Me' Promo Interview with Movieweb

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'Eclipse' LA Premiere DVD ( From Amazon Japan)


Exclusively from Amazon Japan, this DVD covers everything from Cast interviews, the LA Black Carpet Premiere: Arrivals and Interviews, Fan interviews, Eclipse clips, lots of clips of Rob and Kristen all throughout the 3 vids. Again, special thanks to Maika/patty13Mai
This Special Edition DVD is available for FREE when you purchase your tickets in advance for the Eclipse Japan Premiere via Amazon Japan.  The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be have its Japanese premiere on November 13th.

Fan/Cast interviews. Tent City. David Slade compares Rob to Elvis at 5:03

Black Carpet Arrivals

Black Carpet Interviews


Ed Westwick says Rob & him are representing for the Brits in Hollywood

Another day, another tall, dark, handsome Brit in Hollywood? Westwick nods at the reference to English actor Robert Pattinson, who plays dashing vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. Both are narrow-eyed, deep-voiced, chisel-jawed and beguilingly pouty – not that we’ve thought about it much.

‘Yup, there seems to be something going on right now,’ he laughs. ‘I can’t figure it out but we’re definitely representing'.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

New\Old Fan Video of Rob from the Eclipse Premiere

"I just discovered a video I got of Rob during the Eclipse Premiere when he came to the bleachers side of the Premiere area. It was complete insanity over there. I was standing behind the front row and when Rob, Kristen, and Taylor pulled up people when crazy. A mother standing right near me literally shoved everyone out of the way to push her daughter to the front. While that happened I ended up getting shoved back even further so I gave up and stood on the bleachers. A very kind young girl reach back and grabbed my magazine I wanted signed and said she would get it signed for me. She ended up getting both Rob and Taylor's autograph for me! She disappeared right after so I never got to properly thank you, but she was my Twilight guardian angel for the night. There is some amazing Twilight fans out there, and this fan is example of one of them. At the end of the video you can hear me say "Omg, thank you so much" That's when I discovered my video was running instead of me actually taking pictures."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'Bel Ami' Release Date May 18th 2011 in France?

According to, the film’s French distributor,
the Bel Ami release date is May 18, 2011.
(Note: The date also falls in the middle of Cannes film festival which is May 11-22 of 2011)

No 3-D Plans for ‘Breaking Dawn’

A major rumor making waves over the past twenty-four hours claims that the second part of Breaking Dawn “will be released in 3-D.”

Similar reports surfaced last spring.

Once again, they are false.

The site behind the claim, which warns visitors not to “fall for any casting scams,” is itself questionable.

A rep for Summit tells Gossip Cop, “Neither film is being shot in 3D,” and calls the rumors “fabricated.”

And a source informs Gossip Cop that while 3D effects can be added during post-production (as they have with some recent releases), right now it is too premature to say whether either part of Breaking Dawn will be converted.

Rob's Outtake now in UHQ

Click for UHQ!

Rob's EW (2009) Outtake Now UHQ & Untagged

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Richard Branson would like Rob to play him in a movie!

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Robert Pattinson from Twilight. He’s English…and he’s young!

Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group and companies such as Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Virgin Mobile and Virgin Active. He maintains a blog at You can follow him on Twitter at Richard Branson
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fan Photo of Rob with his guitar in London!

This is an old photo!It was posted in January 2009 by Perez Hilton's blog but tagged!Here we have it untagged:)
untagged thnks to candykizzes24

'Water For Elephants' Release Dates for Poland & Italy

Poland - May 6, 2011

Italy  - April 29, 2011

There was much curiosity, especially among fans of Robert Pattinson, to know when arriving in Italy Water for Elephants, which also starring Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon. Now we say that the release date is..... April 29, 2011, just two weeks after landing in the United States. The information was communicated to us directly today by Fox and all the fans should cheer (especially the fans) Robert Pattinson, so that should not wait too long before seeing this film. Obviously, there are still many months in late April 2011, one can not exclude a rollover, but when we confirm that the film is scheduled for April 29, 2011.

In the film, Pattinson plays a young veterinarian hired a traveling circus, the Gasoline Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth during the era of the Great Depression. Here you will meet Marlena (Witherspoon), a beautiful headstock married to August, the charismatic but irascible animal trainer (Waltz). Water for Elephants is based on a novel by Sara Gruen and will arrive in theaters April 15, 2011, in Italy April 29, 2011. 

Pic of Rob with our Lynne in London(18 September 2010) now in HQ

Click on the pic for HQ

Rob’s Image in a Mexican English School Poster!

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New\Old Fan Pic of Rob+Fan Encounter

Comment #630 - From Georgina 
"Ok here it is. my picture with robert taken by kristen in a resort hotel in santa barbara, july. they were very nice. they were sharing a meal eating on the same plate. i didn't want to disturb them but i had to because i'll never have this opportunity ever again. kristen refused but its ok. she gave me an autograph instead.
Comment #638
Yes 4th of july weekend
Comment #651
They seem like a normal couple. just having dinner together. my friend heard robert call kristen honey but i though i heard baby. i really don't know for sure. hehe. the staff said they were staying in the villa so we really didn't see them much around.
Comment #668
That was taken in california while i was having a vacation 2 months ago. i'm not form the US. they look like a normal couple to us. they were eating on the same plate, sitting next to each other, talking, kinda touchy but nothing major like kissing or hugging. kristen's really short but she's prettier in person. robert looks good too."

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Rob being nice to his fans in London

Robert Pattinson has been spotted attending a gig in London, and was reportedly very nice to fans.

Rob, thought to be accompanied by pal Tom Sturridge, was in town attending a Marcus Foster gig and not only did he pose for photos with fans, he was actually smiling.

One fan, Lynne, spoke about her encounter with the 24-year-old Twilight actor.

“A couple of other fans were getting pics so I asked if he wouldn’t mind me having a pic and he was happy to oblige, he said “sure”.”

“I said you must get really fed up of people asking you for pics and that I was sorry to ask and said he didn’t mind, it was okay and he meant it.”

“You could see the pure joy on his face when his buddy Marcus Foster was on stage doing his part of the gig, I could tell he was so happy to be there watching him. And I heard him laugh out loud just as we were leaving.”

Robert gets a hard time from the paparazzi, but it’s nice to know he’s still up for photos with fans.

MTV’s ‘Buried Life’ steals Rob Pattinson’s hair!

On The Red Carpet caught up with stars of MTV's 'The Buried Life', Dave Lingwood and Jonnie Penn at the MTV Video Music Awards, who reveal they'e getting closer and closer to all of their goals.

“One of the things on the list was to accept a dare, off the internet,” Penn said. “And they voted and said to steal a lock of Robert Pattinson’s hair. And we managed to do it. That was probably the weirdest thing we’ve ever done.”

“I don’t recommend going up to someone and asking them for their hair. It’s just awkward and weird,” laughed Lingwood.

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