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Yahoo OMG UK: Win a chance to interview Rob at the UK 'Breaking Dawn' premiere!

 Yahoo! OMG! has teamed up with Entertainment One to offer one lucky winner the chance to interview the stars of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 as well as other celebrity guests on the carpet at the UK premiere.

For one night only you will be taking OUR place on the red carpet and interviewing the Twilight stars for the Yahoo! omg! website.

Not only that but you and a guest will go into the cinema afterwards to watch the film before anyone else.

Sound pretty good to you? To enter, all you need to do is head to our Twitter page and tweet:

I should interview #twilight stars at #breakingdawn premiere for @YahooOmgUK  because [HERE'S where you try to convince us why it should be you by either a tweet, a picture or a video. In whatever way you like prove to us that YOU are the biggest Twilight fan - be creative!!]

The premiere will take place on Wed 16th November at the Westfield Stratford City, E20 with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in attendance.

And in case you needed reminding, in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson), plus those they love, must deal with the chain of consequences brought on by a marriage, honeymoon, and the tumultuous birth of a child... which brings an unforeseen and shocking development for Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner).

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 will be in cinemas November 18th, 2011 - tickets are on sale NOW.

Prize does NOT include transport or accommodation.

Winner will be picked on Friday Nov 11th.

Listen to the full 'Breaking Dawn' Brussels press conference+ some new pics!

Listen HERE (Click on Beluisteren)!
 *More pics under the cut*

Tom Sturridge explains why he won’t discuss Rob in his new interview!

 Scan (Click for bigger)
He refuses point blank, to talk about his girlfriend, Sienna Miller, or Robert Pattinson, his childhood friend.
 "When you agree to be interviewed, it’s an opportunity to review your own moronic-ness" he says. "It’s OK if I come across as a complete idiot, but it’s not fair for me to describe or refer to anyone else. Anyone can be tainted by my mention of them".

Bill Condon talks about Edward's flashback in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1'!

 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon graciously took the time to talk to us about what's on the mind of every Twilighter now that we're nearing the final weeks before the film. He's continued to remain tight-lipped about some details (which will make for a better moviegoing experience, of course) but he had much to say on the birth scene (his favorite), the highly anticipated wedding, as well as additional scenes from Edward's point of view! Warning: This interview contains spoilers.

Fandango: We get so much of Bella's and Jacob's view in the last book, but what specific parts do we get to see more of Edward's point of view?

Condon: There's something that we put in there that's referred to in an earlier book. We actually get to see Edward in his early life as a vampire and hear his thoughts about that. There's a glimpse of him in Twilight describing how he got turned, how he got changed by Carlisle, but this is more extensive. I do think we get more inside Edward and he changes a lot, too. The wedding has an effect on him. There's an aspect of self-loathing to him about what he did when he was a vampire [earlier] that he releases through Bella's love. I think that's a fun thing to watch.
Read the rest of the interview at the source (Fandango) |via

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More pics & a new video of Rob & Ashley at the BD Stockholm Fan Event!

From moviezine

*More pics under the cut*

Rob talks to Pro7 viewers after Twilight ad "We love to entertain you"!

Rob appears at 0:27
Or watch it at the source|RPLife

New great interview of Rob with Cinemania!

Everybody is talking about the sex scenes...
The book is a great example on how to keep something censored, and at the same time erotic. It plays with people’s imagination. The sex scene is completely on the fans’ minds.But in a way it’s hard because when you do the scene, you need to show things, and not fade to black, or people would go nuts. It’s weird filming something people have been expecting for such a long time, knowing the expectations. I hope we do justice to it.

Your character and Kristen’s shared so many romantic times during the filming, especially the last day of filming.
The last day of filming in Saint Thomas was great. It was just Kristen and I. The only time we were able to film with a nice weather. It was literally the last day of filming, and we were filming a scene in which we’re kissing in the ocean, all night. So it wasn’t a bad way to say goodbye. Then everybody stayed to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful.

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Rob to appear on the Today Show, November 10th!

Click for bigger

Great HQ Pics of Rob at the 'Breaking Dawn' Stockholm fan event!

  *HQ pics are under the cut*

New/Old Photo of Rob & the Harry Potter cast!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More pictures from the Stockholm Press Conference!

 *Pics are under the cut*

*NEW* Gorgeous Fan Pics of Rob at the Paris Fan Event

 *All the pics are under the cut*

New short audio interview of Rob with (Brussels)!

 Pattinson is happy even if he is not recognized

Listen to the interview HERE at 2:50!

Rob: It's great, when you walk through a day and you know someone is talking to you and they have no idea who you are. It's such a ridiculous thing to like but it's so satisfying. But it does still happen?
Rob: Yeah, yeah. Good for you.
Rob: Someone tried to meet me in my hotel in Paris and they had no idea at the reception. That was quite cool.

2 New Videos from the 'Breaking Dawn' Brussels Fan Event!

Lovely Pictures of Rob from the 'Breaking Dawn' Brussels Fan Event!

 *All the pics are under the cut* 

Kristen & Rob's interview with Cineplex Magazine (Digital Scans & Transcript)!

*Transcript & Scans are under the cut*

*NEW* 'Breaking Dawn' TV Spot: "Experience"

New Red Carpet interview of Rob & Ashley from the BD fan event in Stockholm!

Or watch at the source|RPLife

New interview of Rob with French Magazine Star Club!
1) How was the last day on set?
This last day in Canada marked a break from the two previous weeks that were horrible and sad when it came to the weather. It was so cold. For the last day, we finally had some sun and it was nice. Then for the last scene, we got to film on a beach, facing the ocean. There are worse work conditions.

2) How was the mood on set?
It was really nice. There were more than a hundred people for the last scene, which was great. I’d already done my biggest scenes with Kristen so we were able to relax. Like I said, we had nice weather so it was a nice way to end everything.

3) How do you feel now that everything is over?
I don’t really realize it. I’ve been part of this journey for a while now and it didn’t register yet with me that it’s almost over. Even if we finished shooting, we’re still promoting the movie, it’s being talked about so I’m still immersed in it. Maybe in a year, I’ll have moved on.

4) Are you worried of being pigeonholed as Edward?
 Yes and no. it’s true that by playing Edward, I played a character that is atypical. It’s not every day you play a vampire. I know that people compare me to him a lot & that there is a risk of only getting offered vampire roles but in the last 2 years I’ve played in other movies that were from a different genre.

5) Would you like to produce?
Why not but I’d rather work in screenwriting, I don’t feel ready to tell stories yet but rather help others put theirs into form and go inside their universe. I like that a lot.

6) In the fourth film you become a dad, was that weird?
Not really, holding a baby isn’t too hard. Now playing a dad isn’t something you prepare for it's definitely something new when you’re not a father but you star to react naturally when you hold a baby in your arms. You feel like protecting it. But when Mackenzie Foy started playing Renesmee (our daughter) older, it was weirder. I told myself, ‘we have a 11 years old daughter.’ *laughs*

7) Are you living a dream?
 I’m living a life that I would have never even dreamed of. Even though in some ways, it helped me become the adult that I am today. I’ve met people that share the same passion and this is amazing. Working with people who invest themselves as much as I do into their work is wonderful.

*NEW* 'Breaking Dawn' TV Spot: "Love Forever"

*NEW* 'Breaking Dawn' sneak peek from Extra!

Bill Condon talks about Rob, Kristen & Taylor!

 Was there any actor who surprised you?

I think people will be surprised by everybody. In general, Kristen has such a huge journey to take and to watch her become this fierce, protective, powerful mother figure? I think that will surprise people. Taylor surprised me with his commitment and the dark places he goes to in this movie. And Rob, I think there is some sense that he has relaxed into this part and finally willing to show more of himself. His own charm, wit and grace are in evidence in this movie. It surprised me in how relaxed he seemed in something he's fought a little against before.

Full interview at the source|via

Also, small mention on his new interview with moviefone ! You can read the full interview there!

You mention the performers experimenting in the dailies. I think it would be fair to call you an actor's director -- the films you've directed have gotten stars Oscar nominations five times, and Jennifer Hudson won -- but Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner grew up on these movies; they're maybe set in their ways and what they think the characters are. How do you come in and direct them for this last run?

 I did not find any of them set in their ways. It felt like they were eager to explore. Part of the advantage I had was that after a lot of anticipation in three movies, now a huge number of things happen. These characters change so dramatically. When you think of where Bella stars, which is where she's been for all three movies, and by the end she's this fierce warrior-hunter-maternal-goddess. All the steps that get her there -- it's a huge amount of change. The same for Jacob and Edward. They grow up more than anything.

 Catherine Hardwicke [who directed 'Twilight'] has a genius for getting inside the brain and is so in touch with what it's like to be a teenage girl. I couldn't imagine doing that first 'Twilight.' But I can imagine doing this one because it's more adult concerns happening in this story.

Gorgeous Pics of Rob at the 'Breaking Dawn' Press Conference in Brussels now HQ & Untagged!

These were posted before here, but they were tagged!
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New interview of Rob with M6 from BD Paris Press Junket!

Starts at 0:48

Screams. Girls who can't control themselves. This is the Robert Pattinson effect. This Sunday, The hero of the Twilight Saga had a meet and greet planned with his fans for the premiere of the fourth movie of the saga.
And no matter those piercing screams that hurt your ears, Robert Pattinson is always happy to visit us in Paris.

Rob: I love Paris, it's always so easy to do everything here.

The next day, it's in his hotel room that we met a not so awake Robert Pattinson. He had a short night, we won't say more.

Things get serious in this fourth movie, since his character, Edward becomes a dad. Now Rob, this is a big responsability.

Rob: Edward's kind of the most old-fashioned and moral character in the series. He's the one who says 'no sex before marriage', blah blah blah.
And then when Bella gets pregnant, even though at first he thinks it's a demon baby or whatever; his first thought is 'abort it!' It's kind of, it's funny. I'm really looking forward to see how it's received when it comes out.

Pics & Videos from the 'Breaking Dawn' Fan Event in Stockholm!

 *Everything is under the cut*

*NEW* 'Breaking dawn' TV spot with new scenes!

VIDEOS: Full 'Breaking Dawn' Press Conference in Stockholm!

Part 1

Part 2

*More parts after the cut*

New Picture of Rob & Ashley with fans in Belgium!

Rob talks about Breaking Dawn’s sex scenes in a new interview with Total Film!

Scans (Click for fullsize to read the full interview)

When we sat down to talk about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 with star Robert Pattinson, we naturally brought attention to the elephant in the room: the hotly debated sex scenes.

Those marital relations have some pretty severe consequences too, with Bella becoming pregnant with a half vampire-half human child. Turns out we weren’t the only ones a little taken aback by this turn of events.

“When the final book came out, I was like ‘She’s not even thinking outside the box anymore. She’s broken the whole box!'” Pattinson told us.

“She went all out on the last one. It’s almost a different genre of movie.”

So, was Pattinson daunted by the prospect of the sex scenes? “It’s funny,” he added. “People talk about sex scenes in the book, but there aren’t actually any. It’s all in people’s imagination. They’re like ‘It’s so hardcore,’ but it always fades to black. It just shows bits of the aftermath.”

Not that that filmmakers will be taking that approach. “You have to show something!” Pattinson asserts.

“You can’t fade to black in the movie because people would go insane!

“It’s strange trying to do a singular event which everyone is expecting. At the end of the day, watching other people having sex is never going to be that spectacular. Hopefully it’ll be good. There’s so much hype. You’re like ‘God, I hope this lives up to it.’”

The saucy scenes are the least of Pattinson’s worries though, with the fang-to-placenta caesarean causing a much weightier concern. “It was horrible,” he admitted.

“Insanely graphic and the most nerve-racking thing about the whole shoot.”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 opens on 18 November 2011.

Pics & Videos of Rob at the 'Breaking Dawn' Press Conference in Stockholm!

 *More under the cut*

Rob to be on Jimmy Fallon on November 10th!

 From NBC entertainment:

**Thursday, November 10 Guests include Robert Pattinson, Mike White and musical guest Hunter Hayes.

New video & interview of Rob with (Brussels Fan Event)!

At 1:11
Robert Pattinson won't lie, his life completely changed.
Definitely, I mean I was just sitting around in London before and now I'm in Belgium with lots of people screaming at me. It's like the opposite of the life I had before.

Ashley, what is it like hanging out with Robert, seeing as you're living the dream of some many girls.
I think it's a different experience for me as it is for them. He's like an extended brother. But it's very funny, I have to say that he is the same peron as he was before. He's absolutely hysterical so it's very, very fun.

New interview of Rob with VTM (Brussels Press Junket)!

At 2:56

New 'Breaking Dawn' Edward & Bella Still!

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*NEW* 4 Details outtakes of Rob in HQ!

 *UPDATED with HQ pics*
Click for HQ

Kristen mentions Rob in her new interview with Glamour UK (December issue)!

She's also sticking to her resolve in staying under the radar about that likely-but-never-confirmed-nor-denied-relationship with Robert Pattinson. With gossip columinsts alternately reporting that they are together, aren't together, have broken up, are back together, does she never feel like just going on the record about how it really is? Apparenlty not. 'It's funny when this question comes up because I sort of feel like I don't really care!' she says looking like she truly doesn't. 'Peple can say whatever they want ...' She trails off, tehn adds, '[The interest] is totally understandable, but when it's personal to you, it's like your life becomes a product, and I'm repelled by that. I don't like to give away gems that people are gonna be like 'Oh my God!' So I'll always just shrug it off- In fact, I always find it kind of funny, and not just with Rob."

'There are two big sex scenes in the two [final] films, and we did them fairly early. It was so weird, it didn't even feel like we were doing a scene withing a Twilight film. I was like, 'bella! What are you doing? Wow! What is happening here?!' It was surreal. We [originally] got rated R [restricted under-17s]. They recut it.' Does she realise, I say with a raised eybrow, that people would pay good money to see the original, R-rated version of that sex scene? 'It was tame!'she insists, adding. 'I've done my share ofcoming-of-age movies, but they [the rating boards] know who our audience is, and can be like, 'Hmm guys, just cool it a little.'' It's funny because in the book, you don't see anything. It's everyone's imagination, so it's entirely subjective. I hope it's good!'

Talking about wearing a bikini in the movie: 'Then, when I was doing prep for Breaking Dawn, i suddenly realised, 'This is so not On The Road. people definitely want to see you looking trim.' Usually, we're all making fun of Taylor [Lautner] for working out so often, and then suddenly me and Rob were like, 'Shit,' and were running around the block while Taylor laughed at us.'

Speaking of her co-star ripped physique, did she know her last three films feature six of Glamour's top 50 sexiest men ,namely Rob, Taylor, Kellan Lutz and Jamie Campbell in Breaking Dawn, Garrett Hedlund in On The Road and Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Huntsman? Is that just good luck, or some astute film choices? She starts laughing again, and it transpires that such polls provides endless on-set ammo.o 'The first time Rob was the 'sexiest man in the world', a couple of years ago, it was the biggest joke in the wrld. We never stopped taking the piss, and neither did he. [But] they're all great guys and not ... geez, now I sound like I'm generalising about attractive men, but there's something a little vain about working out every single day, whereas they're the greatest guys and all kind of goofy. That's why it's so funny.'

Favorite British music?
Laura Marling. Man, I’m such a huge fucking fan. Rob introduced me to her on Twilight because he thought that [her music] was right for the movie. I love her.
cover's pic|You can check the scans & the rest of the interview at kstewartnews|RPLife

"MTV First: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" with Rob, Kristen & Taylor on November 3rd!

"MTV First: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" will have an exclusive movie clip plus Robert, Kristen and Taylor answering your questions!
Josh Horowitz:
  • Send your questions to @mtvnews for MTV First: Breaking Dawn with #AskTwilight. Questions for Rob/Kristen/Taylor? Go!
  • This is it. NEXT Thursday. 30 minutes with Rob/Kristen/Taylor. MTV First: Breaking Dawn. Never before seen clip. 7:56pm.

2 More Videos from the BD Brussels Press Conference!

Starts at 0:53

*NEW* Pic of Rob with a fan in Sweden!

Rob is in in Stockholm with Ashley Greene to promote 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1'tomorrow!

*Translation by Google*
Robert Pattinson, Lazee, Adam Tensta, Million Stylez, Eric Saade with many more appeared in the evening at Café Opera where J-Son had invited to the party for the launch of his new single. Furthermore arranged a fashion show with Lava Stores and Fire Store.

Press Conference & Photocall: 3pm Swedish time (9am ET/6am PST)
Fan Event: 6:00-8:3pm Swedish time
Rob & Ashley expected: 7pm Swedish time (1pm ET/10am PST)

New Video & Interview of Rob from the 'Breaking Dawn' Fan Event in Paris!

More HQ pics of Rob at the 'Breaking Dawn' fan event in Brussels!

ICYMI: More HQ pics & Videos from Brussels HERE!
*Pics under the cut*

New interview of Rob with Candy Mag (Philippines)!

Transcript thnks to Robstenation  
"I think we have influenced pop culture and vampire stuff, because there are a lot of things that look exactly like Twilight now. There was a strange energy about it which I don't think anyone saw coming. Maybe it will be emulated again."

About Edward "There are certainly incredibly bizarre moments in the story. But I think its good. I think in every movie -Edward becomes more and more human. He is like stunted with experiences. He does not have normal life experiences. I've never really seen Edward as a hero to be honest. I think both Edward and Jacob are almost the opposite of what a hero is. I think both of them are incredibly blinkered to a lot of things. Throughout the series , they become a little bit more open to the rest of the world and other people's interests, especially Edward."

"I think its really in this film and the second part, when he has a kid, that he is allowed to think. He is controlling, introverted, kind of insular person. As soon as he has a kid, it completely changes his mind. He becomes a different person. He can accept his maturity. Whereas before, he just refused to accept anything about his life , other than the fact that he almost puts all his love to Bella. He almost puts all his responsibilities into that relationship so he doesn't have to deal with anything. Its like the only thing keeping him alive is this girl. There is nothing else to him in this world so he has not really claimed anything. And then as soon as you bring in another creature into the world, then your realm of understanding and your realm of interests and priorities have become much wider."

"Since I fell into acting to begin with, I have been basically learning and just experimenting with how to be better. What I actually wanted to do with myself through each movie is to experiment. Up until the first Twilight, you could really try and find your style and share your ideas without being judged too harshly. But then, after the first one, everyone is watching your work.

"Because your movies are popular, you are the most seen. And you are expected to be the finished product. You are supposed to be polished. You are supposed to be a professional. But that just does not happen overnight. Maybe it does with some people . I do not know. I do not necessarily want to be defined by that."

"I have been kind of trying to think of how to achieve want I want to achieve in the context of everyone watching and kind of judging. It kind of stressed me out for a little bit. But now I guess, I am more relaxed because its the end of the series. I used to have to wedge in other movies between Twilght movies. And I was always concerned that I might be oversaturating audiences with Edward, Edward, Edward all the time. But as it has finished, I feel like I do not really have anything to lose and I can do whatever I feel might be cool."
Cover from|via

New MQ Pics of Rob & Ashley at the 'Breaking Dawn' Fan Event in Paris!

 *Pics are under the cut*

NEW 'Breaking Dawn' clip: Bella discovers she's pregnant!

Don't watch it, if you don't like  spoilers!

ABC confirms Rob, Kristen, Taylor & Peter to be on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'!

“JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE” – Jimmy Kimmel hosts a big November sweeps filled with outstanding guests and comedy. Kimmel kicks off the first week with an all-star comedian lineup of Adam Sandler, Ellen DeGeneres and upcoming 84th Annual Academy Awards® host Eddie Murphy. The late-night host celebrates the conclusion of the “Twilight Saga” movie series with appearances from its leading stars, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Peter Facinelli. 

Rob to be on 'Late Show with David Letterman' on November 8th!

Thnks to RPattzOwnsMe

*NEW* 'Breaking Dawn' BTS footage from The Insider!

Youtube version

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New HQ Pics of Rob at the Brussels Press Conference (Tagged & Untagged)

 *Pics are under the cut*

New Interview of Rob with (Belgium)!

 Another new interview with!
 Youtube version

Watch it HERE!

New 'Breaking Dawn' BTS footage shown at Brussels Fan Event!

Video: Special message from Bill Condon & BTS look in Breaking Dawn [From Brussels Fan Event]

At 1:14

Rob's new interview with RTL TV!

Youtube version


Rough translation: 
It's his first time in Belgium.
Is he like Edward? no, he's really serious and stoic. he's not like that in real life. he keeps to himself in real life.
He's self conscious of still playing 17,when he's almost 26.
He doesn't know what it means to be romantic but he tries to be, doesn't know if it works tho.
About being pigeonholed? No matter what he played, he think it would have happened anyway, people always compare one movie to another in this industry. People either accept you or they don't, and if they don't find him interesting other people will.
He'd love to work with Jacques Audiard, the French director and Jack Nicholson if he could.
Ha ate way too many fries yesterday.

Pics & Videos of Rob at the 'Breaking Dawn' Fan Event in Brussels!

 *More pics to come so stay tuned* 
HQ pics
 *Everything is under the cut*

'Breaking Dawn' BTS footage of Rob & Kristen in Brazil (boat scene) - Longer, HD & Untagged!

Translation of Q&A with Rob & Ashley from the Brussels Press Conference!

Full Translation thnks to ToR [Original article from Twilight Belgium]
Twilight Stars Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene are in Brussels today to promote the latest Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn Part I). At half past ten the actors were expected at the conference table, not really early but they did take some time. was there for the entire press conference.

Robert entered the hall in his casual style of checkered shirt T-shirt and jeans jacket. And no, he had not shaved since Sunday! Ashley’s make-up was perfect, long hair impeccably combed, and a simple blue dress with sky-high heels in black shiny leather.

The duo was relaxed, Ashley has more awake than Robert, who repeatedly had to admit that he clearly wasn’t awake yet – though that did not stop him to joke around. But jet lag and tiring day or not, the press and the fans wanted answers … and sometimes to the oddest questions!

“Robert, Twilight is primarily the story of Bella, so from a female perspective and because of that it appeals to many girls and women. Did the making of these movies help you to understand women?”

Robert Pattinson: “Bella is a very special girl. Most fans of the movies came via the books and that has a lot to do with Bella’s decisions, which you often think: ‘What is she doing now? That’s not logical!” But people are still able to recognize themselves in it… in the entire crazy decision. And with that I actually say that I learned that most women are crazy (Laughs). Actually I don’t think it helped me to understand women more (laughs again). I often think to just give up: it’s no use! “(laughs exuberantly)

“You become a father is in the movie. How was that for you?”

Robert: “It was very clumsy. For women it’s natural, any woman that gives birth, take it as if she has done a million times. Men are as clumsy, are afraid to let it drop or break something.”

“It was often improvising, filming with a baby. At one point there had to be all this fake blood on the newborn baby, so we had to apply it to the baby and the child starts to cry in my arms. So we  do everything to calm the baby down a bit and then I thought: “This really feels like my baby. But it was fun to play, totally different from the other films. “

*The rest is under the cut*

Rob will be on "Live with Regis and Kell" on November 10th!

Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Peter Facinelli will promote Breaking Dawn on “Live with Regis and Kelly.”

Facinelli will appear on November 8, followed by Lautner on November 9, and then Pattinson on November 10.

Pics & Videos from the 'Breaking Dawn' press conference in Brussels!

  *Everything is under the cut*

Christina Perri’s 'A Thousand Years' with new 'Breaking Dawn' scenes!

New HQ Stills of Rob's appearance on TF1!

 *Stills under the cut*

'Breaking Dawn' Soundtrack Artist "Sleeping At Last", talks about Rob's acting skills & his 'soulful voice' in a new interview with Pattinson Post!

 PP: We know you’re Team Edward. What do you like about Edward and Rob Pattinson?

SAL: it’s true.. i’m team edward.. don’t get me wrong, team jacob-ers.. werewolves are super cool, BUT vampires? come on. as for what i like about edward.. i appreciate his gentleman-ness, seriousness and overall vampire-ness. as for rob himself, although i have’t met him, he seems like a good guy and he does a fantastic job at being edward – i will also say that his acting in water for elephants was quite superb! plus, i like his singing voice. i’ve only heard a song or two, but was very surprised by the soulful voice he has. very talented fellow, that mr. pattinson!

Read the rest of the interview at Pattinson Post

More HQ pics of Rob at the 'Breaking Dawn' Fan Event in Paris & new fan pic!

 *Pics are under the cut*

Rob, Kristen, Taylor along with the BD's other stars to be on Ellen!

 Set your DVRs, Twihards.

Gossip Cop has learned that the entire cast of Breaking Dawn will be taping “Ellen” next month.

We’re told Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, along with the film’s other stars, will all tape the show on Monday, November 14, but the episode won’t air until Friday, November 18 when Breaking Dawn hits theaters.

Gossip Cop will update when we receive information about cast appearances on other shows.

Will you be watching “Ellen” on November 18?

'Breaking Dawn' Honeymoon Clip now in great quality: "Don't Take Too Long Mrs. Cullen"!

Shown in Brussels fan event! Great Quality & Longer Version!

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Pic & Interview of Rob on M6 French channel!

 Click for bigger

Interview-watch in 720p

Rob arriving in the studio

*Transcription under the cut*