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Rob on the cover of L'Uomo Vogue (November issue)!

Robert Pattinson on the cover of the November issue of L'Uomo Vogue.

 Trench Lanvin, Lazaro rings, accessories Gasoline Glamour.

 Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg.
 Fashion editor Rushka Bergman.

L'Uomo Vogue this month will be on sale from November 5 in the coming days in Milan and elsewhere in Italy

Stephenie Meyer talks about Rob's comments on the 'BD' sex scenes & says there's no extra scene in the movie!

MTV: Meanwhile Robert Pattinson has been describing the vampire sex in the film as "ridiculous" in recent interviews.
Meyer: Yeah I saw that. I think he was talking about how it was so hard to keep a straight face [during that scene]. For the actors, there are 40 people in the room and most of them are inches away from you. It's a kind of awkward menage-a-forty going on. I think when you see the scene it's a testament to their acting ability that you don't see any of that in that moment at all.

MTV: Kellan Lutz recently said there's a special bonus scene during the credits. What can you say about that?
Meyer: That's actually incorrect. What they've been talking about will be in DVD extras I assume but it's not in the credits. There is no extra scene.

New quotes from Rob, Kristen, Taylor & Bill Condon in Melody Times (France)!

Scans-Click for bigger
 We can not wait. At the same time, the fateful date of 14 November makes us a little scared. Normal: At that time the fifth and final film of the Twilight saga will be out in theaters. A moment of intense emotions in perspective.

"Weird". The word may now return often in the actors' mouths of Twilight. Sure, it had to be weird for them to shoot all together for the last time. But for them, it is ultimately only a secondary strangeness. For them, this whole last part seems out of the ordinary.

"This film has nothing to do with the other four previous ones," confirms Robert Pattinson, Edward interpreter. "Vampires are really superbizarre dudes."  Kristen Stewart, meanwhile, won't be original. When asked what she thinks of this second part which is about to land on our screens, she does not hesitate: "Let me tell you that this movie is very special. And that's a compliment : Breaking Dawn Part 2 is indeed bizarre." That is to think that she and Robert have been talking and spreading the same word! Fortunately, Bill Condon, the director of this latest opus is more talkative. "I always thought that the first part was composed of two chapters. One would be romantic, the other horrific, but in the case of this last episode, I think we can describe the set of epic."
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'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' stills now in HQ!

Click for HQ

New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' clip!

Green Day's 'The Forgotten' official video clip with new scenes!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' MTV First with Rob, Kristen & Taylor on November 1st!

The highly anticipated release of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" truly marks the end of an era. And since MTV News has followed the record-breaking franchise from the beginning, we're pulling out all the stops to celebrate the final chapter in Stephenie Meyer's best-selling vampire romance series.

Get ready for an extra-special dose of "Breaking Dawn" goods Thursday, November 1, at 8 p.m. ET, when MTV News presents "MTV First: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," an exclusive sit-down with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, during which they will introduce a never-before-seen clip from the film on MTV.

Following the on-air introduction of the exclusive clip, the "Twilight" trio will stick around for a lengthy interview on and will joined by other castmembers as well. Fans can get in on the action immediately by submitting video or text questions beginning today via or Twitter (@MTVNews, hashtag #AskTwilight).

 In the meantime, don't miss our Twi-Fight Saga: A "Twilight" Tournament, which features dozens of characters going head-to-head in a battle that lets the fans choose their all-time favorite, who will be crowned November 12. After you've cast your vote in the Twi-Fight over at, check out MTV or tonight (October 30) at 6:55 p.m. ET/PT for the world premiere of Green Day's music video "The Forgotten," the first music video from the film's soundtrack, on MTV and "The Forgotten" marks the band's first contribution to a "Twilight" soundtrack, which will drop three days before the film's release, on Tuesday, November 13.

 Last but certainly not least, MTV will present a "Twilight Takeover" on Saturday, November 10, and Sunday, November 11, hosted by MTV News' Josh Horowitz, who will treat fans to a series of exclusive MTV moments from the very first interview with the cast through his latest exclusive interviews. The moments will appear throughout the weekend around MTV's scheduled programming.

Rob thnks Twilight fans in Finland!

New BD2 scene & preview of Green Day's 'The Forgotten' video!

HD YT version on the clip 'Acting Human'


ET Video: New BD2 scene, short on-set interview of Kristen & preview of Green Day's 'The Forgotten'

'The Forgotten' video to be released by MTV on October 30th!

NEW YORK, NY (October 29, 2012) – MTV and Reprise Records Grammy® Award-winning rock band Green Day today announced the network will exclusively premiere the trio’s new music video for “The Forgotten,” the first music video from Summit Entertainment’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 soundtrack that features footage from the film, on Tuesday, October 30 at 6:55 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and This is the band’s first contribution to a TWILIGHT soundtrack.

 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 soundtrack from Summit Entertainment along with Chop Shop Records and Atlantic Records will be released three day before the film’s premiere on Tuesday, November 13.

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New interview with Notas Para Ti!

Translation & scans thnks to Twilight Poison
To read the rest of the interview & check all the scans click here
 What do you like most about Edward?
 He’s very passionate and honest. I’d love to love like that; Bella is everything to him. I have not falenl as hard as Edward does.

What do you not like about him?
 He acts without thinking, and I’m not going to deny that I tend to do that too. I’ll miss being a vampire, because I do relate to Edward, and I know many people don’t believe it but I do like the character.

Who did you get along with the most during filming? With whom did you feel like you had the most chemistry?
 We all got along famously, nobody isolated, everybody hung out together. I don’t think anyone hates me.

What’s your favorite Twilight movie?
 I love BD1, the wedding was spectacular. Seeing Kristen dressed like a bride was like being in a dream.

Also, a mention from Mackenzie
How was your relationship with Rob, Kristen and Taylor?
 They’re great people, they’re playful and fun. Rob was like a dad, taking care of me on set. Taylor made me laugh a lot and we played football on set. But who I really had a good time with was with Kristen. One time we got in trouble with our director Bill because we were chatting and we didn’t realize that people were waiting for us to shoot a scene. They were all sweet but they swear a lot.

New interview with the 'Gold Stars' magazine (France)!

Click for fullsize
Q: What is it like to arrive at the end of Twilight?
Kristen Stewart: It's very strange. We know there are plenty of people that we will never see again, it's a bit like the end of high school. It was great, but something new is waiting for us, perhaps something even bigger.
Stephenie Meyer: No, that I do not believe it. (laughs) I just hope that the fans will love the end as they liked the first four films. Personally, I was eager to see what would give Bella as a vampire. Kristen is great, the scenes are really cool.
KS: I also can not wait for it to happen. Twilight vampires are truly unique. When we are transformed, everything is amplified when, as humans, we already have special abilities, they are exacerbated.
Robert Pattinson: I'm very happy, not that it stops, but that it is reaching the end. I remember when we shot the first movie, we were all stressed out by the idea that there would be no success and that we wouldn't shoot more of the saga. Then we saw the popularity it has suscited and the fan support has never dried up, even after four films. It is an extraordinary adventure that we have experienced, I am happy to be a part of it.

Q: What will you miss?
KS: Probably the fans, they were passionate, they have supported us all these years. There are very few films that generate much enthusiasm from the public. It's amazing to live such a phenomenon.

Q: What you liked the most?
SM: See Kristen, Rob, Taylor, Mackenzie and all of the others given life to my characters.
KS: I love my character Bella, the way it is, it evolves. She is the coolest girl in the saga.

Q: The relationship between Bella and Edward changed radically in the last film, can you tell us?
RP: Edward has always been surprised by the attitude of Bella for the first four movies ! Is he more surprised now that this she is a vampire? I'm not sure. What changes the most is that they are now equal. he should no longer protect her all the time, she won't be able to die. On the other hand, it is a newborn, she is fierce and can kill anyone if she can not control it. Edward will need to help her and teach her how to act a vampire. They will get closer as a couple. They know they will now be able to spend eternity together ... Finally, if the Volturi permit it.
KS: They will form a true couple. Bella transformation may be what dedicated their union, even more than marriage. The presence of Renesmee will also make them evolve at once. They are parents, and given the speed at which their daughter grows up, they will quickly take over their duty.
SM: Bella and Edward love their daughter, but everyone is wary of her. It affects the look they have towards her. Did they create a monster hiding behind the face of an angel?

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Rob at LACMA 2012 Art + Film gala honoring Ed Ruscha & Stanley Kubrick!

*HQ pics & video are under the cut*

New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' TV spot with new scenes!

Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, 'Mission: Blacklist' director, talks about Rob & the movie!

At around 18:36 to 22:28 & then again at 24:00

You worked with Robert Pattinson? How was it to work with the star?
 It seems at the same time that Rob Pattinson ... I was interested in Robert because the same, I think he has in real life, he has a great personality and that's why he's so famous today. That's why everybody likes him like this because he's so unique and I'm really interested working with this guy because... and I saw Cosmopolis for example, his last film, and I think he did a great performance, you know, he's amazing in the film, he's totally different as in real life, at the same time you believed his character. I mean he's amazing and the character he has to do in my film, in 'Mission Blacklist', it's a tough character, I mean it's not at all what we can imagine from Rob Pattinson, or what we know about this guy so it's gonna be really interesting I'm sure he's gonna be great because he's really intense and he has this ... I know that he is a great actor inside, I'm really excited in working with him on this film and we're gonna do the same, you know living in Iraq, doing some rehearsals and as it's based on a true story we're gonna work with Eric Maddox, who's the real person on which is based the story so it's gonna be interesting to mix work with as well Iraqi non (or known?) professional actors because the film is in Iraq, it () during the war, I want to, the same, you know, in being between fiction and documentary.

So you go on the lines, on the borderlines? You have no problem to go borderlines? You know to do, to shoot a movie in Iraq?
 I think to do a good movie, to do a movie you need to take risks, if you know before anything, if you calculate everything ... we don't know how to do good movies so I think it's important to take risks, and try to find different ways of making films actually, not doing all the same, that's maybe a punk attitude as well but not doing as everybody's doing, same number of days of shooting, same coût?(cost in french), same kind of set, of (???). No, we have to try to change, it can be like doing a film with three people, something with like a 100 people in a coût?, whatever, I mean trying to imagine some different stuff, even different way of walking with the actors and different way of shooting the film, that's what really interest me. That's why I walked so long as an A.D (Assistant Director), as well as trying to (???). That's a French film but we can, it's not the same script so we have to find a way of doing the film differently, as any film, you know. Even on the way you shoot the film so going in Iraq for me it's really important because it's gonna be like so different shooting there as shooting in LA in a studio for example for the actors, I mean being there and understand how it was and meeting the Iraqis who are like unique and intense and great people and understand this culture and everything, I think it's part of the process.

at 23:55

 It's alright to know some different worlds and different countries and meeting different people, for example on this film with Pattinson, you know I spent like 5 weeks in Iraq, living in Saddam Hussein palaces and when I was there I say 'wow'. I mean that's why I really love making movies, you know. How could I have been sleeping in Saddam Hussein's palace if I was not director, if I wasn't working on this film. I would have never been maybe to Iraq and it was great to be there and to understand the Iraqis and to meet the Iraqis.

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New interview of Rob with Cinemania!
Translation thnks to oldmoriartyy
Article - quotes from Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Stephenie Meyer

Article starts with a recap description of the last scene in BD1 and the synopsis of BD2.

 Cinemanía met up with the team behind Breaking Dawn Part 2 this summer, first in San Diego and then again in Los Angeles, a few days before the scandal that put Pattinson and Stewart in danger broke. With Stephenie Meyer and the actors we reflected over the success of the Twilight Saga, fan enthusiasm, the sadness of saying goodbye, the memories and the excitement of finally taking some much deserved vacations.

The end of an era

 We’ve seen them mature in front of cameras and our eyes, becoming grown up actors with a promising career. Stewart was only 18 when she played the insecure and in love Bella for the first time. Lautner was only 16 and had to get in shape with the possibility of a new actor replacing him for New Moon, and Pattinson was only an English actor that we saw dying in the fourth Harry Potter film. After four years and five movies, these guys agree in a lot of things: this franchise has changed their lives. They also admit to having a certain sadness because of never returning to that universe. The non-stop filming of both Breaking Dawn releases, for seven long months in Vancouver, were too long and tiring for the actors.

 “If they told me tomorrow that we had to film new scenes, I’d be really happy. I’d start vibrating with excitement, because I enjoy playing this character,” Stewart explained to us about the bittersweet end that is approaching.

 The actress also added that in reality, she hasn’t had to say goodbye to Bella, because all the characters she plays stay with her after she’s done portraying them, “I’ve taken all I needed from her and now this stage is over. This project has been something very special, it lasted a long time, it’s been very indulging and wonderful, although at the same time we were all rushing, not to be done with it, but to complete the experience. Now that we’ve made it, I like looking at it from a distance.”

 Lautner, aware of the end of this very long and meaningful stage in his career, was sure to enjoy every single last moment on set, “I remember that the final date was approaching. There were three weeks of shooting left and I said to myself: ‘Now is when I should start soaking in every moment, because I know that when we’re done I’m going to want to turn back time and start this again.’ I’m very happy I did.” He confessed.

 For him, there was an especially memorable instant during Breaking Dawn filming, “The most exciting scene to me was the dance with Bella, after the wedding, it’s on Part 1. It was the last thing I filmed in the entire franchise. It was a unique moment, but at the same time it was a tough scene on Jacob, it’s when he has to say goodbye to Bella,” he told, and admitted that the end of this saga allowed him to do something he’d been wanting to for a while, “When a movie ends, you need to take a week to sleep and not do anything. It’s fun because, after this week you thing: ‘Stop. I need to get back to work.’”

 Pattinson’s words are probably more enticing to saddened fans of the saga, the actor wanted us to know that this isn’t really the end of the Twilight era, “I see the Harry Potter series and nobody is behaving like it’s over. Everybody looks at the cast the same way. I don’t think it affects in any way. It’ll take years for things to calm down or you need to do something more definitive after this to show the direction you want to take.”
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Preview of ET's Twilight week with new BD2 on set interviews & BTS footage!

Or watch at the source|youtube

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New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' TV spots!

Or watch at the source|youtube|via

Or watch at the source|youtube

New interview of Rob with The Hype!

Rob wishes Total Film a 'Happy 200th issue'!

Or watch at the source|youtube|via|via

Rob mentions his favorite 007 moment!

“When his wife dies in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I think it’s the best film. No one ever gives George Lazenby any credit – I thought he was great. It’s kind of cool that he only did one. No one acknowledges that he is the coolest Bond.”

Longer interview of Rob with Ten!

New interview of Rob with Cineplex Magazine!

To read click to view fullsize
 Transcript thnks to RPLife
Robert Pattinson was expecting his life to change this year — but not as radically as it has, of course. With this month’s opening of the fifth and final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, the 26-year old English actor was hoping for a break from the frenzied fans and photographers who have forced him to calculate his every public move for more than four years. And that mad fame brought by playing dreamboat vampire Edward Cullen probably will ebb. But since breaking up — and then perhaps getting back together — with his on-screen and real-life lover, Kristen Stewart, earlier this year, Pattinson’s life has been the subject of even more intense, and certainly more personal, tabloid scrutiny and Twihard speculation than ever before. Speaking in Beverly Hills before word got out of Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders, the married director of her movie Snow White and the Huntsman, the unknowing Pattinson was only concerned about what life would be like without the film franchise that made him an international heartthrob. Rather than a sense of impending relief, though, he expressed ambivalence about the looming end of the very intense era.

“It almost feels like a phase of my life is over,” says the always cordial and uncharacteristically well-combed Pattinson. “Twilight still feels so much like a part of me. But what’s nice to know is I can relax a little. Like, I’ve always had to do another movie in between Twilight episodes, and now I don’t have to anymore until I find whatever I really want to do next, without a time limit.
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Rob & Kristen's interview with Ciak Magazine!

Transation thanks to CSI_Robsten
 - Would you make another movie of the series?
 "Only if Stephanie Meyer wrote it. But at this point I wonder what could possibly happen. Maybe Edward could turn into a bad guy? Yeah, that would be something."

 - What was the weirdest experience you've had with a fan?

 "At the last Comic Con in San Diego, I was with Kristen who was also promoting Snow White and the Huntsman, and a girl approached me to ask if I felt comfortable being Prince Charming. I wasn't able to convince her that it wasn't me..."

 - Wasn't it a blow to your ego?
 "Not really, it only made me laugh. There was another time during a road trip, I found myself in a small village in an Indian reservation in New Mexico. As soon as I got off the car, I was surrounded by a group of kids who started calling me by my name. This should compare with story of Comic Con."

 - Which was the hardest movie of the series?
 "Breaking Dawn. It's two movies but we shot them back to back. Which means a 2 hour in the make-out trailer every day for 8 months."

 - What will you miss next year?

 "The 3 months in Vancouver. I grew attached to that city."

 - Do you think that Bella becoming stronger somehow represents today's society and women's more and more important role?
 "I don't know, but it would be a good thing to be honest."

 - Do you like the archetypal strong woman?
 "I grew up in a house full of women, my mother, my sisters, my father even. No, no, it's a joke, don't write that, I wouldn't want my dad to get hurt. I'm sorry, my sense of humour is a bit weird."

 - What have these 5 years been like?
 "A revolution. I never would have thought I could have this career or I would live in America. The downside is that it would have been better if it had happen before twitter and phones with cameras."

 - What do you think of this job?
 "We have become the most conservative people in the world. You can't even raise your voice, because everything will affect your career."

 - Do you ever feel alone?
 "It's hard to make new friends because you always think they actually want something else."

 - The wrongest thing people say about you?
 "That I'm like Edward. People tend to forget that Twilight is a movie."

 - An actor you like?
 "James Franco. He's intriguing in eveything he does, and he seems to have so many interests that he never does the same things."
Original source|You check all the scans here|via

Another new fan picture of Rob from Sydney (October 24th)!

bfoxstartotes missed out on meeting Robert Pattinson last night coz I was home sick. FML. The boys had a photo with him though, im sure they were thrilled lol

New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' clip: 'Strongest'!

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New interview of Rob with SkyNews!

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New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' TV spot: 'Alive'!

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New\Old BTS pic of Rob & Kristen from Twilight!

New pic of Rob in Sydney last night (October 23rd)!

martab: Got super damn excited when Robert Pattinson was at the same bar as me last night :)
It seems that he was with David Michôd ('The Rover' director), and producer Liz Watts!

New/Old interview of Rob from Cannes!

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New outtake of Rob's VF photoshoot & older ones in better quality!

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Portraits of Rob from the BD2 photocall in Sydney!

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Printed interviews of Rob from the BD2 Australian promo!

Robert Pattinson was one of several famous faces who helped pop megastar Katy Perry celebrate the release of her flick ‘Part Of Me’ earlier this year.

 The ‘Twilight’ hunk was snapped with teen stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez piling into the back of a minivan en route to the after party at the famed Chateau Marmont back in June.

 MTV Australia asked Rob about the celeb-overload outing when we caught up with him yesterday in Sydney – and the star revealed that despite all the fuss, he didn’t actually manage to see his friend’s movie debut that night!

“Embarrassingly I didn’t actually go to the premiere, I just went to the party!” Rob said with a laugh.

 But Katy needn’t worry, as Rob has since made up for lost time.

“I have seen that film though,” he continued, “I really liked it.”

 So can we expect Katy to return the favour and support her pal Rob when ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ premieres next month?

“Yeah maybe. Yeah! She should come to it!” said Rob.

 The ‘Twilight’ star missed Perry’s 28th birthday celebrations over the weekend because of his trip Down Under, but his other half Kristen Stewart managed to put in an appearance at the Halloween themed bash, which saw Katy dressed up as – you guessed it – a vampire!
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Video\Audio: Rob's interviews from the BD2 Australian promo!

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Photos of Rob at the BD2 fan event in Sydney!

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HQ photos of Rob from the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' photocall in Sydney!

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Rob's TV appearances for 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' promo!

From Gossip Cop
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 promotion is ramping up, and Gossip Cop has the latest on the cast’s upcoming talk show appearances.

 Gossip Cop has now exclusively confirmed the following dates:
  • November 5 – Robert Pattinson on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”
  • November 9 – Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner on “Ellen” (taping November 5)
  • November 8 - Robert Pattinson on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"
  •  November 7 - Robert Pattinson on the "Today Show"
  •  November 8 - Robert Pattinson on "Live with Kelly and Michael"

'Cosmopolis' US Blu-Ray release date & pre-order link!

From TheHDRoom
Online retailer has begun taking orders for Cosmopolis on Blu-ray and DVD with a release date of January 1, 2013. New Year's Day falls on a Tuesday, the traditional release date for new home video titles, so please don't think the Cosmopolis release date is a typo.

Click for fullsize 

Pre-order the Blu Ray HERE!
The DVD pre-order link should be up soon HERE!

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New 'The Twilight Saga' TV spot with a new scene!

At 0:17

Mackenzie Foy talks about Rob!

Q: What was your first time meeting, Taylor, Kristen and Rob like?
M: Well I met Kristen and Rob in the hair and make up trailer, and I think the first time I met Taylor was… in the first scene actually. 

Q: Who was the biggest prankster on set? Or the biggest jokester?
M: Rob was pretty funny. He had some pretty funny jokes. 

Q: He made you laugh a lot?
M: Yes. And Mr. Guri, he was really funny too.

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' featurette!

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' BTS stills in HQ!

Click for HQ

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rob to be on 'Kyle and Jackie O' on October 23rd!

2DayFMSydney: Robert Pattinson is on 2DayFM with @kyleandjackieo Tuesday morning. RobonKJ spread the word.
 Love Rob. Don't miss him chatting to @kyleandjackieo next Tuesday morning. Got a question? Tweet them using #RobonKJ #2DayFM

Llisten to the show HERE

Rob thanks Danish Twilight fans!

The reason Rob attended the premiere of the LA Dance project!

From Vogue
Like any great dancer, Benjamin Millepied knows how to make an entrance. For the world premiere of his new collaborative, L.A. Dance Project, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall Saturday night, the former New York City Ballet principal choreographed a lavish evening (together with cohost Van Cleef & Arpels) complete with an intimate VIP dinner, a boisterous after-party, and even a Robert Pattinson sighting. “I live near Natalie [Portman] and she invited me to come,” said the Twilight star, who chatted with fellow guests Dita Von Teese and Jaime King and gamely posed for fan photos.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rob to star in 'Hold On To Me' with Carey Mulligan!

From Deadline
As packages firm up for AFM, here’s one that will surely reverberate in Santa Monica. Robert Pattinson is signing on to star with Carey Mulligan in Hold On To Me. The film will be directed by James Marsh, who won an Oscar for the docu Man On Wire and followed with Project Nim.

 Pic is based on a true story about a femme fatale who with her boyfriend kidnaps and ransoms the town’s richest man. They bury him in a box and things go horribly awry. Pattinson plays the flashy supporting role of the woman’s life love, Jimmy, who isn’t involved in the crime. The project was scripted by Brad Ingelsby.

 Indian Paintbrush’s Steven Rales, Mark Roybal and Michael Pruss are producing with Alexandra Milchan. Also producing is Todd Field, who originally developed the film to direct, but stepped off to helm Creed of Violence for Cross Creek.

 Pattinson adds this to an early 2013 schedule that will have him starring opposite Guy Pearce in the David Michod-directed The Rover, and he is also starring in Mission Blacklist, the true story of the U.S. military interrogator responsible for discovering the location of Saddam Hussein in the hunt for the fallen leader. He is repped by WME and 3 Arts.

 From The Playlist
Pattinson will join Carey Mulligan in the previously announced "Nancy And Danny" which is now called "Hold On To Me." But this isn't some swoony romance. Pennedy by Brad Ingelsby ("Out Of The Furnace"), and set to be directed by James Marsh ("Project Nim," "Shadow Dancer") the story follows a money hungry woman, whose life didn't turn out the way she wanted, who uses a man as a pawn to help land her high school crush in a get-rich-quick scheme. And that plan is to bury the town's richest man in box and hold him for ransom, but of course, things don't go as their supposed to.

 The film also brings Pattinson into the orbit of another great filmmaker, Todd Field, who is producing the project after being originally attached to direct (he's now focusing on "The Creed Of Violence"). Now before anyone gets too excited, this is a package project headed to the American Film Market which means if it doesn't get some decent pre-sales, it ain't gonna happen. But Pattinson is clearly done with blockbusters for the moment, and we like everyone involved, and given the talent on board, we don't see why this can't make a planned 2013 shoot.

From Gossip Cop
The project stars Carey Mulligan and will be directed by Oscar winner James Marsh. While it could be a done deal soon, a source tells Gossip Cop negotiations have not been finalized.
 Hold On To Me is based on a true story about a couple whose kidnapping of the town’s richest man goes awry. Pattinson is set to play “the flashy supporting role of the woman’s life love, Jimmy, who isn’t involved in the crime,” according to Deadline. His upcoming projects already include The Rover and Mission: Blacklist.

Details on the BD2 fan event in Sydney!

Robert Pattinson To Walk The Red Carpet At Exclusive Fan Event

GENERAL: As part of the Australian tour for the upcoming release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 on NOVEMBER 15, actor ROBERT PATTINSON, who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the film, will appear at a very special fan event in Sydney on Monday 22nd October, 2012.




 The red carpet activity is set to wrap up at approximately 6pm.
 State: NSW Location: Sydney

Rob at ELLE's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood celebration!

Video [youtube thnks to mfoc]

Or watch at the source

 *HQ photos are under the cut*

Rob to attend Elle Magazine's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Gala!

According to Eonline 
 Hello, Robert Pattinson!

 The Twilight star isn't exactly keeping a low profile tonight.

I can exclusively reveal he's expected to be at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills any minute now for Elle magazine's 19th annual Women in Hollywood gala.

 And he's not just a guest. Mr. Pattinson will be presenting an award to his Bel Ami costar Uma Thurman.

 Also being honored are Cate Blanchett, Elle Fanning, Emma Watson, Kristen Wiig, Octavia Spencer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shirley MacLaine and Susan Sarandon.

 The list of attendees include celebs like Emma Stone, Lea Michele, Melissa McCarthy, Naya Rivera, Nina Dobrev, Ellie Kemper, Erika Christensen, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Viola Davis, Sarah Paulson and so many more.

 E!'s own Joel McHale serves as master of ceremonies while the whole shebang is hosted by Elle's Robbie Myers and Kevin O'Malley.