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New BD 2 still + Older stills now in better quality!

New still

Older stills posted as scans now in better quality
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TV Guide's The Twilight Saga: Forever!

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David Cronenberg mentions Rob & 'Cosmopolis' in Total Film (January 2013 issue)!

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Were you happy with how Cosmopolis was received?
No, I would've liked it to have made half a billion dollars at the box office! [laughs] The movie was received like an art film, which is to say it did OK in the big cities. Naturally you always want the biggest audience you can get, just as long as it doesn't cause you to compromise your moviemaking.

Why did you cast Robert Pattinson as limo-riding antihero Eric Packer?
Eric is in absolutely every scene, so you need an actor who is interesting and charismatic enough to look at for the entire movie. You want someone who can really come up with surprises and angles, and has a level of stardom that will support the movie. He also had to do a credible New York accent. All of that led me to Rob.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' stills now in a better quality!

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Holliday Grainger talks about Rob !

Fassbender, Law, Irvine. It almost seems unfair that Holliday has Robert Pattinson on her co-star list, too. She starred with him in 2007’s TV drama, The Bad Mother’s Handbook when she was 18, and in last year’s Bel Ami. ‘He’s really easy going,’ she says of the Twilight heartthrob. ‘And open – amazingly so considering he’s so closely scrutinised. He’s still managed to maintain a sense of self. [On Bel Ami] you couldn’t get to set half the time because there were so many screaming girls. Even at 5am. It was mad. He had to change hotels because there were so many fans outside one he couldn’t get in. I’ve watched him live with that and it would send me insane. There’s no way could I cope with that.’
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More from Rob's interview with Alicia Malone!

Rob's new interview with Pro7 (Berlin press junket)

It's definitely very strange, I mean I spent my entire twenties so far in this so it's strange and I think 26 is kind of when you ... that's the turning point when you suddenly kind of feel like an adult, I felt like a kid up until this point anyway so for this to end now is kind of perfect.

 Not really, I mean it's just, it's not cause you're getting employed, I really, really like making movies and other things as well but I mean the only problem when people see this as your biggest role is that they can't see you in other movies and I don't know if that's gonna happen or not. If that happens I'll be probably really sad. Hopefully it wont but it's kind of done something as well so, ...yeah hopefully people will like the things I'm doing in the next year.

 I mean, yeah, it's definitely something you have to get used to and I've been quiet in London my whole life up until then and to suddenly, you know you're walking down the street and everyone's coming up and wanting to talk to you and stuff and I've got nothing to say when they're coming, 90% of the time. You know you kind of have to build your confidence up which is a good thing.

 Yeah I mean, I don't think it really affected me playing in a movie. But yeah, I definitely want to have kids. I want an heir.

 We have to leave the country, it's so crazy on this tour. In LA for the finale premiere that's the last time I've seen all the people from the cast in over a year and we had to leave that night to get to London to do another premiere. So yeah I barely see anybody ever and we haven't even got a party organized, it's crazy. Maybe when I get back to America I'll fix something up.
youtube|Transcript & via thnks to RPLife

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New pics of Rob at the press conference in Berlin!

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New interviews from the BD2 press junket in LA!


With Univision thnks to Robsten Dreams

Q: After a successful 4 years. I imagine your life has changed. How do you feel?
 Rob: I feel kind of the same. It's rare to think we're done because we filmed all 5 movies in a period of 2 years. So it felt like we filmed a very long movie.

New interviews from the BD2 press junket in Berlin!

Mackenzie Foy talks about Rob!

At 1:07

Transcript of Rob's longer answers from Glamour UK's twitterchat!

It was firstly posted here at the bottom of the post!
 ImageBam image upload
In Breaking Dawn Part 2, new vampire powers have been introduced, which one do you like the most?
 "I like the one which one of the Volturi [Alex] has, which just kills everybody. The fog thing that just kills everyone, that would be kind of fun."

Who was fined the most money for swearing?
 "I think I was but Peter was the only one who actually paid, I was like ‘idiot’, she’s just a little kid, she’s just trying to scam us."

Will you read your kids Twilight?
 "Depends on if they want to, I don’t believe in reading to kids. You put the book in front of them, if you wanna read, you've got to learn!"

Tell us one characteristic you wish Edward had, and one you’d love to have?
 "I would love it if he had a six pack in the movie, and I’d like to carry that out of the movie as well."

If you keep on acting would you like to get a Knighthood some day? Sir Rob?
 "I want to be a Lord, I want to be Your Eminence. How do you get that? Your Serene Highness."

Do you pick out what to wear or do you have a stylist?
 "I do have a stylist but I pick what I wear. He brings me boxes of stuff, I dress myself."

What’s your favourite scene with Mackenzie?
 "There’s a scene when she runs up, oh that might not be MacKenzie, oh wait, I think that’s MacKenzie, she runs up and we’re planning a battle and she jumps up into my arms but they’re not recording sound and so I’m saying all this stuff, saying all this incredibly inappropriate stuff and she always gets really angry at me. It’s really funny because it looks really sweet but..."

If you could swap lives with someone for one day... who would you be?
 "A writer for GLAMOUR magazine? Or someone who works at Nandos."

Rob's interview with 20 Minuten Online!

Translation thnks to PattyStewBoneCity
How do you like the Twilight showdown?
 When I first read the script I was pretty shocked. The ending with all its fights is rather untypical for Twilight. It’s going to be interesting.

Have you been interested in vampires beforehand?
 Actually I’m not a fan of vampires at all, but of course I don’t have anything to object to them, too. Before shooting the first movie I did a lot of research, but I noticed quickly that there were hardly any similarities between Twilight and other vampires. Stephenie Meyer developed her very own imaginations in the books the movies are based on.

In what way has Twilight influenced your life?
 Before the movies I didn’t really want to become an actor, but immediately I became famous and got recognized everywhere. After this success I could hardly do any other job, otherwise people would have asked me, what type of job I’d be doing there. Twilight has opened many doors for me and it made me look at my life in a different way.

The fans are looking forward to the highlight of the vampire-saga, but you’re also sad that it’s coming to an end. How are you feeling at this point?
 I can relate to them. But right now I’m curious about how my life will continue without Twilight. Up to now I’ve returned from any other project back to Twilight. I’m curious about what my future will bring.

That sounds mysterious. Will you reveal where we’ll be seeing you next?
 I’ve committed myself to about ten movies in the next year. Including “The Rover” with Guy Pearce. Then I’ll proceed with “Hold on to Me” where Carey Mulligan will be playing a femme fatale. Furthermore I’ll be playing with Naomi Watts and Jude Law in “Queen of the Desert” and after that I’ll be in “Maps of the Stars”, another movie by David Cronenberg.

Cahiers du Cinéma's Top 10 of 2012: 'Cosmopolis' #2!

Cahiers du Cinéma is a famous & influential French film magazine. The Playlist refers to it as "French movie bible".

 Every year Cahiers du Cinéma releases a top 10 list with the best films of the year and it's amazing to see 'Cosmopolis' scoring #2. Congrats!

Here's the top 10 of 2012
1. Holy Motors (Leos Carax)
2. Cosmopolis (David Cronenberg)
 3. Twixt (Francis Ford Coppola)
 4. 4:44 Last Day On Earth (Abel Ferrara)
 4. In Another Country (Hong Sang-Soo)
 4. Take Shelter (Jeff Nichols)
 7. Go Go Tales (Abel Ferrara)
 8. Tabu (Miguel Gomes)
 8. Faust (Alexadre Sokourov)
 10. Keep The Lights On (Ira Sachs)
According to Movieline
The Google translation of the Cahiers du Cinema December 2012 issue is rough, to say the least, but Stéphane Delorme's editorial (located online here) states, among other agendas of the issue (translated from French: "Rather than commenting on Tops, we prefer to dwell on the failings of contemporary cinema copyright") that Cahier's Top 10 selection "shows that we expect from cinema audacity and heart."

Interview with EXTV from the BD2 LA press junket!

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New Edward & Bella still from 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'!

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2 more interviews of Rob from the BD2 press junket in Berlin!


With Bravo

Rob's interview with Publinews (Guatemala)!
Edward Cullen, the enigmatic and central figure of The Twilight Saga, was the role that launched Robert Pattinson to success. Something that according to him, doesn’t quite fits into his personality.

 Publinews talked to him about critics and future projects.

“I have a weird mental disorder: I only listen the negative part. It doesn’t matter if a lot of people say really good things, I always see it negative.”

 Maybe I feel I don’t deserve it yet, that’s why I really want to feel in my head that I do something worthwhile, and fight for a long period of time.

 In any case, Pattinson feels uncomfortable with The Twilight Saga’s fame, although it’s a motivation for his career. “This year I’ve sign to a lot of things. I was obsessed in working with people that are qualified as dangerous; I thought it would be thrilling.”

“I think that anyone who has some vision, could try to make really subversive things. I think it will be really interesting to develop these kind of projects within the mainstream, movies that convert the audience in participants and not just consumers.”

 This sensitivity is what made him sign into “Mission: Blacklist”, movie that will be shot in Irak next year. “Probably this film will be out of anyone’s comfort zone”

“It’s about a character named “Eric Maddox” who was an army interrogator and almost caught Saddam Hussein all by himself”. “Nobody knows the truth story, which is absolutely incredible, bizzare and hilarante in some aspects.”

 Joining to this project, the French visionary director, Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, who utilized true Liberian soldiers kids in his previous film.

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More interviews from the BD2 LA press junket!

Translation of the highlights of the interview. Thanks to @PamelaPPI
He said he's proud of the movie but right now he doesn't know how to feel about the end, maybe in ten years he can decide how to feel about the end when he watch the collection of DVD. He doesn't understand why people likes those movies.

 He will miss Edward he's so familiar to him, is weird to say goodbye to him.

 About playing a young dad: He doesn't thinks he's very responsable to be a father. Also he said that some of his friends are already having babies, so maybe he's not too young to be a dad. For him men in general doesn't know how to be a dad, that things just happen.

 What he has in common with Edward? He thinks he's very patient like him.

 What he learn from Edward? Not be so introspective.

 About Dior: Rob said that, if there's something then it will be an announcement.

Interviews from the UK press junket!

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New interview of Rob with FilmInk (Australia)!

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New BTS video from 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'!

David Cronenberg talks about Rob's reaction to the 'Cosmopolis' script!

Interviews from the BD2 promo in Berlin!

From the BD2 premiere in Berlin
With ITN

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HQ stills from El Hormiguero

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'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' press conference in Berlin!

Full press conference thnks to BravoTV

HD videos [source]

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More photos here!

Interviews from the BD2 Spanish premiere!

With Terra

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' press conference in Madrid!

Press conference thnks to veronicaspuffy

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More pics here!

Interviews from the BD2 UK premiere!

With NME|youtube

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Interviews from the BD2 LA premiere!

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Photos from the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' premieres in LA, London, Madrid & Berlin!

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Mackenzie Foy talks about Rob & Kristen with USA Today!

LOS ANGELES – As The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 smashes records worldwide, the spotlight is on its pint-size half-human, half-vampire breakout star, Mackenzie Foy.

 Foy, 12, agrees "it's a little weird" how much she looks like her on-screen parents Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. "Kristen's eyes are green just like mine. And then Rob is kind of goofy. I'm kind of goofy like Rob," she says, curling up today at the Ritz-Carlton in skinny jeans, a plaid shirt and slim navy high-top Converse sneakers.

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New\Old pic of Rob from the Golden Globes 2011!

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More interviews from BD2 press junket in LA!

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New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' stills & older ones now in better quality!

 New stills

Stills & promo pictures now in HQ [source]
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