Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rob's new interview with Pro7 (Berlin press junket)

It's definitely very strange, I mean I spent my entire twenties so far in this so it's strange and I think 26 is kind of when you ... that's the turning point when you suddenly kind of feel like an adult, I felt like a kid up until this point anyway so for this to end now is kind of perfect.

 Not really, I mean it's just, it's not cause you're getting employed, I really, really like making movies and other things as well but I mean the only problem when people see this as your biggest role is that they can't see you in other movies and I don't know if that's gonna happen or not. If that happens I'll be probably really sad. Hopefully it wont but it's kind of done something as well so, ...yeah hopefully people will like the things I'm doing in the next year.

 I mean, yeah, it's definitely something you have to get used to and I've been quiet in London my whole life up until then and to suddenly, you know you're walking down the street and everyone's coming up and wanting to talk to you and stuff and I've got nothing to say when they're coming, 90% of the time. You know you kind of have to build your confidence up which is a good thing.

 Yeah I mean, I don't think it really affected me playing in a movie. But yeah, I definitely want to have kids. I want an heir.

 We have to leave the country, it's so crazy on this tour. In LA for the finale premiere that's the last time I've seen all the people from the cast in over a year and we had to leave that night to get to London to do another premiere. So yeah I barely see anybody ever and we haven't even got a party organized, it's crazy. Maybe when I get back to America I'll fix something up.
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