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New Pic of Rob with his brand new guitar in Los Angeles Nov. 27th!

Rob bought a Fender Stratocaster John English Master Built Zebrawood Guitar!

*New* Eclipse Stills from 'Eclipse' DVD gallery!

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The Richest UK Celebs under 30: Rob is #5

Top 10 of Heat magazine’s rich list 2010 (with their estimated worth in brackets):

1. Daniel Radcliffe, 21 (£45.7m)

2. Keira Knightley, 25 (£30.1 m)

3. Emma Watson, 20 (£20.6 m)

4. Rupert Grint, 22 (£19m)

5. Robert Pattinson, 24 (£18.5m)

6. Leona Lewis, 25 (£12.5m)

7. Charlotte Church, 24 (£10.3m)

8. Katie Melua, 26 (£10.1m)

9. Katherine Jenkins, 30 (£9.7m)

10. Coleen Rooney, 24 (£9.1m)

PUNKD Images tweets more possible details about the 'Breaking Dawn' shooting in Baton Rouge!

Twilight Facebook posts a new 'Eclipse' Behind The Scenes Video!

Twilight Facebook posted an exclusive ECLIPSE DVD/Blu-Ray Clip! You can watch it HERE!
Youtube version


Oh, and check this awesome screencap (Thnks to twifans)
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Leslie Nielsen was a huge Rob's fan & wanted to work with him on a Twilight parody. RIP Mr. Leslie Nielsen!

On Sunday evening, Leslie Nielsen's nephew announced that his famous uncle died peacefully in his sleep while in Fort Lauderdale, Florida just days after being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia.

The legendary star of "Airplane!" & "The Naked Gun" was 84.

Today, as Hollywood mourns the loss of a legend, news is circulating that Leslie Nielsen had no plans of hanging up his funny bone despite his escalating age.

Sources close to the "Naked Gun" star report that Leslie Nielsen wanted desperately to parody the Twilight series.

"Leslie was a big Robert Pattinson fan," a source confirms. "He would have loved to work with Robert on a Twilight parody."

Nielsen, of course, was no stranger to funny vampire flicks. The star of "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" was enamored of horror flick spoofs and frequently commented on films "ripe for parody."

Sadly, we will never see what Leslie Nielsen could have done with Robert Pattinson's iconic character "Edward Cullen."

But we can rest assured that it would have been funny.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Adam Lambert tops Rob for flecking Records’ Sexiest Male.

HollywoodNews.com: Adam Lambert has been touring over seas performing to sold out shows in Europe and it seems as if his hard work is finally starting to pay off for the former “American Idol” contestant.

Lambert has just beat out Robert Pattinson, James Franco, and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others to snag the title of Flecking Recrods’ Sexiest Male Celebrity. With Lambert’s edgy style, rockstar hair, and sexy attitude, it’s no wonder that Lambert has won over the public.

The results were based on public votes and below are the top 10:
10. James Franco
9. Matthew Fox
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Johnny Depp
6. Robert Pattinson
5. Ian Somerhalder
4. Zac Efron
3. Danny Jones
2. Dougie Poynter
1. Adam Lambert

Top 10 Most Stylish of 2010(MadeMen.com):Rob is listed!

Robert Pattinson
Named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world, Robert Pattinson ranks as a one of the most fashionable men of the year. If elegant grunge were an actual look, the best dressed Brit of Twilight fame would be renowned for it. With disheveled hair, tailored suits and skinny neckties, his natural sense of style is what women want.

Eclipse will premiere on DIRECTV on Saturday, December 4, with exclusive features!

DIRECTV CINEMA(TM) is giving Twilight fans an early gift for the holidays by providing them with the most comfortable seat in the house to experience one of 2010's hottest movies of the year. Without any delays or having to wait in line, DIRECTV CINEMA will offer a midnight premiere of Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Saturday, Dec. 4, which includes a bonus feature not available through any cable provider.
In addition to experiencing the continued love triangle between teen heartthrobs Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and Kristen Stewart (Isabella Swan) in crystal-clear 1080p HD, DIRECTV customers will also have access to an exclusive bonus feature, "Preparing for Eclipse," a behind-the-scenes look at the Cullen family and what it took to prepare the characters for the filming of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse will premiere on DIRECTV CINEMA and DIRECTV CINEMAplus(TM) at midnight, Saturday, Dec. 4. The movie will be available in 1080p HD (same quality as Blu-ray) for $5.99 or standard-definition (SD) for $4.99. For more information on the movies available on DIRECTV CINEMA please visit directv.com/cinema.

PUNKD Images & OLTV tweet about Breaking Dawn shooting in Vancouver!


While, OLTV tweeted in response

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Georgie Henley ('Narnia') is a fan of Rob!

(...) Now and again during our interview she refers to boys as ‘fit’ or ‘cute’ and talks of her teenage crushes.
‘I did like Russell Brand, but he has gone for Katy Perry and I am not like her at all. And I have got a bit of a thing for Bill Nighy, who is really quite old. And I absolutely love Simon Cowell. Then, of course, Robert Pattinson – although I am a bit turned off because so many girls love him.’

Portrait Magazine:Edward & Bella's 'Twilight' kiss chosen #1!

#1. Bella Swan & Edward Cullen (Twilight)
With a staggering 77% of your votes, the Twilight kiss came out as being the Top Movie kiss. I have a feeling this one will continue to be on the top lists of romantic movie moments for a very long time. After all, what better love is there then the love from an eternal (stud) vampire? Millions of people couldn’t wait to see how Bella and Edward's first kiss from the series of books would turn out on the big screen and it’s oblivious to see, most of you were very happy with it. MTV Movie Awards 2009 crowned the movie scene as the best kiss with millions of you guys voting. So, let’s see what all the fuss was about...

Rob & never asked Kristen asked to do “Dancing with the Stars”?This NEVER happened!

“Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart turn down Dancing with the Stars?” asks an article on Examiner.com.

The author of the post claims that according to his “sources in the know at a public relations firm that does business with several Twilight cast members, both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were asked to participate in season 12 of Dancing with the Stars.”

The article then states, “Specific details aren’t yet available, other than the concrete reality that neither star will be dancing any time soon.”

Want to know why there aren’t any “specific details”?

Simply, because this NEVER happened.

Firstly, there isn’t a single “public relations firm that does business with several Twilight cast members.”

In fact, the top stars of the Twilight Saga are scattered among many different PR firms. And Pattinson doesn’t even have a press agent.

Still, Gossip Cop looked into this, and there isn’t one shred of evidence that Pattinson and Stewart were even approached by ABC to appear on the show.

It’s simply untrue – no way to dance around that.

CosmopolitanTV(Spain) will have a special documentary with Rob!

Release Friday 10 at 22:00: Robert Pattinson

*spoilers*:All the 'Eclipse' Deleted/Extended Scenes in HD!

New Photos of Rob from the 'Eclipse' Premiere(LA), the 'Twilight' premiere (Tokyo) & 'New Moon' after-party (LA)

'Eclipse' Premiere(LA)..Awww...He is so cute!

'Twilight' premiere (Tokyo)

'New Moon' after-party in LA

Rob drinking his beer *DEAD*

I love this one!!

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