Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leslie Nielsen was a huge Rob's fan & wanted to work with him on a Twilight parody. RIP Mr. Leslie Nielsen!

On Sunday evening, Leslie Nielsen's nephew announced that his famous uncle died peacefully in his sleep while in Fort Lauderdale, Florida just days after being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia.

The legendary star of "Airplane!" & "The Naked Gun" was 84.

Today, as Hollywood mourns the loss of a legend, news is circulating that Leslie Nielsen had no plans of hanging up his funny bone despite his escalating age.

Sources close to the "Naked Gun" star report that Leslie Nielsen wanted desperately to parody the Twilight series.

"Leslie was a big Robert Pattinson fan," a source confirms. "He would have loved to work with Robert on a Twilight parody."

Nielsen, of course, was no stranger to funny vampire flicks. The star of "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" was enamored of horror flick spoofs and frequently commented on films "ripe for parody."

Sadly, we will never see what Leslie Nielsen could have done with Robert Pattinson's iconic character "Edward Cullen."

But we can rest assured that it would have been funny.

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