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New 'Breaking Dawn' still!

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'Breaking Dawn' costume designer Michael Wilkinson, talks about dressing up Rob as Edward!

Edward looked phenomenal in his tuxedo. Details on the boys please!
We put a lot of work into that too because we wanted to have them display a special, made-to-order feel. We didn’t want people to feel like you could just go out and buy them.

Well, there’s nothing off-the-rack about any of this.
[Laughs] No off-the-rack! Never. I drew up my ideal ideas for all the tuxedos. We wanted them to have a vintage feel, that sort of Edwardian turn-of-the-century vibe. Edward says, “I’ve been waiting a hundred years to marry you,” so we thought Alice would have fun riffing off of that.
But at the same time we didn’t want it to look theatrical, we wanted contemporary, young, and fresh. I drew up something that combined the lines of Edwardian formalwear and we made it up in beautiful contemporary Italian wools and gorgeous shirting materials. We had a fantastic collaboration with Brioni. Do you know Brioni, the wonderful Italian tailors?

Uh, seriously? Do I know Brioni? Obvi. Come on Michael…
[Laughs] I’m sorry, of course you do. So I sent my drawings over to the incredible tailors at Brioni in Italy and they sent back these beautiful suits. That was a really fun.

Can we get onto a really important topic now? Um. Edward. IN SHORTS. Discuss.
How crazy is that?

Insane! I’d never dreamt that I’d see the back of that man’s knee.
There’s going to be so many inches of journalism written about this.

It’s breaking news. It’s MAJOR.
It’s a challenge to put an Englishman in shorts.

And Robert Pattinson is an Englishmen.
They have an instant freakout! I think it has to do with their public school uniforms that they wear as kids.

It’s all charcoal boiled wool.
Completely. Itchy, scratchy… they go, NOOOOOO long pants! We tried all sorts of different lengths but we ended up with a really classic look. My references were the Kennedys on summer vacation. That classic American summer wear. We went crisp with cool natural fibers, nautical navies and whites, trying to capture that classic style. More often than not, we went with a rolled-up chino but we didn’t think we could get away with not doing a short for a Brazilian scorching honeymoon so there you go.
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New interview of Rob, Kristen & Taylor with Polsat (UK Premiere)!

At 0:58

 Translation thanks to lalaith466 at pattinsonlife
I: How do you cope with such popularity when thousands of people are screaming your name?
Rob: It's nice, but it's part of our job. Besides premieres and promo time it's quite calm, we can live our normal lives.

I: Did you expect that this film would be a huge success all over the world?
Rob: Not at all. The first film had a really low budget, it was an indie, nobody expected this craziness. Then it exploded. In two weeks our lives changed so much.

I: Everything that happened next was a surprise for you?

Rob: Yeah, totally.
 Taylor: It's so wonderful to meet this family - my mates from set and the fans.

I: It's nearly the end of the saga. Are you happy or will you miss Bella?
Kristen: Well, I feel really lucky and I have no regrets. Sometimes it's hard to leave something behind if you're part of it for such a long time.
I love this set, I love the memories. I'd like to have an open door and see a light there to be able to reminisce this adventure back.
Taylor: It's cool that we, actors, can start to make other movies now. But I'll miss this.

I: What will you miss the most?
Taylor: We got along with each other. I treat this crew like my family. The saga brought so much joy to us.
Kristen: Special greetings for you. I hope you'll enjoy the film.
Taylor: Thank you so much and have fun watching Breaking Dawn.

New interview of Rob with!

'Breaking Dawn' wedding stills in HQ!

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Jamie Campbell Bower talks about Rob & Kristen!

 However, since joining the Twilight franchise, Jamie has been able to absorb lessons on handling the spotlight from watching Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart.

"They're both incredible actors, and Kristen's someone I've admired since I first saw her in Panic Room," said Jamie.

"Rob is now someone who has mutual friends of mine, so it's nice to be able to work with people you can get along with."

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New interview of Rob with Pacific Rim from the 'Breaking Dawn' LA premiere+Billl Condon talks about the sex scene!


Also, Bill Condon talks with Pacific Rim about Rob & Kristen shooting the sex scene. At 0:32!


Bill Condon says Rob is very witty in his interview with Bravo!

At 0:18

Rob's new interview with IGN!

At 3:37

Kristen mentions Rob in her new interview with FEARnet!

 What do Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson bring to the experience of the film that no one else could bring?
I can't imagine what this movie would have been if I didn't have really solid and always-growing relationships with them. People always ask if we are like one big happy family. We are, but it's more like hen you work with people like that, you can give so much and you can do no wrong. They've got you. I don't really know specifically what those men brought to the roles, but we all really got along and I think it shows.

What did you think about the whole to-do that happened when Robert told fans that you used a real priest in the wedding scene so you may in fact be married?
Honestly, that's the first time I heard that! The priest did great, but I think he was nervous. He couldn't even remember the vows. He kept saying our names as well [as our character names]. Now I'd like to find out if he was a real, ordained minister. 

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Rob's new interview with VTV1 (Vietnam)!

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Alex Meraz talks about what he learned from Rob, Kristen & Taylor with On the Red Carpet!

New 'Breaking Dawn' wedding still!

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Rob's new interview with F magazine (Singapore)!

 Thnks to RobsessedBLOG for the transcript!
The interview took place during Comic Con
Interviewer: Do you look forward to the hype all being over and you can get back to doing other things?

Rob: Yeah but it's always a good thing to have a bit of hype, especially nowadays. But I don't know. I will be interested to see how people perceive me in a couple of years because it seems as though people have been talking about the same stuff about me for about three years now, so I am wondering how long that will go on for... But I don't really know how to predict anything.

Interviewer: How is it professionally for you right now, because I guess you are looking for roles post-twilight, so what kind of scripts are you getting? Do you still feel you are trapped in that role, or are you being offered things that are allowing you to expand your repertoire?

Rob: I'm kind of in the same position. I guess the good thing is that because Twilight is so specific, and Edward is such a specific character...I've just realized my flies are undone (zips flies), that's a bit embarrassing...yeah he's so specific that you can't really get typecast; there are only so many parts that are benevolent vampires. You would be insane to do another one afterwards. Every single thing I've done since has seemed very difference, because it's almost impossible to do the same or something like that, everyone will say that you are doing the same movie if you ever do an action movie again, but I just don't have to do a benevolent vampire movie again or vampire love story.
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Eddie Redmayne on Rob: "He is a great singer"

New interviews from the BD Berlin press junket!

Interview with RTL|via|RPLife

Interview with Mä
or watch it here|via|youtube thnks to RobstenLustCom

New interview of Rob from the BD Paris press junket!

Because of Twilight, you became a huge movie star. Do you get use to the fame, to the screaming fans, and so on ...?

Rob: Yeah, you get used to it a bot. When I was younger, the first times it happened to me, I felt unsettled. But now, especially when it comes to the screaming fans who used to terrified me, it happens so often that, it's part of my job. You know it's not because of me. When I wake up like ... I know it's the character they fantasizes about. It's a thing they've created in their own heads.
So, it's an interesting thing, you get completely detach from it.

You're almost done with Twilight, how did you feet the last day on set?

Rob: We shot Breaking Dawn for 10 months, when we finally finished, it was so cold and it was raining. We were shooting at night for weeks; so when we were done, I ran away, like, 'Oh okay, it's over *runs away*'

No crying?

Rob: Yeah, no, I don't think so. I think when Kristen and I were finally done, we had additional shooting to do after in the Carribeans. It was so nice that maybe I felt like crying on that one.

After 3 movies, Bella and Edward, your characters, get married and finally have sex. Were you prepared for that scene?
Rob: Umm I was definitely nervous about it. It just feels ridiculous, cause also we were doing it for a PG-13 movie so they had all these crazy notes. 'You can't thrust this hard. Stop thrusting so hard!' What am I supposed to do then. 'You can't move!'So, yeah, it was kind of fun. It was just very strange.

Are you comfortable with nude scenes, because there are some in the movie? Just a little, it's not a porno, of course.

Rob: I guess I'm comfortable with it. It depends on the environment. It's weird because you know you're being filmed and whoever wants to watch it, will be able to. But when you're on set, you feel like you're in the most secure place in the world. I mean, I feel more secure on set than in my hotel room. So, yeah, I've never really felt that uncomfortable with it.

You drink blood in the movie, Bella does too. What was it made out of? What did it taste like? Was it good?
Rob: It actually is. It's sort of a syrup. It's like a dyed red corn syrup, it's really sweet. I actually do 'drink it). So, when you have it around your mouth, every single person ends up licking their lips, which is ironic.

Are you afraid to leave Edward?

Rob: Not really. If there was another book in the series, I would be extremely interested to see where Stephenie Meyers would have taken the character. Because with this series, the last book closes the characters' stories. I mean, it's basically a story about someone who made peace with himself, in the fourth book he found peace with himself; if you'd do another book after that, it can only be boring.

And if there was one, would you do it?

Rob: If it's a good story but I think I would be too old. I don't know how much longer I can play 17 for.

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Rob's new interview with IMDb!

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New interview with Europapress at the BD Barcelona premiere & video from inside the theater!

Rob's interview at 0:38 (patty3Xonly)

Video from inside the theater (spark952)

New fan pictures from the 'Breaking Dawn' set (March 2011)!

Tamara won a 'Breaking Dawn' set visit from Bravo (Germany)! According to the video she visited Vancouver in March 2011 & the set on March 4th, 2011.
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'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' Blu-ray & DVD Details!

Cover Art
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Special Features:
  1. 6-part Documentary (viewable in both standard and PIP modes)
  2. Bella & Edward's Personal Wedding Video
  3. Becoming Jacob
  4. Jump to...(character specific favorite scenes)
  5. Audio Commentary with Bill Condon
The release date has not been revealed, yet! If anything changes, I'll keep you posted!

    New interview of Rob with WISN!

    Click here to watch!

    New interview with 'Better Show' from the BD LA premiere!

    Rob's interview at 4:45

    'Breaking Dawn' Stills in HQ!

    ICYMI: 3 more BD stills were posted in UHQ here!
     *HQ stills under the cut*

    New Edward Cullen 'Breaking Dawn' still!

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    New interview of Rob with Fox3 Denver from the LA press junket!

    New interview of Rob, Taylor & Bill Condon from the BD UK premiere!

    Rob's interview at 2:00

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    David Cronenberg talks about Rob being terrified to do 'Cosmopolis' at first!

     Cronenberg: Actors need to scare themselves. When I started to talk to [Robert Pattinson for "Cosmopolis"], it became apparent that he was terrified, as Keira was terrified to do Sabina, and that's always good.

    Why did you want Pattinson for the part in "Cosmopolis"?
    Cronenberg: Well I'd watched a movie that I think not too many people have seen called "Little Ashes," where he plays Salvador Dali, and he plays him as a young man and plays him with a Spanish accent. So I thought, well that's really interesting, I mean this was before he was a "Twilight" star, because, it takes a particular handsome young man to decide to play that role. And then I did watch some of the "Twilight" stuff and I watched "Remember Me" and I felt that he had a lot going on. He's supposed to be a super smart billionaire at a young age, 28 he says in the movie. It's intuition. I didn't know him as a person, but I'd figured from the movies that I'd seen, like "Little Ashes," that I could maybe interest him in doing something that's not "Twilight" obviously.

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    New interview of Rob from the 'Breaking Dawn' Berlin premiere!

    Rob's interview starts at 2:05

    Rob's new interview with TF1 from the BD Paris press junket!

    Rob's new interview with Seventeen magazine (Latin America)!

     I’m sure you get tons of offers these days, but what are the characters that you are interested in?
    I think my character in Twilight is so unique and specific, that it’s hard to get offered the same type of character ever again. It would be crazy to think about making another vampire movie (laughs).

    Would you like to direct a movie?

    Yes, but I prefer being a writer, and to do that it has to become my first priority, but so far I have not had the time to focus on it. I just don’t have the time, but it’s definitely something that calls me. It’s something very fulfilling.

    Generally the writers are not the celebrities…

    It doesn’t matter. You get paid, which is veeeery important too (laughs).

    Edward protects Bella fiercely, who do you protect in real life?
    I guess anyone who’s close to me. When people talk about someone you love, without knowing them, when they talk about your friends or relationships, that’s when I feel, you know… the need to jump out and do something. But sometimes there’s nothing you can do but take the high road. That’s healthier. But I’m fiercely protective when it comes to my family and friends.

    What’s the best thing that fame has given you?
    I guess taking a route that I had never imagined for myself or thought I’d have. I’m living a life that I never dreamed of. It’s annoying that you get the same ammount of haters as you get of fans. People have fun hating you, while others have fun supporting you. It’s weird.

    Read the full interview at the source (Twilight Poison)|via

    Audio of Rob's interview with Today Online!

    It's from the interview that was posted here!
    Part of the BD foreign press con
     Are you still working on your music?
     0:32 Are you working on something new? "trying to produce a couple of things"
     0:50 Are they independent films? "Sort of, some of them. Nothing's concrete"
     0:59 How different was it to prepare to be Edward Cullen this time?
     1:51 What kind of say did you have in Edward's backstory?
     2:37 What was filming your last scene like?
     3:24 Did you keep anything from the set?
     3:34 Is Bella right to marry someone totally different?
     4:10 How was filming the honeymoon scenes?
     5:01 Have you learnt to deal with the Twilight mania?
     6:30 What's next for you?
     6:54 Are you relieved its over?
     7:30 Any theater roles in the future? "interesting... its not my absolute priority"
     9:10 Are you yourself when you are out there?
     9:48 Any scary and funny stories from the set? In Brazil, "300 people stuck in one house, with hurricane going outside with no food and no water", Taylor imprinting.
     10:35 Now, where do you want to live in the US or UK
     11:01 Tell us something about your costars Kristen playing the trumpet "She's a natural", Taylor working out.
     11:55 How was doing topless scenes
     12:31 What kind of character would you like to play next? Someone with lots of energy.

    New video from the 'Breaking Dawn' UK premiere!

    Rob's part at 2:34

    Carter Burwell talks about Rob & scoring 'Breaking Dawn'!

     Cool. What about the fact that Breaking Dawn is a two-parter? Knowing you’re also going to be scoring Part II, does where the story goes from here enter into the picture at all for you? When you’re thinking of these themes?
    Well, I’ve read the script, but I haven’t seen any of Part II yet. But I did have to write a theme that Edward plays on camera in Part II. Bill wanted to echo the “Bella’s Lullaby” scene from the first Twilight in the last part, and so I had to write a lullaby for that well in advance so Rob Pattinson could learn the fingering – he’s a musician and prides himself on being able to do that.

    So we know that’s an important part of Part II. And we hint at that theme in Part I. But honestly, it was quite a challenge for me to get my head around the 80 minutes of music for this one. My scores are usually half that. So I didn’t give very much thought to Part II while I was doing Part I.

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    Mackenzie Foy talks about working with Rob and Kristen, playing Renesmee & more!

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    A 'Breaking Dawn' extra talks about how they shot the wedding scene!

    The next morning, I saw a frogman on the opposite river bank. Security was on high alert, a crew member told me. That morning, paparazzi in wet suits had tried to swim past. An extra with a camera had been ejected the day before. All of them seeking a $100,000 photo of the bride.

    Before the ceremony, Robert Pattinson stood around being handsome and smoking at every chance. Kristen Stewart looked amazing in her modest gown, but appeared freaked out about something. They cuddled and he seemed to console her. It was a real-life drama playing out before us and all we extras could do was gawk. Aw, how sweet, they really love each other.

    Then, a helicopter began to circle and production stopped. Walkie-talkies spouted angry instructions, security people scurried, and giant black umbrellas were opened over the actors to block views from the air. The battle against the paparazzi was on and we sat freezing for two hours waiting for a truce.

    The next night’s scene was the wedding reception, on a set done up like a hobbit banquet. The Assistant Director looked us over and pointed to me and another woman. “You and you, the principle and the math teacher.” We were put into a shot where we had to mime congratulations and walk away, which made me feel more like the “fortunate few” and less of a production prisoner.

    As the other gal and I worked out who was the principle and who the math teacher, we laughed about the set, the story and the now pouring rain. By the time we were face to face with Pattinson and Stewart we were suppressing snorts. I was dying to tell Stewart how much I loved Runaways, but we were bound by celebrity gag order, which made for the most awkward party moments ever.

    After one rehearsal, shooting began. I mimed my congratulations, but then, as if time had slowed, I paused, like I had more words to mime. Then, came my ultimate humiliation.

    I looked down and saw Kristen Stewart lifting her tiny hand and baby waving me away. Mortified, I could not have turned away faster without spilling my fake champagne. By the time Principle Sarah and I had joined a circle of guests, I was hyperventilating and sweating. I couldn’t believe I’d dragged a two-second shot into three seconds! But, like all movies, they shot more takes, so I was able to redeem myself, although it meant more uncomfortable moments shunning the actors.

    Read the full article at the source (The Vancouver Sun)|via|via

    'Breaking Dawn' soundtrack artists say they would love to work with Rob!

    David Cronenberg keeps talking about Rob & Cosmopolis in his latest interviews!

    From Cinemablend
    Working with Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis, is it that same process of really focusing on your actor and giving him a lot of freedom?
    He's in every scene. It's quite a different structure from A Dangerous Method. I think the only similarity really is that there's a lot of dialogue, but it's a very different kind of dialogue, a completely different kind of movie. I did shoot it even more ascetically. We finished 5 days early, and I did my director's cut in two days. That's a record for me. And yet it seems to work really well. Basically you're not giving your editors much to work with. At moments he was begging me to do coverage and I wouldn't. I said I don't need that closeup, I don't want that. I'm confident that letting it hang in the long shot is the way to do it. There are classic mistakes that young directors make, they get so enamored of this tricky dolly shot or steadicam shot, then they don't want to do closeups because they think they've done this genius shot, then in the editing room they realize all the emotion, they can't see it. you have to do closeups. But that's a lesson you learn very early on in your career as a director. You have to have unshakeable confidence if you're not going to do that coverage. You have to know this is exactly what I want it to be.

    From Gothamist
    Viggo Mortensen, Magneto, and a movie with Rob Pattinson next, with all that Twilight hoopla around him. You don’t mind stars with franchise baggage it seems.
    It’s like with Viggo with The Lord of the Rings, frankly. We’ve talked about this a lot. He wouldn’t have been a candidate for A History of Violence if it hadn’t been for Lord of the Rings because he wasn’t well-known, he was really kind of a B actor, character actor before Lord of the Rings made him a star. Therefore, he would not be somebody who could get you the financing that you need. It’s something about casting that people don’t think about but as a director, you really have to think about it because your producers make you think about it and so do your distributors. You say, “I want this guy,” and they say “Forget it! Nobody knows who he is and we can’t build a campaign around him to release to movie.” So not only do you have to get the right guy, you have to figure out who that guy is creatively but he has to want to do it to, you have to be able to afford him, he has to be available at the time you want him and he has to have the star power to get your movie financed. It’s very tricky casting a movie and for a director it’s a huge part of what you do, to weave your way through this mine field and end up with the right guy in your movie. Because if you make a huge miscasting mistake, it can kill your movie before you’ve even shot a foot of film.

    Have you ever made any huge casting mistakes?
    Yes, but I won’t talk about them! [laughs] But not enough to kill the movie, I must say. There are only one or two that I would maybe have rethought. But you get lucky sometimes and sometimes the right person not only says yes and sometimes the right person says no. In other words, for some reason you’ve decided to go with somebody and you later realize, “Thank god that guy didn’t do the movie because this guy is the right guy.” But about Rob Pattinson, yeah, of course, if it weren’t for Twilight I don’t think we could have financed the movie around him because he wouldn’t be known. But aside from that, that was a good thing not a bad thing and of course I have to think about all that.

    Especially with a movie that’s so focused on one character.
    Absolutely. You make a bad choice and you’ve killed your movie right away or at least you’re staggering through it trying desperately to compensate for what’s not there that should have been there. I felt really lucky to have Rob, he’s fantastic, and I think people will see that it’s obvious. I don’t think it’s going to be a surprise.

    From Bloomberg News
    Warner: The film stars Robert Pattinson of “The Twilight Saga” series. Do you think he can escape his vampire pigeonhole?
    Cronenberg: He’s a terrific actor, which will be obvious when you see the movie. Any director who’s looking to see what he can do will see that he can do a lot.

    New interviews from the LA press junket!

    Interview with Al Rojo Vivo [thnks to Robsten Dreams]
    What did you think of Brazil?
    Kristen: Gorgeous. I mean these characters were so stuck in one place the whole time. And to take them there which is a place almost a complete opposite as what they are used to. A place that is completely alive. And to see their reactions was wow!

    Rob: I remember when me and Kristen were staying in a hotel and there were about 600 hundred fans screaming, “Rob, Kristen” they stopped till about 2 in the morning so we thought they were gone. But then at 6 in the morning they started screaming again. They had given us a little break so we could sleep.

    Interview with Cinescape (Peru)

    New pictures of Rob with a journalist from Belgium (Ciné-Télé Revue scans)!

    Rob and journalist, Sandrine Corman!
    Click for bigger
    Check the rest of the Cine-Tele Revue scans at Twilight Belgium|RPLife|Robstenation

    New interview of Rob, Kristen & Taylor with NBC Miami!

    New interview of Rob with MegaStar Cineplex (Vietnam)!

    Kristen talks about shooting the sex scene with Rob!

    At 2:40 
    Where are any fun moments in spite of everything to be so serious?:"(...) Also the sex scene...shot very fragmented...couldn't take it seriously...laughed at him every single take, I mean literally couldn't sit off camera and not go *she makes a funny expression at 3:21*"

    David Cronenberg on Rob: "Robert's a very underestimated actor. I think he'll blow some people away."

     From Los Angeles Times
    R.K.: Your next film is “Cosmopolis,” which is adapted from a Don DeLillo novel. What can you tell me about it? 
    D.C.: It's the story of a young billionaire played by Rob Pattinson who travels across Manhattan to get a haircut. That's the plot. Robert's a very underestimated actor. I think he'll blow some people away.

    From Living in Cinema
    JT: In addition to budgetary reasons, do you prefer shooting in one or two takes for creative reasons as well?
    DC: I did the same with A Dangerous Method and the same with my latest movie Cosmopolis. One or two takes…if you’re working properly with your actor and your actor is properly prepared, you don’t need more than that. The idea of doing ninety-nine takes like David Fincher is supposed to have done…it’s a completely different way of filmmaking.

    JT: Cosmopolis is slated for next year, which is a return to screenwriting for you and features a stellar cast. What can you tell us about it, in particular Robert Pattinson, who seems a unique choice for a Cronenberg leading man?
    DC: I think he’s kind of parallel to [Knightley] really. I think he’s a very underrated actor who’s really good. And so he proved to be. I think he’s fantastic in the movie… He’s really great. You can ask Paul Giamatti who’s said that publicly, because he does a big scene with him. Cosmopolis is based on a novel by Don DeLillo. It couldn’t be more different from A Dangerous Method, except that it to has a lot of dialogue. But it’s a very different kind of dialogue. You’ll have to wait and see.

    New interview from the 'Breaking Dawn' premiere in Berlin!


    Youtube version thnks to RobstenLustCom

    Rob talks about 'Snow White And The Huntsman' trailer!

    David Cronenberg talks about casting Rob for 'Cosmopolis'!

    Rob's new interview with Singapore's Today!

    I don't get the allure of Robert Pattinson.

    You heard me. And in possible danger of being mauled by almost every member of the female species, I admit that I've never understood the mass hysteria surrounding good ol' R-Putz, I mean, R-Pattz.

    Sure, that Pattinson plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies might have something to do with it.

    Truth be told, when the British actor was cast as Cullen, the 17 million-or-so fans of the Twilight books duly erupted with the kind of hatred usually reserved for animal abusers or hipsters. They all thought Pattinson was way too ugly to be Mr Perfectly Undead. Cullen, by the way, is described as "the most beautiful creature who has ever been born" by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer.
    *More under the cut*

    New interview with Empire Online!

      Interview with Empire
    His name is now synonymous with screaming fans, tousled hair and possibly sparkly skin, such that Robert Pattinson may find it difficult to escape the shadow of vampire Edward. But as we found out recently, he's largely at peace with the role these days and only slightly bemused at what the fans see in Edward. Here he is on becoming a vampire dad, behaving like a secret agent and going on guilt trips. Mild spoilers for those who haven't read the book...

    Are you happy to say goodbye to Twilight? And what has its impact been on our culture?
    I guess I’m happy to move on, but it was nice to have good closure. I found Edward quite a restrictive character but in Breaking Dawn he kind of loosens up about everything. I mean, it’s almost impossible not to when you’re delivering babies and, you know, Bella is dying and all this stuff is happening. You can’t play it the same, and that was nice. It was nice to have arguments and things as Edward, which seemed very unusual. But um, what’s its contribution to the culture? Well one of the main things, which obviously the books did but the movies helped, was just getting young people reading again. Harry Potter started this thing, but anything which gets kids reading, it helps. As soon as you start reading one series then you start reading a bunch of other stuff. Just in terms of the film industry as well, I think Twilight showed that you can have a female audience for something and it does well.
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    New HQ pics of Rob from the BD press conference in Berlin!

     *More under the cut*

    New interviews from the 'Breaking Dawn' LA press junket!

    Interview with Kerri-Anne (Australia)|cybermelli
    *More under the cut*

    'Breaking Dawn' cast being interviewed by 'The Ellen Show' contest winners on the LA premiere!

    Rob at 1:46

    New interview of Rob from the 'Breaking Dawn' press junket in Paris!

    Part 1 here & Part 2 here!

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Bill Condon reveals the current runtime of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'!

     (...) Condon talked about how he got involved in the franchise, what props he took home, whether or not he did any test screenings, if the DVD/Blu-ray will have an extended edition, deleted scenes, the Easter eggs (you should stay through the credits), Bella’s transformation, and his future projects.  In addition, Condon revealed that his first cut of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was 2 hours 14 minutes and now it’s about 1 hour 52 minutes without credits.
    At  6:58: The rough cut of Part 2 is currently 1 hour 52 minutes without credits, down from 2 hours 14 minutes in the first cut.
    Read the rest of the article at the source (Collider)|via

    Jack Morrisey tweeted today:
    Thnks to TracyC25 for the tip!

    I'll keep you posted!

    David Cronenberg talks about Cosmopolis & Rob: "He's brilliant in the movie, he's fabulous."

     Cosmopolis looks really intriguing. Can you talk about the production?

    David Cronenberg: It was a wonderful shoot, as was A Dangerous Method, actually. They were both very beautiful shoots, even though they were both quite different in tone, which, for me, is delightful, because, to do two movies, back-to-back, they are both so different. The one similarity is that they're both very dialogue-heavy. That was kind of interesting, but they have very different dialogue.

    Do you think this will be the project that really sets Robert (Pattinson) apart from his past, so to speak?

    David Cronenberg: I have no control over that, obviously. All I know is, as with Keira, I thought that Robert was very underrated. I mean, Keira has done more work than Robert has, but in England, they're always on her for whatever weird English class reasons. I'm not sure what that is. I always thought she was a substantial actress, and I had no doubt that she could really ace this role. I felt the same about Rob. The fate of the movie, though, who knows. I certainly think this. I don't think that any director who's looking to see what Rob can do, will not be able to see how terrific he is by looking at Cosmopolis. Even if the movie isn't a success at the box office, creatively, as far as I'm concerned, it is a success, and for Rob, it totally is. He's brilliant in the movie, he's fabulous. If nothing else, it will be a great demo film for Rob, for any other director who's looking for a great actor.

     Read the full interview at the source (movieweb)|via

    Rob cheers for 'Breaking Dawn' director Bill Condon!

    Reviews for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" might have been, well, mixed, to put it kindly -- as of Sunday evening, the movie had a 29% fresh rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes. But the film's director, Bill Condon, has at least one very prominent supporter: the movie's star Robert Pattinson.

    The 25-year-old English actor, who plays Edward Cullen in the series, had nothing but kind words for Condon, the fourth director to sign on for a "Twilight" film and the man who will conclude the saga next year when "Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" is released. He said he appreciated what the filmmaker was up against: a tonally challenging narrative, a special-effects-intensive production and pressure to meet outsize fan expectations for the first half of the finale of the franchise adapted from author Stephenie Meyer's bestselling vampire romance novels.

    "It was a massive undertaking, much bigger budgets and huge expectations, since it was the last one in the series," Pattinson said of the production. "There was much more pressure than the last one."

    Pattinson said he felt that Condon had a point of view with the film -- Condon told The Times that he wanted to marry melodrama and horror in telling the story of Edward's marriage to Bella (Kristen Stewart) and the fallout from the unplanned pregnancy that happens soon after. The actor also enjoyed Condon's humor, which showed up both on-screen and off.

    "It's very easy to become cynical about stuff, especially where you are doing five movies in the series," Pattinson said. "It's a very sentimental story in a lot of ways, and I'm an incredibly cynical person. Bill would always have a great explanation for why it's not ridiculous and it's not corny. It was great to have someone on set who could convince me of those things."
    Pattinson said that from the beginning, the shoot was a challenge. The six-month filming schedule for both parts of "Breaking Dawn" kicked off in Brazil, where Pattinson said "everything went wrong."

    "Just the fact that he didn't get overwhelmed within two seconds was a big deal," Pattinson said of Condon. "We were in Rio [de Janeiro] for one day. Two cameras broke down, a crane broke down and everything was crazy. There was no crowd control, and he stayed perfectly calm. Bill was really thrown in the deep end, and we came up with really nice stuff. It was really pretty and nice."

    Rob & Kristen talk about the funny things that happened while shooting the wedding scene!

     One of the most anticipated scenes in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1? The long awaited wedding between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart). And considering how many people went to see the movie in theaters this weekend, plenty of people have now gotten to see the action for themselves. (But for formality’s sake, consider this your official SPOILER ALERT.)

    We’ve already told you about why the Iron &Wine song that plays during the ceremony held special significance for some of the cast, but Stewart and Pattinson also tell EW about some of the things audiences didn’t get to see. For example, the moment when Pattinson channeled another actor while filming the speech he gives at the wedding to his new bride. “No one was there really,” he says. “Just a bunch of extras. And for one of the takes, I went into a total Christopher Walken impression. I don’t know why. [Director] Bill [Condon] said, ‘What just happened? Why are you suddenly playing this like Christopher Walken?’ And I just couldn’t get out of it. It’s one of the weirdest things that’s ever happened to me.” He laughs. “I wish it happened more often.”

    Another scene, featuring the Denali cousins (important because of their role in Breaking Dawn — Part 2, out November 2012) coming over to congratulate Bella and Edward, apparently didn’t make the final cut. “A little tiny piece of the scene made it into the movie," explains Stewart. “It was the last thing we shot, at 4 a.m. We did my close-up last, and I was laughing — literally laughing! — just looking at these ladies. All of a sudden it seemed so ridiculous to me, like, who are all these people at my wedding?”

    “That scene just went on and on. It felt like forever. I loved it,”
    laughs Pattinson. “I always like the scenes where Kristen loses it.” A bonus feature for the DVD, perhaps?

    New HQ pictures of Rob from the 'Breaking Dawn' LA press conference!

    *HQ pics are under the cut*

    New Meet & Greet pictures from the BD Stockholm Fan Event!

    Danish, Swedish & Norweigan fans who won a meet & greet with Rob & Ashley
    *More under the cut*

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Bill Condon, Melissa Rosenberg & Wyck Godfrey talk about Rob and Kristen!

    Filming a Real-Life Couple (Pattinson and Stewart)

    Condon: It was entirely a relief. I can’t imagine doing those scenes with two people who don’t like each other. But did I have to adjust the way they make love to each other? No, it was really good.

    Rosenberg: I created the sex scene and then Bill let the actors go, and I don’t think Rob and Kris needed any help with how to perform. [Laughs.]

    Read their full interviews at the source (The Daily Beast)

    Wyck Gofrey talks about Rob & Kristen shooting the BD sex scene with TheFABlife: 'They were so comfortable with each other'


    'Bel Ami' UK Release Date!

    Here it is the news we have all been waiting for confirmed just minutes ago:

    UK theatrical release date has been added to the calendar for 2nd March 2012

    Official social media channels for the film will soon be set up and we will have all those details here once they are made available.

     From the PDF of 2012 Release Dates by Studio Canal

    New interviews of Rob from the 'Breaking Dawn' press junket in Berlin!

    Interview with BravoTV

    Interview with Tele 5

    New interview\video from the 'Breaking Dawn' premiere in Berlin!

    New 'Breaking Dawn' stills!

    Click for bigger
    For more stills of the rest of the characters check the source