Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Interviews from the BD2 promo in Berlin!

From the BD2 premiere in Berlin
With ITN

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With Movie Pilot

With Julie The Movie Girl

From the press junket in Berlin 
With M├Ądchen|youtube

With Bild.de|Translation 

 BILD: Are you happy that it's over?
Kristen (22): "I'm happy that the love story is told. I feel liberated and I am free, but I do miss it at the same time. "

BILD: What do you regret?
Robert (26): "There is a price, which you have to pay. You are 24 hours in the job, if you go out in public. "
Kristen: "You're trying to protect your life, but at the same time you also rob your life."

BILD: How do you escape from your fame?
Robert: "Fame is like a prison. But I have family and old friends, who are my real world. "
Kristen: "I have to build steel barriers around me. You get a very different view of life and people. You will be thrown out of your comfort zone, you're apprehensive. But this fear is also a welcome feeling when you grow up, want to explore the world! "

BILD: Your dreams and goals in life?
Robert: "I want to make a lot of films and get better."
Kristen: "I don't know what will happen in a year. I never know what to do before the decision is in front of me! "

 He smiles. She yawns. When they look at each other, it clicks in their eyes.

 In Berlin, Kristen and Robert went bowling in the evening.

 The ball of love rolled.

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