Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rob & Kristen's interview with Ciak Magazine!

Transation thanks to CSI_Robsten
 - Would you make another movie of the series?
 "Only if Stephanie Meyer wrote it. But at this point I wonder what could possibly happen. Maybe Edward could turn into a bad guy? Yeah, that would be something."

 - What was the weirdest experience you've had with a fan?

 "At the last Comic Con in San Diego, I was with Kristen who was also promoting Snow White and the Huntsman, and a girl approached me to ask if I felt comfortable being Prince Charming. I wasn't able to convince her that it wasn't me..."

 - Wasn't it a blow to your ego?
 "Not really, it only made me laugh. There was another time during a road trip, I found myself in a small village in an Indian reservation in New Mexico. As soon as I got off the car, I was surrounded by a group of kids who started calling me by my name. This should compare with story of Comic Con."

 - Which was the hardest movie of the series?
 "Breaking Dawn. It's two movies but we shot them back to back. Which means a 2 hour in the make-out trailer every day for 8 months."

 - What will you miss next year?

 "The 3 months in Vancouver. I grew attached to that city."

 - Do you think that Bella becoming stronger somehow represents today's society and women's more and more important role?
 "I don't know, but it would be a good thing to be honest."

 - Do you like the archetypal strong woman?
 "I grew up in a house full of women, my mother, my sisters, my father even. No, no, it's a joke, don't write that, I wouldn't want my dad to get hurt. I'm sorry, my sense of humour is a bit weird."

 - What have these 5 years been like?
 "A revolution. I never would have thought I could have this career or I would live in America. The downside is that it would have been better if it had happen before twitter and phones with cameras."

 - What do you think of this job?
 "We have become the most conservative people in the world. You can't even raise your voice, because everything will affect your career."

 - Do you ever feel alone?
 "It's hard to make new friends because you always think they actually want something else."

 - The wrongest thing people say about you?
 "That I'm like Edward. People tend to forget that Twilight is a movie."

 - An actor you like?
 "James Franco. He's intriguing in eveything he does, and he seems to have so many interests that he never does the same things."
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