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Gala Magazine (Germany) with Robert Pattinson

GALA, 18 Nov 2009 (Germany)


The world has tasted blood
The hype around Robert Pattinson and the other young stars from Twilight takes on absurd dimensions. GALA explains the shocking phenomenon of today.

The article starts with 18,000 screaming teenage fans in Munich waiting for Rob, Kris & Tay. Apparently, Rob has eyes only for Kristen (one of the girls is holding his picture) and he keeps looking for a glance from her and is constantly putting his arm around her.
Rob has 25 bodyguards and the reporter compares the hysteria around him to the Beatles-mania in the 60s. Twilight film earned €270 mil and New Moon is expected to reach even higher numbers and thus is a competition to Harry Potter films.

They say that Rob hates masses of people and now is constantly in the middle of them. “Every time I’m in the middle of a crowd I get scared that somebody will stab or shoot me,” says Rob about his biggest fear. A few scary fans instances: a mother came up to him with her baby wanting him to bite the baby, another 12-year-old girl threatening to kill herself if doesn’t go to see “High School Musical 3” with her. He had to turn down an offer of an independent film production because they only could get him eight bodyguards.

What has he got that every woman falls in love with him like a teenager and would like to escape with him to a desert island? He looks extremely good - high cheekbones, distinctive chin, and a gaze to die for. In his role of a vampire, he represents everything that women want: He is strong, sexy, and also dangerous - and with an unshakable protection instinct. What more would you want? The director Chris Weitz: “Rob is simply a perfect man. On the contrary, the character of Edward is reserved and unapproachable. Everything that he (Edward) lacks as a person, Robert, as a private person, brings with him.

Further, the article goes about the difficulties of finding the right person to play Edward. A 70-year-old woman is supposed to have threatened the author on the street:”Don’t dare to choose the wrong one!” Rob is the right one. Only 3 weeks after the movie opening he was a star and got €8 mil offer for New Moon. Pattinson scored privately as well, getting many covers and suddenly he was “the hottest guy in town”. Contrary to his rival Zac Efron, he’s not trying to be perfect and clean, he is being rebellious and sensitive. He can be seen with his old friends in London pubs or making out in front of “Chateau Marmont” in L.A. He still hasn’t got used to not being alone on nights like these, and that he’s constantly being watched. A new situation like this has already destroyed many talents. This is why he needs people around him who give him strength, the first of them being Kristen because she knows these things and feelings. They met two years ago, and couldn’t have imagined that one day there would be “Barbie-dolls” like them. At that time, Rob lived with Tom in a flat in Soho, London, loved to go out a lot and loved to make music late in the night. Kristen lived in L.A. and loved reading books and walking her dog in Chucks and a flannel shirt. Then came Twilight.

The months spent together 24/7 locked away from the rest of the world. The chemistry between the actors was there from the very beginning. Catherine Hardwicke describes the first scenes as electricity charged: “The walls moved, they sky opened and I thought ‘Wow!’.”
In the meantime, the two became a couple. Kristen broke up with her former boyfriend for Rob. And as we all know she needed time to realize that she has to give this relationship a chance, according to Hardwicke, who apparently confirmed their romance. They work very hard to keep their relationship a secret, they feel they have to guard it as a treasure, even on the flight from Vancouver to L.A. where the couple book the entire first class to be alone. Kristen is exactly the right person for Rob: “I love a certain craziness in a woman. Kirsten is unique and you don’t meet such a strong woman often.” What she loves about him: “He’s so caring. This is the thing I love about him the most. I’ve watched him grow in a star, and at the same time he remained true to himself.”
Whether he can make it as a serious actor and, after New Moon, go back to normal life is yet to be revealed. Already in the next months, he can prove himself, shooting the western “Unbound Captives” together with Rachel Weisz. And later in February, he is to appear together with Nicole Kidman in “Bel Ami”. Pattinson has ambitious goals: “I want to own a production company by the time I’m 26.” That’s in three years, and at the tempo he’s working now it should be too hard for him to reach this goal.
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