Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rob with his family for XMAS Holidays in his hometown!

Belying rumors of a mushy Christmas plan somewhere down in the English country side with his ‘beloved’ Kristen Stewart, ‘Twilight’ hunk Rob Pattinson has opted for the usual Christmas homecoming.
(Rob with his sister Lizzie)

Rob has been spending his holidays with his family in London and was spotted with his sister Lizzy, as per reports from The Sun.

Robert was photographed when he was having a stroll with his sis Liz Pattinson. He looked somewhat different from his Twilight look as he sported his new facial hair. He was wearing a denim jacket over a brown t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He also had a woolen cap to go with the look.

Pattinson, 23 is known to be very close to his sister. He had once told that his sister used to dress him up as a girl till he turned 12! He was introduced to Lizzy’s friends as Claudia! Rob had added that it was after 12 that he learnt some style and started using hair gel.
(Rob with his dad Richard)

A few weeks back, it was on news that Robert had a tiff with his assumed girlfriend Kristen Stewart on where to spend the holidays. While Robert wanted to have fun with his family in London, Kristen was not happy with his decisions and wanted him to join her in LA.

Guess there’s nothing like a Christmas homecoming……..ha Rob?source

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