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Top 10 Scenes from New Moon

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10. Romeo & Juliet

“Eyes, look your last.
Arms, take your last embrace.
And lips.. O you the doors of breath
Seal with a righteous kiss.”

I’m sorry but this scene has to be in my top ten. The Romeo & Juliet faithful worshipper in me wants me to xD I loved Bella’s embarrassed jealousy when she says “Juliet’s, like, perfect. You like that obviously-beautiful kind of thing?” and Edward laughing at that. I swear, they were so adorable in the school scenes. I guess for once Robert’s Emo!Edward acting served in this scene due to the ‘intensity’ of the suicide talk. And of course it was lulzy to see the teacher picking Edward to quote Romeo’s final words.. as if the guy hasn’t had a lifetime to learn them by heart already. lol

09. The Vote

“He was not pleased,
that much was easy to read in his face.”

Between the Birthday party scene and this one, I prefer this one for it’s sweet & calmness. It was GREAT to hear Bella telling Edward to shut up <333 haha! See, lighthearted stuff we were sooo far from in the previous movie. Everybody’s vote was great: Alice being all bubbly as she always is. Jasper’s lulzy comment about how nice it would be not wanting to kill her all the time. Rosaline finally not overacting the bitchyness and actually feeling like there was more depth to her than her arrogance. Emmett bear!hugging Bella can’t help but make you smile. Esme’s motherly love of course and Carlisle fatherly protective “I won’t lose my son” line. A truly heartwarming scene.

08. Forks High parking lot

“I’m 109.”
“Wow. Maybe I shouldn’t be dating such an old man. It’s gross.”

Honestly all of the school scenes were great. Unlike in the previous movie, Edward & Bella actually felt like a couple! Very less awkwardness and lots of fluff and lighthearted moments. They seemed really at ease with each other. Again, seeing Edward smiling and both joking around really felt like I was watching book!Edward&Bella (effin’ finally!). Actually, when Robert says the “You’re aging!… lolz” line, I really saw the smug!Edward I adored from the first book. <3 Anyways, what’s not to love in this scene? If it’s not for the fluff, there’s the awesome humans at the beginning! <3

07. Cliff Diving

“You won’t stay with me any other way.”

This is my favorite scene in the book and although the movie did not do it justice I still think it was nicely done. The lack of quotes like “I didn’t want to fight anymore. I was almost happy that it was over. This was an easier death than others I’d faced. Oddly peaceful.” was disappointing to such a level! It took away all the tragedy of the scene. Oh well, it was visually gorgeous. Seeing Bella smile when she first hears Edward’s voice was heartwarming and sad at the same time. The entire drowning sequence is hypnotic and I adore how you see Bella almost wanting to ‘touch’ Edward when he fades while Jacob pulls her up. Although not up to the standards of the book’s version, it was visually mesmerizing.

06. Ending/Jacob vs Edward

“It’s always been him.”

When she says ^that quote, I really want to cry. Cry for how amazing it is that she finally admits to his face that Edward is the one she chooses but also cry because of how bad & hurt I feel for Jacob (not to mention how the instrumental piece in the background strikes a chord in me at that exact moment). When wolf!Jacob leaves, it was very bittersweet to see the sadness in Bella’s eyes at watching him leave. Although I think this scene really summed-up Eclipse in a nutshell, it was also nice to see the Jacob/Bella/Edward dynamic here. How Edward always keeps his calm and Jacob always the really hot-tempered one lol. Finally of course, seeing Edward all smiley and asking her “Marry me, Bella?” really made me rejoice. I know many people hated the fact the movie ended with the proposal but I really had a feeling it was going to end with that ‘cliff hanger’ so I wasn’t disappointed by that. Overall, the scene was really nice & touching and it had a good flow to it.

05. Return to the meadow

“I will find a place
where I can see him again.”

Out of all the hallucinations scenes, I thought this one was the closest to the book. Why? In all the other hallucinations, Edward was very mellowy but in this one he finally had some aggressiveness in his tone. You know – like in the book!: “Lie better!”. But it was also touching to see a nice flashback of them laying on the ground and Bella’s shock to see how the meadow was lifeless now. It was like the meadow died without Edward too. The moment I saw Bella fall to her knees because of the pain, I was stunned they actually kept that part from the book. I thought it was so sad (in the book) and seeing it on screen was really like that scene came to life exactly the same. Not to mention Laurent saying: “How much could you meant to him.. if he left you here. Unprotected.”, that was really hurtful. But the cherry on the sundae was hearing Bella say “Edward, I love you.” (although that so belonged in the cliff diving scene!). =’(

04. Break up with Jacob

“You can’t break up with me.
I mean, you’re my best friend.”

I thought Kristen & Taylor had great chemistry, they transferred that ‘best friend/unrequited love’ relationship very well to the screen and every scene they had together was believable and lovely to watch. This scene in particular was a highlight for me. I hate to say this but I thought Kristen’s portrayal of Bella’s sadness was better in this scene than her actual break-up with Edward. Her voice tone and the desperation in her eyes when she says “Look Jake, I know that i’ve been hurting you. It’s killing me…” was absolutely sorrowful. Also when Jacob said: “..those filthy bloodsuckers you love”. At that moment I completely felt Bella’s heartbreak. Taylor Lautner’s acting at some points was very ‘Days Of Our Lives’ overacted but at some other parts it was pitch perfect. Overall, I think this scene was really poignant.

03. Intro/The Dream

“There was no Gran.
That was me. Me in a mirror.
Me—ancient, creased, and withered.
Edward stood beside me, casting no reflection,
excruciatingly lovely and forever seventeen.”

If there’s one scene that probably stood up to my expectations, this one wins the prize. I loved how it transitionned from Volterra to a glowing meadow. An old woman standing far far away and Edward stalking her looking at her from behind the trees. It was so nice to see how Bella was proudly walking with her boyfriend, ready to show him to her granma. But when both Bella & her gran spoke at the same time, it was chilling! So bright, dreamy and haunting at the same time.. this scene, IMO, was perfect.

02. The Reunion

“Because it doesn’t make sense..
for you to love me.”

Oh my God, this scene! Wasn’t it beautiful? I always say NM!movie glows, but I mean the Italy scene + the intro in particular. It’s just so GRAND. Of course not as grand as I expected, maybe i’m just too hard to please but it was grand nonetheless. This is the scene in the movie where I truly saw Book!Edward&Bella. Edward, not all so tortured but finally similing at seeing his soulmate alive. Bella trying so hard to not let her feelings get the best of her: “I can.. let you go now.” You could see she doesn’t want to force him to stay with her but she can’t help herself wanting him more. Both Robert & Kristen did a wonderful job at portraying how epic E/B’s love is. Those kisses, one after the other, were breathtaking. One word comes into my mind to describe this scene: Passionate.

On a sidenote: I really hated Kristen Stewart’s acting in ‘Twilight’ because I personally think she put way too much of herself into Bella and let’s just say they really don’t have similar personalities. Kstew looks way too tough and to me Bella always had to look really delicate. To my really unexpected surprise, I was stunned to see less Kstew and more of her delicacy in this movie. She actually ACTED. I didn’t see Kristen but actually felt BELLA in her ~aura~. She absolutely shined and carried the entire movie. I think she really put her heart into it this time around. Never thought i’d say this but: Good work, Kstew! I never thought i’d see a book!Bella in you.

01. October. November. December..

“The pain is my only reminder
that he was real.”

This scene was New Moon for me. The camera spinning around Bella, the world changing around her and she’s just there. Dead already. Like nothing out there is worth living for anymore. Her emails to Alice were the door to those beautfully tragic quotes we’ve read in the book. One sadder than the other. Seeing her scream in her sleep and Charlie waking up every. single. time made that moment only sadder. But la crème de la crème was seeing Bella in the cafeteria, sitting at the Cullen’s table.. at Edward’s place. Lykke Li’s “Possibility” made the scene all the more haunting. This scene was just so heartbreakingly poetic.

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