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Rob in Seventeen magazine Scans +Translated Interview(Argentina)

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Translation(Thnks to sari via RPLife )

What would you do if someone gave you a phone number to call Robert Pattinson? I was crazy excited. Between hundreds of magazines in all of Latin America, only Seventeen had the privilege to have an intimate chat with the hottest guy of the moment. And I was the one chosen to do the interview!

Before calling, I went over the questions and practiced a few expressions to sound completely cool and relaxed, as if speaking with him would be the most natural thing in the world. I tried to forget the fact that he’s one of the most popular celebrities of the world, that millions of girls are crazy in love with him, that only his smile can cause millions of his fans to scream hysterically, not to mention his stare, between melancholy and seductive.

I went over what I knew of him. After portraying Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, they called him to audition as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga, and he stole the role in an instant. A few months ago I saw Remember Me, a film he starred in with Emilie de Ravin and these days he’s filming Bel Ami with Uma Thurman. And of course, the 1st of July everywhere, the 3rd film of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released. With respect to his personality, they day he has a great sense of humor, but you have to be very careful to know how to interpret his acid jokes, typically English. They also say that he’s very reserved and prefers silence than to speak too much. Okay, I am ready to call and have a cool and interesting chat. Rob is in the room of a hotel in Los Angeles waiting for the phone to ring. One more time I go over mentally what adequate words to say to sound confident and natural. I dial. It’s the 5 longest rings of my life and suddenly I hear a “Hello”. And I can’t help it, his voice is so seductive like his image, I forget about my plans and I give in completely to an intimate and super exclusive chat with the sexiest man on earth.

17: It’s incredible to be talking to you! Thank you for the interview.
Rob: Wow, that’s really sweet.

17: How did you live the experience of the Twilight Saga?
Rob: It was great, I mean, an unexpected experience. 3 years ago I would never have imagined what would be happening in my life this moment. I am incredibly busy all the time, traveling all over the world. It’s wonderful!

17: Kristen is a very passionate actress. What’s it like working with her?
Rob: Kristen has always been great, I mean in a professional way. I think we have similar attitudes at work. I mean in a way that we both approach acting and the scripts and everything having to do with a film, you know, we both take things very seriously. It all has to do with how far you want to go to have a long and good work relationship.

17: You had many action scenes in Eclipse, did you have any that were particularly complicated to do?
Rob: Ummm… The most difficult scene, I believe was the fight scene. There is a great big fight at the end of the film. The set we were filming in was full of artificial snow and that snow was made out of paper and suddenly it got wet and the whole floor was incredibly slippery, it’s worse than real snow! So after awhile it became terribly difficult to work there.

17: What was the best lesson that Edward has shown you?
Rob: Something similar my dad once told me, to be a good person with everyone when you’re becoming successful, so that when you stop doing it, the same people will still be good to you. I think it’s something good.

17: The best about being an actor is…
Rob: I think the daily job, in where to interpret a character you can do a whole extensive research on whatever material that you feel will help. Anything! You can listen to music, enjoy art, read a few books or simply study people. I think it’s the only job that can allow you to do all of these things.

17: Is there any phrase that you live by?
Rob: Ummm, no, in reality I don’t have any, but I try to understand everything and everyone, I believe in that.

17: What advice would you have liked someone to give you when you were a teenager?
Rob: I can’t think of anything right now, nothing comes up.

17: What has been the most extreme moment that you’ve had with fans?
Rob: One of the most extreme experiences I’ve had was probably when we went with the cast of Twilight to Mexico City. We were trying to get out of the cinema in which they were playing the first film of the saga. There were hundreds of girls outside and one of them opened the door of our car, we couldn’t close it, and the driver just drove off without closing the door, I think that in the end it was fun, but very extreme.

17: What would be surprising for your fans to know about you?
Rob: I don’t know, probably nothing (laughs), that I’m not a vampire.

17: Is there any characteristic that you share with your character, Edward?
Rob: One of the main things that we have in common is that Edward doesn’t have the necessity to express himself with words. Actions show more than what you have to say. I think he and I share that characteristic. I try not to say much.

17: If you could have Edward Cullen’s powers for one day, what would you do?
Rob: Um, I don’t know. Probably spend all day climbing and jumping the highest buildings.

17: What kind of things keep you grounded?
Rob: What’s normal, my family and that I still have the same friends I’ve had my whole life. My agent and my manager are really good and they never let my ego grow big.

17: You participated in charitable activities to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti, how did you live that experience?
Rob: It was something great. When you become famous, you spend a lot of time thinking in what it means or what to do with all of this attention put on you. When you discover that you could use your fame to do good things is great. I hope that what I did helped and that it really did make a difference to the people who live in Haiti.

17: Do you feel that with those actions, you will inspire other people?
Rob: I don’t know, I’m trying, I think that if you work as hard as you can, it works. I try to inspire people in a positive way and with luck it turns into something great for the world. I think that you can’t judge yourself when you’re contributing to the world or when you’re inspiring others. Other people should say that.

17: Is there something that bugs you?
Rob: Many, millions of things (laughs) almost everything bugs me.

17: Is there a dream you want to achieve?
Rob: I think to make a music album. I would love to achieve that dream. I am always writing songs, but I never put much time to the music and much less working on an album.

17: These days you have many admirers, when you went to school were you also popular?
Rob: (laughs) In school? In school absolutely no one is.

8th page Rob says: To understand the solitude and loneliness of the character, I decided to get away for a bit from my friends and family. It was a very strong experience.

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