Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fan Report from WFE Set (July 30th)

We got there at like 3pm and there was a medium sized crowd. I can not explain to you how OUT IN THE COUNTRY this is. its just…wayyyyy out. So, we get there, pass an ice cream truck (smartest man in the county-he made a killing) about ten minutes in he drives past us, past the cops and to the gate where they let the truck in. It goes all the way inside.

It comes back out about 20 minutes or so later and 2 of my friends go up to it and ask what happened. He said similar to above: that he was not allowed to get out of the truck or take photos. He asked for Rob to sign his truck but they said no (not sure if Rob said no or “they” said no but he said “they”) then he said everyone came out to get ice cream and Rob got vanilla.

We were able to watch several scenes being filmed, including a couple with old fashioned cars (Model T types) and several with him and his family. We would kinda be like, “is that him?” (we were using binoculars) but the minute he came into view it was like, “OOOOO duh, THERE he is,” because he is HUGE and his shoulders are so wide and his head is a f*cking giant square. He’s impossible to miss.

Rob on WFE Set yesterday (July 30th) 

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