Saturday, July 31, 2010

'Remember Me' Review by BritFilms.TV

Robert Pattinson can act. This is coming from a person who doesn’t necessarily detest the ‘Twilight’ franchise but simply thinks that the world wouldn’t be at a massive loss if it was without it, because to be honest it’d give the heartthrob at the centre of it more of a chance to stretch his skill in films like this.

A tale of love and loss (and no bloody vampires for a change!), the great and all powerful Pattinson plays rebellious son and tortured soul, Tyler Hawkins. Distant from his father (Pierce Brosnan), mourning a brother and caring for a sister, the lad is an emotional wreck who is eventually tamed by kindred spirit and just as screwed up Ally (Emilie De Ravin) who has Daddy issues of her own in the form of (Chris Cooper). Both with fathers they can’t connect with and missing a family member they can’t bring back the two lend a helping hand in each other’s lives before hitting the predictable rocky patch and recovering from it.

‘Remember Me’ is refreshing for a number of reasons. Firstly it gives the aforementioned lad from those ‘Twilight’ films a chance to prove he can do more than just look cold, grey and constipated opposite Kristen Stewart. With ‘Remember Me’ he’s a troubled youth on the road to ruin, stretching past the tree climbing, vampire pouting he’s now attached to, here we have him butting heads with Brosnan’s well delivered father figure, cracking jokes with his best mate and gelling perfectly with a love interest that unlike Bella the Bore actually reacts.

This is as much Ravin’s film as it is Pattinson and she shines just as brightly. Ally is as wild and fiery as her new beau carrying half the weight of the film that has a gut punch of an ending on its back, that only after viewing a second time echoes through the story and the characters involved, making it feel more than a cheap shock that some might see it as.

‘Remember Me’ is a film that is all about acceptance and moving on orchestrated by two strong leads at its centre. My only hope is that one of them manages to shake off the franchise they’re so cemented in once it’s all done and continue to surprise us like he has with this. source

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