Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rob seen filming a Volvo commercial?NO

 UPDATED:Check the following vid at 1:43.It's from a crew shooting a Twilight parody!I think that the pics are from this this vid so there is NOT a new volvo commercial (well till now).-via @MagdaAninat & @RobStenation

People are posting as "old" because Rob and Kristen are wearing the same clothes from the Eclipse Edward/Bella/Jacob parking lot scene, but two different people tweeted different pictures saying they're from today and apparently filming a Volvo commercial.
We have to wait and see if this is true!

RT @wantsomeRpattz omg edward and bella are filming a volvo commercial!!
RT @wantsomeRpattz they're here at my school!! Sorry trying to get a better picture!!
RT @yrffej24 There filming twilight at my schoool..!!!! Everybodys going fucken crazy. Not kidding..
RT @wantsomeRpattz Asked a crew member and found out that filming is going on till 10pm!!

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