Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rob interested in playing Jeff Buckley?

VAMPIRE heartthrob Robert Pattinson is looking to get his teeth into a challenging new role as folk legend Jeff Buckley.

The brooding 24-year-old British actor wants to put bloodsucker Edward Cullen behind him when the Twilight saga comes to an end and has set his heart on depicting his musical idol.

Buckley drowned in 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee, aged 30 and immediately became a cult figure.

A Hollywood insider said: “Rob is obsessed with this project and is doing everything he can to land the part.

“He has already told his business team this is his passion and they agree it could be the film that makes him a legitimate Oscar contender.”

The film’s producer Michelle Sy said: “I’ve met actors who are keen on the part and Robert was one.”

His main rival for the role is thought to be the American actor James Franco, who will co-host the Oscars next month. Other actors tipped to take Buckley’s role include James Marsden, who played Cyclops in the X-Men films, Blue Valentine star Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp.

Mary Guibert, 62, the dead singer’s mother, said: “Robert is a fine young actor. I’m flattered he’s been linked to this project. When the time comes we’ll give everybody an opportunity to be seen and heard.”

Pattinson, who has written songs for the Twilight saga, hopes this will give him an edge over his rivals.

Ms Sy said: “The actor must be able to play music and sing, or at least make it believable he can do that. Until we start auditions there’s no way we know who’s best for the part.” Filming could begin next summer.

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