Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fan shares her experience from the Breaking Dawn set in Baton Rouge where she saw Rob!

A reader of Twilight Examiner named Mary G. shares her experience from the Breaking Dawn set in Baton Rouge, where she saw Rob & other cast member!
As for her trip to peek at the set, here's her account:

They are filming on set 4.  There were lots of trucks and trailers everywhere.  The crew set up a white tent outside for Rob.  I'm guessing to shield from the cold cause it was freezing out there.  Rob walked into the tent.  I didn't get a pic of him walking to the tent because I was too busy screaming and saying to my kids "that was Rob" repeatedly while they looked at me like I was crazy, lol.  The very blurry pic of the person in the tent in black is Rob. The pic where his body is standing outside of the tent in a black coat and jeans, you can totally see Rob's feet, lol.  After a while we were spotted by Rob's bodyguard.  Once spotted, Peter F. came running out of the tent (in blond wig)  ( my son and I said at the same time "that's Carlisle" ) running out of view... followed by Rob.  Rob looked like he was skipping rather than running, lol.   A crew member then came to my vehicle and asked if we needed something.  I told him we were visiting, but were now leaving, lol.     We also saw Elizabeth R., Nikki R. (in blond wig), Ashley G. and lots of crew members.

Full fan encounter & article at the source! You can view the photos she took from the set here !

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