Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Water For Elephants" Updates:Trailer with new scenes seen in theaters?

The supposed new trailer is shown in front of the movie "127 Hours"!

Details of the new trailer below!
H2OforElephants:Description of the new trailer. Sounds like what we've seen except a couple of parts are extended? RT @TwiCrackAddict:  @mandysmind did you fill @h2oforelephants in on the trailer? I'm jet-lagged atm but *think* I remember it starting off kinda twinkly (think Harry Potter meets Moulin Rouge almost?) with pans of moving over bits of tent at night fading to present day with old Jacob - you see him walking up to the circus with the teenager, Charlie steps in and asks about Benzini and the stampede, it flashes (almost Titanic like?) back to the magnificence of Jacob's early days from the train to Blackie and Kinko, showing Marlena with the horses and also on top of Rosie who stands on her hind legs, then later balances on her head. It progresses to what seems to be a food fight where Marlena plays with whipped cream on Jacob's face - August sees with a flash of jealousy. It cuts to them at a speakeasy (?) - August is "out of ear shot" and Jacob tells her "you're a beautiful woman, you should lead a beautiful life". Another time it's the two of them alone with her in a black satin dress, Jacob in a tux and August seeing through the tent flap. Also cuts to her in a red dress running from Jacob in an alley. Then does the close ups of the cast with voice over "the most magnificent thing in life, is living" or something similar - I can't remember much else :/ - @lorabell x

Also, IMDb lists Water for Elephants as ‘Completed’

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