Saturday, March 26, 2011

Did Tai Remember Rob & Reese At The EW Photoshoot?

In the EW interview Rob was asked: You and Tai, the elephant, have a special bond in Water for Elephants. Do you think she’ll remember you at our photo shoot tomorrow?
And he confessed:  I don’t know. I’m terrified that she won’t. I’ll be so so happy if she does.

It had been months since Tai had seen Rob & Reese, so if you are interested here is the answer to our question, thnks to H2OforElephants!
Kari at Have Trunk Will Travel, Tai’s human mommy, confirmed with that Tai indeed remembered her co-stars!

Hi Jen – The relationship that both Reese and Rob have with Tai is truly amazing. They arrived at different times and each one went to visit with Tai right away. There is no doubt that she remembers both of them. Rob certainly didn’t have to worry about not being remembered. Tai immediately started started patting him down looking for jelly beans. Tai travels with healthy treats like carrots and apples but Reese had someone run out and buy some sweet treats for her. Tai has an affinity for jelly beans so it’s lucky that she has the kind of figure that can carry a little extra weight. We can’t wait to see the photos from the Entertainment Weekly shoot. Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous.
So, the old saying "memory like an elephant" is so true! :')

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