Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Max Irons from "Red Riding Hood" talks about Rob: "I think he’s been gifted & cursed."

Max Irons may be being compared to Robert Pattinson but the Red Riding Hood star reckons R-Patz has been “gifted and cursed” with fame.

The son of acting couple Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack hit the red carpet in Hollywood to premiere the new thriller in which he plays Amanda Seyfried’s love interest.

Having been cast and directed in the movie by Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke, Max confessed he takes any Pattinson comparisons as a compliment.

“Well Robert’s a lovely actor, [but] this is a different beast to the film that shall not be named!” he joked, before adding: “You know, I think he’s been gifted and cursed.”

The 25-year-old explained: “All you want to be able to do as an actor is work and to be able to focus on the work. For lack of a better term, the celebrity is consequential and all you should be doing is focusing on the quality of your work and kind of, I think, ignoring the rest of it.

“If I can do that and have a long, long career and not a short, short career that’s all I want.

“Robert by the way is going to have a long, long career,”
Max added. “I have a feeling about that… because he’s English!”

The young actor described working under the direction of Catherine Hardwicke as “nuts”.

“We had a director that encouraged us to be silly and to just have fun.”

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  1. Love the comment and insight....but one added point..part of the process is the 'fans'...once an actor does match is hard work and good luck to land some good opportunities and to show his WORK and Talent ..the other side of the coin is ..what comes with it........the folks that WANT to see more of the Work and the ARTIST ( i personally feel a good Actor at his Craft is an ARTIST )

    so the fans drive this once it CLICKS
    and those investing in the films or producing them...

    i find young actors get so messed up or succesful ones of any age at times due to
    a lack of respect and grounding....

    being kind
    being respectful
    being appreciative
    and not getting into bad manners or attitudes
    really cuts the good ones from those the Gifts

    i marvel at example..Dakota Fanning..
    poised ..mature..level headed and sweet and also
    bright ..and grounded

    the same is for a Taylor from Twilight

    and this is what i see in Rob Pattinson too

    it becomes a Relationship with the public
    and the BEAST must be part of the ratio or Balance..

    can't wait to see this FILM coming out
    i love Director Catherine Hardwicke and
    this new Movie 'Red Riding Hood' Can hardly wait to see it

    thanks for reading
    Blessings Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael
    Namaste and i so enjoy FILMS ..and the Theater