Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Interview of Rob with Séries Fan Magazine (France)! He talks about WFE, Reese, his old "Details" photoshoot & more!

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 Translation thnks to Thinking of Rob!

On April 20th 2011, Robert will share the big screen with the very charismatic Reese Witherspoon, in Francis Lawrence’s Water for Elephants. Filming took place last July. The 10 years that separate the young actor from the blond bombshell don’t seem to be a handicap, the chemistry worked.

Interviewer: You seem very close to your partner Reese Witherspoon…?

Rob: I’ve learned a lot from being in contact with her, she is very patient, she’s a major actress, she has much more experience than I, therefore it’s normal that I take the time to listen to her. Without her patience, filming probably wouldn’t have gone as well! We laughed a lot also, Reese has a great sense of humour, the atmosphere is serious but relaxed. We’ve remained friends and we continue to see each other. It was an important meeting in my carreer. Apparently she was already a Twilight fan so she didn’t have a negative view on my work. I hope we get to work together again soon!

Interviewer: Supposedly you were very close on set

Rob: Yes, once again those are rumours. The press seems to say that I’m in relationships with all my on-screen partners. If I really seduced all the  girls I filmed with, I wouldn’t have any friends that are girls left! (Laughs). I think that in the case of Water for Elephants it’s linked to the story, it’s a love story. I assume that everyone imagines that the actors are really in love, that proves that we do our job well, that we’re credible. Now that Twilight filming has started again no one talks to me about my relationship with Reese Witherspoon. You’ll see, it will be the same for the movie I’ll film after! You know I’m much calmer then everyone thinks. It’s the Edward Cullen effect!

Interviewer: We’ve heard you’re more comfortable with elephants than with women?

Rob: (Laughs) It’s not exactly that no! In fact the magazine Details had organized a photoshoot a few months ago and I was surrounded by naked women. The photoshoot lasted for more that 12 hours. For any guy that might seem like a dream come true but in real life it was very embarrassing. As for elephants, it’s a whole other matter, for the movie we were put in contact with elephants and one of them lifted me off the ground and carried me with her trunk. It’s the most magical thing that’s ever happened to me! Personally, I don’t get the link between elephants and naked women. Maybe it’s journalists that have twisted thoughts? It’s not a very gentlemanly type of comparison! Elephants are a child’s dream, women are a whole other subject.

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  1. Awww - he is just so darn sweet! Thanks for the translation and sharing!!