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New Photo of Rob from the WFE press junket in LA & New interview?

Take this with a grain of salt, because Bravo Magazine is not the morst reliable source! The interview was translated to German & then translated back to English, so even if it's real, things can be lost in translation.
They published a new photo of the junket, so at least we know they indeed met Rob in LA a couple weeks ago. Rob has also mentioned he adopted a dog in another interview at The Daily Record ( It wasn't post it here, because there were many people that said it wasn't real!)
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I rescued my Movie-Dog
Pale skin, tousled hair, dark circles around the eyes. „Twilight“ – Star Robert Pattinson seems a little tired out, as I, the Bravo-Reporter, meet him for this interview at the Four Season Hotel in Beverly Hills. May the reason be a secret visitor in his bed?

You look tired. Didn´t you sleep well?

The days of shooting are hard in my bones. Also I traveled last night in a private plane from the Breaking Dawn Set in Baton Rouge – Louisiana to Los Angles (3000 km) for this interview with you.

The „Twilight“ shooting seems to be very complex?
We shoot two movies at ones, so the shooting takes longer. I would like to tell you more from the set, but I´m not allowed to do so.

What we know is: Bella and Edward get married and she gets pregnant. How is your Kristen as a Mom to be?

I think the pregnancy its very becoming to her. The fake baby bump looks really authentic. Personally she want´s to wait before she get´s kids.

Lately we not only saw you snuggle with her, but also with a little dog. Do you have a new friend?
Yes, my partner from my new movie „Water for Elephants“ – a Jack-Russel-Terrier grow to my heart. He´s from a shelter and should have been turn back to the shelter after the shooting. I couldn´t do that, so I adopted him. Only the right names is missing yet.

How do you call him?
I just say: „Dog come here“ . He understands this and doesn´t move fromm y side. „Dog“ did a good catch, from the shelter to a moviestar. As we checked in at the hotel in L.A. he got a boul with luxus-water. I had to watch out for his pampering. Not that he will be a diva in the end.

Is he allowed to sleep in your bed?
Normally not. But sometimes, when he jumps at night in the bed, I am just too tired to remove him from the bed. I should be more strict to him.

Apropos strict: In „Water for Elephants“ your hair is a neat side parting. Do you like this better than your tousled hair?

Uhm....I think I look a little bit to well-behaved, what do you think? My hair seems to live a life of its own. The hairdresser on the set had to do much effort to get my hair this neat.

What look does Kristen like more?

I think the tousled hair (smirks)

Scans & Translation thanks to Tess at Pattinsonlife| via

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