Friday, April 15, 2011

*AUDIO* from the WFE Press Conference: Rob felt 'transported' during "Water For Elephants"!

With his new film Water For Elephants, Robert Pattinson stars as Jacob circus veterinarian who falls in love with Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), the wife of an ill-tempered ringmaster (Christoph Waltz).  Based on Sara Gruen’s bestselling Depression-era set novel, the picture was directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) and shot by renowned cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (Amores Perros, Brokeback Mountain).

“I think it definitely has a lot of romantic elements to it,” said Pattinson, when asked what his fans should love about Water For Elephants.  “I think it’s a pretty beautiful movie, I think it’s different to a lot of other stuff that’s come out.  I haven’t seen anything like it in a few years.  When I was making it I felt like I was being transported somewhere else and hopefully that will be captured in the movie.”
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There was an embankment with a train track on the top. All the trailers were on one side, and then the circus world was on the other. Once you walked over the tracks, there would be a camera, but that was the only thing from the 21st Century. You could stand on the tracks and look over at everything, and you were in the ‘30s. We were out in the middle of the desert in Fillmore, and there was nothing else around. There was an orchard. We were in the ‘30s. Jack Fisk, the production designer, used authentic pegs and the ropes. Every single thing which built the world was all totally real. And, authentic period underpants do actually help, as well. I actually wore them every single day. Jacqueline West, the costume designer, was unbelievable. Almost everything was real. Every pair of jeans were all from the ‘20s and ‘30s. It was crazy.

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