Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Donna Scott talks about "Infamous" scene between her & Rob's characters in WFE!

We all know what Reese Witherspoon thought about kissing Robert Pattinson, saying recently “it wasn’t appealing,” when describing what it was like to film their love scene in Water for Elephants while Rob had a cold. But Reese wasn’t the only actress lucky enough to share a kiss with Rob!

Actress Donna Scott tells OK! her racy scene with Rob was nothing short of wonderful.

“I did kiss him!” says Donna, who plays sexy — and occasionally topless — circus performer Barbara, who has a drunken tryst with Rob’s character Jacob and another performer. “It was wonderful. It was very sweet. My character’s bawdy, so it was a lot of fun to get to do that and I think his response to me being bawdy was genuine… It was perfect.”

And while Donna says she never saw Kristen Stewart visit Rob on set — which might have been a tad awkward — she has no doubt, Rob’s heart was with his girlfriend.

“He obviously loves his lady very much,” she told OK! at the premiere Sunday night in New York. “He was so lovely from the very beginning, very open about sharing stories of his life and his family. He loves his family very much.”

Filming threesomes with one of the hottest guys in Hollywood isn’t exactly a bad day at work, especially when they’re as down-to-earth as he is.

“I would leave work at four, five, six in the morning after working all night, and the fans would be lined up in the ditch, these women, young ladies with signs: ‘Rob, Rob, Rob,’ and they were out there all night long,” Donna tells OK!. “So to have that kind of a following and still be very grounded and kind and gracious is really something to be said for him as a human being.”

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