Wednesday, April 27, 2011

*NEW* Interview of Rob, Reese & Christoph with Sky Cinema (Italy)!

Translation thnks to CSI_Robsten
Starts at 0:27

"Francis Lawrence really took care of the authenticity of the movie. Every shot had to reproduce the original pictures of the circus in the 30s and 40s"

Francis Lawrence:
"I like creating worlds, and in this case it's a traveling circus during the Great Depression"

"August lets Jacob come into his life. Not only did he let him stay, but he also gives him an important role, not a simple stable boy.
He trusts him, that's why he feels hurt when he finds out he's betraying him.
Jacob and Marlena have a strong bond, and especially they share a special relationship with animals"

"It's a love story about second chances. Sometimes in life you get stuck in some situations you can't escape from. But one day someone comes, unties all bonds and gives you the opportunity to have a new life"

Francis Lawrence:
"Those two slowly fall in love, because they share the same experience with August. The violences Marlena gets reflect the ones his husband's animals are subjected to"

"I was scared at the beginning! I fell sometimes. But Tai was so quiet, she looked at me like come on, hop in! It was an extraordinary experience. There was a kind of non-verbal communication with her. I really felt like there was another actress beside me, she had to play a character and transmit emotions after all"

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