Friday, April 29, 2011

Rob's New Interview with Welt Online!

*Google Translation for now*
He has been in Berlin. At that time, Robert Pattison 17th "Everything was different," he says. And does not mean the city. At that time, he could still move unrecognized through the streets. Now he promotes the Hotel de Rome in his new film "Water for Elephants". And outside besieged countless fans of the "Twilight" / "Bis (s)" films Bebelplatz.

Welt Online : When you woke up this morning, did you know there, in what city were you?
Robert Pattinson : Honestly? I had no idea. And that happens to me quite often lately.

Welt Online : You jet off for years by the world. Make yourself at home or anywhere at all?
Pattinson : I do not even have one at the moment. My parents have cleared my room in London, so I'm without a permanent home. That's what I'm going to work. Hopefully.

Welt Online : If you had the choice, where would you like to wake up?
Pattinson : There is a country house in southern France, where I've been a few years ago. There was nothing in the area, because I was all for me. That would please me well.

Welt Online : In "Water for Elephants" they have a very unusual film partner. What's it like to play with elephants?
Pattinson : That takes you a matter of safety, no matter what wild animal. so what great things to stand alone, in addition, makes you very humble. On the other hand, seems to be an elephant to make happy everyone, the whole crew was to children, they all wanted to fondle the time. Tai is a female elephant and was really the nicest film partner I ever had. Kristen, forgive me.

Welt Online : Tai has done something what they are all envious of your fans: With her ​​trunk she fiddles around you in film at the time. Was it planned or accidental?
Pattinson : The first few weeks, we trained with candy and jelly candies that they herlief behind me. After that she was probably convinced that I have with me always. She was constantly with her ​​trunk out my pocket and elsewhere in the.

Welt Online : Does this also what Metaphorical? Should be a pachyderm in the movie business?
Pattinson : Absolutely. I used to be at auditions because you are one of 200, waiting for hours on the chance and then see the application form on your page and say: Nah. If you have a hundred times experienced this, you are eventually immune to disappointment. Without a thick skin you could not stand it.

BBC News : After all the teen vampire drama you go there with "Water for Elephants" and soon the Maupassant-remake "Bel Ami". Is that a maturation process for you as an actor?
Pattinson : I hope so. I am still not quite grown up. But in "water" I see ever more mature a lot. The "Twilight" films, I had to play the eternal 17-year-olds and was trimmed out. Since it is such a blessing, more adult "roles to get now." And I must and I have to prove now, that I well what can Sun

BBC News : After more than three years, "Twilight": Now is the last door on the fifth and last part definitely fallen?
Pattinson : Yes. A few days ago. It is finished.

Welt Online : And you celebrate it?
Pattinson : So in style more and more left the set in Canada, we have a farewell celebration for some time. For the very last scene I was alone with Kristen Stewart. That was on a warm, bright beach, a beautiful finish, after we have movies in the cold turned five.

Welt Online : Enjoy for now on your life without "Bis (s)"?
Pattinson : It's still not quite over. The fifth part is up and promoted to the cinema is, this is still going. But yes, there is already a load off. The last two parts we have a piece of twisted, and the whole makeup and bleach make every day, that time has robbed a lot. But may well be that I will soon miss. Finally, it was a very important phase in my life.

BBC News : Is the hype about your person is not a circus?
Pattinson : Sort of. This can not be prevented. You are a bit of the dressage horse, continually have to create an illusion. The worst was the time when I did not do anything when I just stand around and had to be there only. The last time I was in Germany when I was with Taylor Lautner at Olympic Stadium and have 30,000 girls screamed into Munich. That was really bizarre. Like a rock star without make music. We were advised that quarter of an hour crying hoarse to make a long, and then we went to the next event.

BBC News : Did you ever know what hype you have to expect, you roll the vampire Edward Cullen possibly rejected?
Pattinson : Who knows. Maybe I should have considered me again. But I do not want to appear ungrateful. The really worst time of my life was when I could not do anything, but I just did not get a job. Then I asked myself really: What are you doing there? And would have given up a hair. I saw no future, despite all pachyderms. But the industry is already strange: I was my lowest point reached. I thought, this is your last attempt, and there were 3000 competitors. But then I was Edward. And now I can suddenly make the movies, I always wanted to make. That is my motivation. I would not remain in memory as the one that has played only vampire

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