Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scan & Translation: "Water for Elephants" Review in 'Studio Ciné Live' Magazine (France)!

Unbalanced talent among the lead actors and a predictable story.

With this film, we wanted to know if Robert Pattinson could play something different from his tortured vampire role in which he only displays 2 emotions througout the Twilight saga. The answer is yes: actually he can play a tortured veterinary student who only displays 2 emotions throughout this film. He is not strong enough to face Christoph Waltz who displays anger from the very first time we see him or even the sweet Reese Witherspoon who is so charming. Pattinson can’t really express anything with this love triangle set in a circus during the Great Depression. It ‘s lacking passion and sensuality to trigger off any emotions.

Translation thnks to Ptiteaurel from LeRPattzClub!

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