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New Interview of Rob & Reese with "Contigo" Magazine (Brazil)!

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If not for the presence of the elephant Tai, who plays Rosie, few people would know that the Fairmont Miramar Hotel of Santa Monica, conducted interviews for the film Water for Elephants, by Francis Lawrence, who debuted in theaters Brazil on Friday (29).

 It is surprising that there is no paparazzi in the zone, because the romantic drama stars, Reese Witherspoon, 35, married to actor Jim Toth, 40, and Robert Pattinson, 24, caused a stir wherever they go .

 In the movie, she is the star of a circus in the 1930s, controlled with an iron fist by her husband, August (Christoph Waltz), and loves to the sensitive veterinarian Jacob (Pattinson). Before the interview, a request: no personal questions. What we did not stop some funny moments with "Contigo" magazine.

 - Everyone loves you. How do you protect your creativity?

 Robert Pattinson: I try to work with amazing people, like the ones here. I'm protected by the quality of work they do. I had the opportunity to work with people with more experience than me. You have to grab and try not to take full responsibility. Do not let your ego take the initiative.

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 - You grew up surrounded by pets. How was the experience on set?

 Reese Witherspoon: It was the trump card of Francis. He said: "Come to the Elephant Sanctuary." I have riding experience, because I grew up in Tennessee. But nothing prepared me for this movie, which I'm mounted on an elephant in a mesh (laughs). And of course riding an elephant does not compare to any experience that can be described. It's like riding a large horse.

 - The actor's life is similar to the circus?

 Reese: No matter how hard you train, never have an idea of ​​the physical impact, the work of installing and removing all this space every day, never to see family and do not have a home. I think the only similarity is the spirit of camaraderie on the set where we were three months, six months, two years as in the case of Robert, I'm not sure how long this series of Robert are taking (laughs)!

 - Twilight's experience is like life in the circus?

 Robert: No, because I always filimg in Vancouver. Each time the same thing.

 - They had a special friendship with the elephant? Your children came to visit her?

 Reese: Yes, came to visit. Work with Tai in a very intense. It was a thrilling experience. One of my favorite things, demonstrating their intelligence and ability of communication. One day we had in a shooting at night and the next day, she was tired. And I explained that it had been up all night, telling the other elephants as he had done (laughs). She went home and all the other six who live with the elephants were waiting. And they were growling to each other.

 I met Robert before?

 Reese: Robert and I worked together in a movie (Vanity Fair, 2004), I plays her mother. I was 27 and he 17. But cut the scene. Nobody believed that I was his mother.
 Robert: And my character, ten years earlier, was a redhead with freckles.
 Reese: We met at that time, but not well. At least we were not strangers. I not remembered this story, until somebody told me. And I said: "What are you talking about? That kind of Twilight? "Actually, I saw the first Twilight movie, was very nice. I read the book too.

 It is difficult to work with two Oscar winners?

 Robert: Yes, they are always bragging about it (laughs). They are generous and kind to an amateur like me.

 How was Robert kissing? Your husband is jealous?

 Robert: Your husband trusts you, after a week of being married?
 Reese: A friend teased me: "You say anything and say, 'Reese rebuffs her husband". " Rob had the worst cold (flu) of the many stars with whom I had to do romantic scenes. I'm talking about something green, infectious, nasty (laughs) ... After each kiss, snorted. It was not very attractive!
 Robert: She was using hand sanitizer at all times.
 Reese: Yes! It was necessary! It was not sexy.

 To sigh!!

 Water for Elephants takes viewers to the glamorous world of circuses in the 1930's. The story is cute and old: A boy falls for a forbidden woman, Marlena (Reese Witherspoon). Circus star and wife of the boss, August (Christoph Waltz), her love for the young Jacob. In the bargain, there is a nice animal, the elephant Rosie. And Robert Pattinson, who has the beauty and charm to spare to win the fans as a perfect lover.

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