Monday, May 2, 2011

Rob's Chat With!

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25. What is it that makes you decide when choosing a script and others?
I touch. And if you read I was hooked. That is fundamental.

24. Hi Robert, With how young you are and you have become a superstar, known throughout the world. Do one of the most desirable men on the planet, you still have any goal or dream to fulfill? A kiss. Cristina de Madrid.
Always have dreams to fulfill. If you do not dream ... Dream on, dream on!

23. Hello! What is the biggest lie you have written or said about you? Would you
affects the personal and professional side that the media
investigate communication about your privacy? Crack a lot of encouragement! Tu
new movie looks great, of course! Greetings from Carmen.
It affects you at first because it also affects your people. But now I am

22. Do you miss London?

Yes a lot. But I can only go back for Christmas.

21. Do you think the Twilight fan will like as has been Dawn?
I hope so. It is a very different film. The truth is that I am also
wanting to see it.

20. What animal do you found it easier and more difficult to work with what? "And
which one would you take home? I love your work, I'm looking forward to seeing
"Water for Elephants" with just the trailer I know that I love. Greetings from
I think the elephant was the easiest. I would take him home. With the dog was
hard work because he fell asleep every few minutes ...

19. Hi Rob. How long have you wanted to make the leap to the big screen? What
things you think are the basic features and a good actor? A
hug. Ana P87.
I began to consider working professionally at age 19. The
characteristics vary a good actor. There is no ideal cocktail. I
the important thing is to have something to offer in a movie. You must
People matter, but not all.

18. Just arrived in Spain a web of contacts that promotes relations
wedlock: What is your opinion about relations with people
married and infidelity within marriage? Thank you very much
No sense. I think they should break with the person before having
an affair.

17. With fame I guess you've lost a lot of things normal for a person
anonymous. What would you most like to regain your life anonymously?
Good luck in your projects and hope that people consider you a good actor and not
just a teen phenomenon. :)
I would love to live in a city center and go down the street without
I recognize, and enjoy the anonymity that I have. That is a luxury.

16. Hi Robert, how do you think your life in 10 years? If I
know, then you'll fall in love with me! Pretty lucky!
I am working on other areas of the profession, developing projects.
I would also work on my music. And be happy, of course.

15. Hi Rob! Congratulations on your latest work. "The experience of working
with two Oscar-winning actors (Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon) will
demanded more interpretive level? Have you noticed parallels between the life
Hollywood actor and your performance as a nomadic circus? Many
Thanks and good luck with your future projects.
Yes I always try to make things as best I can. Working with Large
players makes you better react to suestíumulo let you get more out of you.

14. Hi Robert! I'm a fan following you since 2005, I've seen all your
movies. After being 3 years playing Edward Cullen how are you
feel at the end of the movie, you want to get away from the character? Besos
Cintia Badajoz
Before the characters were commigo for months. Not now.

13. To me (17 years), my younger sister (13), my mother (45) and my grandmother
(67) we love your work, your interviews, your photo session, your
smile, your personality, your companies and your family. Thank you very much, and please
still giving us these good times. We have very close to the three
generations. Now our question is: How do you get interested
aged people so different? Thanks, bonico:)
Has much to do with the character of Twilight. I think I had much

12. Hello, Robert. We could hear singing. Play the piano,
guitar ... Even composing songs. "Never think" and "Let Me Sign", which
appear on the soundtrack to "Twilight, and" I was broken "sound great.
I imagine it is difficult to reconcile your film career with a career
musical, but do you intend to release a record? Are you already working on
it? Regards and good luck in everything. Raquel
I'm writing songs. But without thinking of a disc.

11. Thanks to the Twilight Saga has achieved a reputation that is sometimes difficult
to weather, especially when your private life is
game ... Knowing the consequences of your choice, if you could go back
at the time, is again interpreted as Edward Cullen? Vane Acebedo
(Evane81) Barcelona
Yes It's been a fantastic experience. I've seen incredible things and
I'm experiencing due to the saga.

10. What do you like doing in your spare time?
I have not just free time but when I have I like to do nothing.
Nothing special.

9. The first thing to greet you and congratulate you on your success, I think you're a great
professional actor. In this new film, Water for Elephants Ever
had a scene that for a moment thought I was going to be impossible
play? Maybe a stunt, or that made you feel uncomfortable
personally. Thank you very much Robert.
The final scene in the script seemed totally impossible. Long before we

8. Is it coincidence that most of his films are based on Best
Sellers, this gives you confidence when accepting a script? Thanks. Ana
Not necessarily have to go well based on the bestseller.

7. Of the Twilight series, what was the movie that you like best record and
I think the first. It was the most fun to shoot. The second also because
had not so crazy ....

6. Do you consider yourself an enigmatic guy? "I do think you are, you're perfect.
I used to think it was. The more people know you, less enigmatic

5. The performance I most enjoyed was that of Salvador Dali
LittleAshes. What is the place for you?
Was important. It is a fascinating character. For me it was the first paper in
I really got in depth.

4. "Aguná day I will take vacation between projects? You need to rest
also ... Ana, Madrid
I hope so. But I will not be able to do in the coming months.

3. Having been presenting "Water for Elephants" in various
cities around the world, where fans are more jelly? Where do you manifest
most fondly? Thank you very much, I admire your work, your smile and your sympathy. No
Certainly there are many differences. Speaking of the fans of Spain
very excited and pass a lot of energy.

2. Hi Rob, first to welcome you to our country. I read the book
"Water for elephants" in a weekend, I fell in love with the character now
and interpret history. One of my biggest concerns is whether
script is adapted closely to the book have been changes too
large to fit the movies. Regards and all the affection of a
twilight-mum, fan of yours and of Edward Cullen. Hope you have a good time
these days and you take a good memory of our country.
I think it's very close. There are a couple of characters in the book that are not in the script. And there are good changes in my opinion. The book tells of a circus rather dark, but the circus of the film is brighter with more light.

1. Your character in Water for Elephants share something with your character
Twilight love. Jacob wants to offer a better life to the character of Reese
even if it means sacrificing himself. What would you be willing to do
for love?
It depends. It is a difficult question. The love flows easily usually

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