Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rob's interview on M6 (France) & Translation!

Translation (thanks to Sonia at Pattinsonlife)

Water For Elephants, it's the title of this huge romantic story, coming out tomorrow on the big screen. As the principal protagonists, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, the hero of the Twilight saga who still brings out crowds. He was welcomes by hundreds of fans at the Paris Premiere.

Wherever he goes, it's the same, Robert Pattinson causes hysteria at the premiere of his latest movie, Water For Elephants.

Rob: That was crazy. That was the biggest and most incredible we had on this international tour.

The audience, especially the female one worship him since his vampire role in the Twilight saga. Water For Elephants should make them melt again, with another romantic role. An impossible love story set in the 1930s.

Rob: It must be my thing. It's so weird because in real life, I'm not really romantic. I'm just a normal. I'm not that sensitive to things.

It's true that sometimes he can border on rudeness when he reveals that on the set, he only had eyes for the female elephant. The other star of this movie.

Rob: She's one of the nicest women I've ever met.

Robert Pattinson has an excuse, he loves animals, and since the movie is set in a circus he met more than one. Including a lion for an impressive scene where he gets bitten by it.

Rob: I was just about to put my arm inside the cage when the lion's trainer asked us if my fake arm was on me. When we said yes, he told us the lion is trained to bite and drag the limb inside the cage. I said: 'What?' It was literally 2 seconds before I did it. It was terrifying.

Everybody stays calm, Robert Pattinson wasn't harmed. The lion and the others animals as well.

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