Sunday, May 1, 2011

Translation, Video & Screencaps of Rob on the JT (France 2)!

Translation of part of the interview (Thanks to Sonia at Pattinsonlife)
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* Paris is one of his favorite city.

* He didn't have time to visit

* They asked him about the royal wedding. How did he feel about it? Does he think it's important?
Rob: "I didn't realise it would get to me this much, really warming to see, I didnt think it would interest me, they're just two normal people, it's nice to see. It's dascinating how people talk about them."

*Laurent: "Did you need to do something different after Twilight? To escape that type of role/genre?"
Rob: "I don't think so but what worried me was that people would accept me or not as this character (WFE)".

*Laurent: "What did Francis do to help you with believing that you were working in a circus during the Depression?"
Rob: "Francis and the crew did an amazing work to make the setting authentic. It was so easy to believe we were in the 30s."

*Laurent: "You finished filming the last Twilight movie recently, was it easy to turn the page? Are you scared for the ~after?"
Rob: "Not really, I filmed all those movies right after the others, I'm relieved but I don't feel like making another one now. I can't pretend to look 17 anymore."

*Laurent: "[Didn't catch what he asked him there]"
Rob: "You have to adapt to new cirscumstance, life is always changing".

*Laurent: "Do you also have time to fall in love?"
Rob: "*laughs* yes I think there's always time for that."

*Laurent: "You're going to be in Bel Ami next?"
Rob: "It's one of my favorite books. [Then he said something about it being weird that it was a French book but they had to adapt it in English.]

It went fast so sorry I didn't catch everything, it's not word for word.

Screencaps! Click for bigger
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