Wednesday, June 1, 2011

*NEW* Fan Pics of Rob at the 'Cosmopolis' set (May 29th)+ Fan encounter! !

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Here is Chauntelle's experience on set:
 I arrived at the set just as Lunch was finishing…I was walking down the street taking in all the sights of the movie set…when I noticed a small group of people gathered down one of the side streets…and then I saw Dean  standing in front of a fair sized RV…I sauntered over and within a few minutes David Cronenberg exited his RV and walked through the group of fans waiting to see Rob. That was a very cool moment. This being my very fist set visit ever…I was not very prepared camera-wise at this point as I think it was still settling in that I was actually there  

Rob did exit his trailer 5 min later and walked very quickly to set with Dean. I then walked over to the set on the next street over and to tell you the truth there really was not a lot to see…more setting up then anything.
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