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Rob in MAX Magazine: Scans & Translation (Italy)!

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The Shy vampire
 by Ilaria Bellantoni
 “Now nobody calls me anymore, when I’m not working, I call random phone numbers in my agenda and I say:” Hey, what are you doing tonight? May I come with you? “Com I stay alone in the hotel and I get drunk, It’s terrible”

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If the guy who talks this way not HAD to be Robert Pattinson, wallpaper guy, 25 years old, 27 M € Each movie, this thing Could be archived as the assertion of a nerd (or someone waiting for care as some Nanni Moretti’s character style) . Instead, the boy in question, besides being a beautiful son with a perfectly pale skin, red lips and big eyes and blue, is the protagonist of the Twilight series, and when he moves now, he needs a police escort because he finds girls anywhere, Assatanate able to scream, cry, beg him to bite their neck.

By dint of doing the vampire enjoys a celebrity inhuman, but he suffersit much: “I know it is boring to explain how much it bothers me to be famous but I no longer have a life. Example: I can not go into a bar for a beer that berm within ten minutes maximum of sixteen groups appear ready to pounce. I must learn to fight to be able to take a walk It ‘s the only way I can defend my self. The other is to buy a gun ”

He seems to have a magnetic appeal, Rob. Some say that he is the new James Dean, say that he has a natural talent for acting and he also seems pretty smart. He grew up in Barnes, a suburb of London, with her mother Clare who worked at a modeling agency and his father, Richard, who was selling cars. While attending college and studying international relations he has been taken casually for the role of Cedric Diggory, the schoolboy of the magic school of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Since then he has been a model, he shot a few commercials and one day he flew to Los Angeles to auditions, while in the afternoons he saw a lot of movies in the us cinema and evenings to make a few dollars, he played the guitar and piano bars in Hollywood. “I almost decided to go home when they called me to tell me that the part of Edward Cullen in Twilight was mine. ”

It was 2008 when the vampires were about to invade the world. Now, Pattinson has just filmed Breaking Dawn I and II, fourth and fifth installment of the saga that we will see only in November 2011 and 2012. This fall, he is, finally, going to bed with Bella, Kristen Stewart in real life, the actress is said to have a relationship with him for several years although both have always refused to confirm this: “I never told my flirt, I’m not a man that wants occasionally relations or superficial, “he says “I need to know the people. I want a family with two or three children. Boring, isn’t it?”. ” Try to imagine the effect that made me know that people dying to see me have sex with Bella, what am I so shy and reserved! That was a stress, it seemed that nobody was thinking about any other thing so I had performance anxiety, I feared making a fool of my body naked and exposed. So I went to the gym every day for a month and was the first time in my life when I was in shape. ”

Then he took taste and shot more hard scenes for Cosmopolis, the new film by David Cronemberg, from the novel by Don DeLillo.

Meanwhile, we saw him in “Water for elephants”, love story set in America during the Great Depression. It is story of a veterinary student whose his parents died in an car accident : he jumps on a circus train, he will before look after animals and then fall in love hard with a trapeze artist . She is Reese Witherspoon, an old acquaintance. In 2004 her would be the mother of the eighteen Pattinson in “Vanity Fair”, but something went wrong. “It was my first movie and Reese was too young to be my mother. I think it’s also why they finally decided to cut the scene where I was acting. Even if I found out when I saw the film at the cinema. .. “Since then, Pattinson has set aside assets of € 36 million and a half, much more than that of Princes William and Harry set of millions be counted ‘only’ 28. And today, when he is shooting a film, the production must also estimate the cost of security: “We were in Tennessee, but it seemed to be in Woodstock,” Witherspoon says. “There were cars lined up to two kilometers, people camped on the lawns, young girls, screaming” Rob! I Just want to touch your hair!. Crazy. ”

About this fact , Pattinson (anti-divo) is ashamed monstrously. he is not a nightclub guy, he doesn’t behave in an excessive way and does not collect relationship with strippers as many actors . He ‘s a taciturn, introverted, guy, which also has other projects to follow: “I have my conception of politic as democratic, liberal, not divided in social classes. I’m not sure I want to be an actor forever and even though it sounds ridiculous, sooner or later I would not mind to follow a political career. “.David Cameron is already shivering.

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