Saturday, June 25, 2011

SCREEN Magazine (Japan) Scans & Translation & New small pic of Rob with Tai!

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The article is based on an interview of Rob at WFE LA Premiere by a reporter of Japanese magazine "SCREEN"
*English Translation: mina*

Rob: ”I finally decided to get a dog, found him at the shelter. To tell you the truth, I wanted to adopt all the dogs there and run a “Dog Ranch” and let them do whatever they want to do. But I guess it is not the time yet; I am willing to do so in the near future. My dog which is a mixed breed, seems to get big, that’s why I named him Bear. I want to have him around me all the time, and I want to take him with me everywhere. I grew up with dogs with my family, there were always dogs in my life. If I reincarnate and become an animal I definitely want to be a dog. They would do nothing much but eat and go for a walk; and for the rest would be either watching TV or taking nap. There’s not much difference with my life anyways. I am not too much of a fan of dog food, but I would be happy with a sandwich from the In’n Out every day. I became friends with an elephant since I worked with her in “Water For Elephants”. I’ve learned that not too much hugging or petting is needed to get around with the wild animals. We treat them as a part of the family, but you never know how they think about you in return. Like, if you are moving around a huge elephant, you need to be careful, if she steps on you that’s it. You still have to be very cautious around the trained animals.”

Rob: “Me and my friends went on a road trip around the States, it was interesting; people are different in each state. There was even a place with no phones. It was fun, many people didn’t even recognize me. When I go back in England, people notice me and look down to pretend I’m not there. Some tourists notice me though.”

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