Thursday, June 16, 2011

UPDATE on WFE Greek release date & Greek poster spotted in Athens!

WFE Poster from Odeon Cosmopolis, Athens! Thnks to Kate for sharing :)

Hey guys! As you know  Odeon had announced that WFE Greek release date was set on 16th June, 2011! But, until now the movie is available only in Athens....
According to the fb page Greek Twilighters, the movie will be released only in the big cinemas in Athens for a short period of time!
There isn't an official explanation or statement to this, so I'm going to update this post as soon as I'll get one. Thnk you!

TeamEdwardPOV confirms that at one point WFE will be released in Thessaloniki, too...We just don't know the exact date, yet! Let's hope more Greek cities will get a release!

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