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COMIC-CON 2011:Photos (HQ& Fanpics), Partial Transcripts & Videos!

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    Fan pics thnks to Naira_Robsten
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    Taylor, Rob, Kristen and Bill sign autographs for fans! #SDCC #BreakingDawnPart1

    Photos on the Comic-Con carpet

    *Photos from the press conference*
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    Partial Transcript of the press conference from  hypable's great  live coverage!
                Introducing Bill Condon, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Rob Pattinson

           All four on stage now.10:34            Rob had trouble finding a seat.. typical rob.

              First question: What was it like fimling in Brazil, how does it feel to be loved all over the world?

             Bill Condon: I know it's very hard (laughs). Filming in Brazil was great. It was amazing.. that's where Stephenie wrote the honeymoon. To actually go there was great. We found the area she described. We got stranded.

    Kristen: It was nice being able to shoot on the actual streets. To see that within the context of the movie is jarring.

        Rob: I'm just going to moderate. It's nice. One of the nice things about having an international fan base.. going to different countries there are different fan reactions. In Brazil fans would literally try to go up and grab you on the set. It was fun. In the shot.

      Taylor: I do love Brazil but I was not there. They came back and showed me this picture of an extra who looked just like me. They showed me this picture.. it was the weirdest thing. Didn't you guys have to place him further back in case the camera showed up?

    Kristen: He looked like an Eclipse poster.

    Bill: (joking) we rewrote the story and included you!

       Question: Do you think the Breaking Dawn movies will truly be the end of the saga? or will there be a spin off?
    Rob: Like, "Breakfast time." (laughs) "Twilight, Eclipse, Brunch"..

    Rob: it's up to Stephenie really.

    Taylor: I agree.

    Bill: It's the end of the Bella/Edward story. Especially in the second movie there are so many new characters I expect she'll want to revisit them at some point.

    Taylor: It sounds like oyu have some secret knowledge!

        Question: out of all the twilight films, what was the most secretive scene you had to film. And which was most exposed to fans:

    Kristen: The wedding was insane. Secret service style. The crew was incredibly inconvienenced. No cell phone, etc. They wanted to keep the dress secret.

        Bill: There was a helicopter as soon as you were ready to take the vows.

    Kristen: I had a volturi cloak on cause I had to cover up and that was the only thing we could use.

    10:39    Question: Couldn't hear the question.. something about Brazil.

    Kristen: We didn't know we were being photographed. That was weird afterward.

    Taylor: This movie.. a lot of the movie takes place inside, so most of the time spent we were in Baton Rogue. We had two months in Vancouver. But Breaking Dawn is very intimate. I feel like they did a good job of letting us be creative.
    Question: For Kristen. Breaking Dawn was an emotional journey. What was it like filming for months, and how did everything that happens to Bella effect you personally?
    Kristen:This one really is loaded with cathartic, impactful huge life moments and they're not all fantasy. They're very rooted in reality that I can completely see myself in. Anyone who reads the book can imagine them in it themselves. I can't let the book punch me in the face every morning. You have to let the moments happen. And they did. And we just went for it. A lot of it.. I feel it was very, very close to the book. At the same time we added bits that suprised me too in the more iconic bits. In the wedding, at the honeymoon.
    Bill Condon: There is no bigger fan of Twilight than Kristen (Kristen: Aw). She's always there like, "I know what it felt like when I read this the first time." You put that pressure on yourself. It's true.
    Question: Do you personally have a favorite scene in the movie?
    Bill Condon: I have a lot of them.

    Taylor: I've always been able to choose one. But this one.. I can't. It's just hard! Jacob changes so much from the beginning to the end, it's hard to choose.
    Kristen: There's a scene with me and Charlie at the wedding that I love so much. And also one with Rene.

    Rob: The birth scene is so different to everything else in the movie. For a fantasy it has a young audience but it goes quite far. It's quite graphic. It was when we shot it anyway. There's no other way to do it though. 

    Question for Bill: One of the points you made was that you were a big fan of Dark Shadows. What are you feeling about these genres in general?

    Bill: As a kid I would run home to see that show. There was something... I think it's growing up in an intense catholic household that makes you a little twisted. Whatever new vampires are around I'm always interested in them like I was with Twilight.

        Question: Do you guys ever wish this was a small independent film that ran on the Sundance channel? How do you tune out the enormous distractions?
    Kristen: If this was a tiny film we ran on sundance we would not be able to do the movie justice. This one is really a big movie and it's nice to be indulgent. it's nice to shoot for 6 months with an A LISTER! we wouldn't be doing the press conference. we'd be sitting in some cool little lofty place. what i'm saying is there's no different. we'd be having this same conversation probably.
    Question: Comic Con is all about embracing your inner nerd. Throughout all these.. what's been the nerdy things going on?
    Rob: I wouldn't say Kristen is nerdy.. Kristen literally.. she's a cooking fan. She's a nerd when it comes to cooking.
    Kristen: Taylor? Taylor.. I have one that I'm not going to say.

    Taylor: Bill, do you have any for us?

    Kristen: Taylor can dance.

    Taylor: No! NOt true!

    Kristen: He moves his hips.. it's crazy
    Question: Besides the wedding scene, what scene were you most nervous or apprehensive about knowing "we really gotta pull this off?"
    Taylor: I was pretty nervous about imprinting. I was given an X on a wall

    Kristen: You didn't want her to be sitting there?

    Taylor: There was an X on the wall and I had to walk into the room on the verge of killing this baby, then stop, twist, and imprint.
    "stop, twist, and imprint".. new hit phrase. they're laughing about that.
      Taylor: I spent a lot of time talking to Bill and Stephenie and asking "okay, what does imprinting even LOOK like?"

       Taylor: I hope it comes off beautifully.

        Rob: Embarrassingly, taking my shirt off.

    Kristen: At least he's honest.

    Rob: So much of the books are about Edwar'ds body.. i've managed to avoid it in the films though it's in every three pages in the books.

    Bill: We're about to show that (at the fan panel)

    Rob: That's a bad one though cause it was at the end of the shoot.
    Question: What was the most awkward scene you had to shoot, and what will you miss most about your character? 
    Kristen: I'm awkward. Me and Mackenzie were awesome. I couldn't really deal.. they were bigger than us in some cases.
    Kristen: This is probably not a great answer. You probably want "well, doing the love scene was weirdd."
    Rob: Talking about the baby.. we had an animatronic baby (Kristen: That was awkward).

    Kristen:It had hair, and it's a newborn baby. That's in the book. You can imagine how cool that will be.

      Bill: The baby's eyes start moving.. it's creepy/strange.
    Last question: The point was raised earlier that a large proponent of the fan based is middle aged. Creepy or flattering, Rob and Taylor? 

       Rob: I'm not creeped out at all by it! It was kind of.. to me creeped out you just have to be creeped out by women in general, which I'm not. People.. different strokes for different folks, I get.

    Breaking Dawn Fan panel
    All three coming out.. huge applause, photos.

              No one in the back of the hall is applauding really.

                Eric: What was it like to shoot the wedding?
                Kristen: I'd been ramping up to shoot that scene for four years. They also put it at the end of the entire filming.. so had to wait so long for it to happen. When I got to set I was just as nervous and terrfiied as I expected myself to be.

              Kristen: When I got to set.. it was just so beautiful. I had to go get locked away in a room for the rest of the day because I was locked into my dress and had to protect it. It was secret service style security
               Kristen: I ended up being much more relaxed than I thought I was going to be.

            Eric: Rob.. (appaluse) Edward and Bella go on a honey moon. The scene was shot in Brazil. Talk about filming there.

      Rob: Brazil was amazing. It was really amazing the day we got there. Beautiful, warm, everything you'd expect. It was beautiful the first day.. then suddenly the remainder of the shoot it was raining.. hurricane storms. It was kind of like a honeymoon in England. We stayed in side, played chess. Bill fixed it.
    Eric: Taylor, I have a question for you as well. But first Bill has a surprise.
    Bill: We're gonna show a couple of clips. They're actually pretty long. Two big scenes from the movie. This first one is Jacob.. he's pulled away from his family, tribe, pack, and he's joined the Cullens to protect them against Sam. This comes deep into the movie where Bella needs more blood to survive. These are scenes that don't appear in the books so it'll be a new experience.
    SCENE: Jacob, Carlisle, Esme talking about saving Bella. Jacob: You've risked our lives. Esme: Of course we would
    Jacob: I know what I have to do. Cut to Jacob in the forest looking around, runs into wolf pack members. Waiting for other wolf pack members who split off from him.
    Eric: From the clip we just saw it's clear Jacob has a large roll. Breaks off from the old pack. Can you talk about your character's new found freedom?
    Taylor: Yeah. It's difficult because Jacob at the beginning of the film is the Jacob you've always seen before. He's immature, in love with Bella. Then he gets his heart crushed. He doesn't handle it well. He handles it how Jacob would usually handle it. He becomes an entirely different person. He's forced to mature and become his own man. If that means separating from his own pack, brothers, he's willing to do that and he does.
    Bill setting up a second clip. First glimpse of Edward and Bella on honeymoon.
    SCENE: Edward and Bella head into Isle esme. Rob picks her up. Brings her into house. Bella looks beautiful and not pale. Looking aroudnd the home. Edward: want to take a look around?

    Bella walks into another area of the house. Bedroom. Stares at the bed, touches the curtains around the bed. Can see ocean in background. Edward looks at the bed. Tension between them s they consider going into the bed. Continue putting suitcases down. Edward and Bella hold each other's hands. Still lot of tension. Edward: Want to go for a swim? Bella: yeah that sounds nice (it's night time). Bella: I could use just a few minutes. Edward kisses her. Edward: Don't take too long.Edward walks outside. Takes off shirt to get into water. Bella goes to bathroom. Looks at herself in mirror. Fast paced scene. Brushes teeth, cleans mouth. Very nervous obviously. Fast paced scene with a song we don't know. Washing hands. Takes off wedding ring. Dries hands. Wipes water on forehead. Shaves legs. Picks out a bra to wear. Pulls out lingerie.. unsure about wearing it. Sits on ground in nervousness. Bella: Don't be worried.Cut to going out into the water. Bella walks up to Edward in the moonlight. Bella is naked and walking towards the water. Edward already in.
    Question for Rob: Did you have more fun playing Cedric Diggory or Edward?
    Rob: They were both really realy fun. I didn't know what I was doing when I was playing Cedric. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be an actor at the time. Twilight has really changed my life. It's allowed me to live in this world.. it's almost impossible to find another way of living in it.

    Question for Taylor: You have roles that require martial arts. Do you want to be an action star?
    Taylor: I've always been a fan of action movies. It's not all I want to do. What I like about acting is that I can challenge myself to many different things. I love Jacob and this franchise has given me an incredible opportunity to do what I want to do and that's challenge myself more. My next one.. I play Nathan in Abduction. He's completely different than Jacob which is a weird change because I've lived Jacob for so long now. But I'm really excited for you to see that as well.
    Question: Nice hair Rob. What was your initial reaction to reading the Renesme birth scene?
    Everyone: uhm..

    Kristen: I thought it was so cool. I think we did try to go as hardcore as we could. It's not your typical birthing scene. It took two days to shoot. Two day labor is really hard (bill condon laughs). In the book, as you all know, she's literally joking on blood. It was always in my head that she's able to fight harder than any human would really be able to.. because it's in her.. literally (huge laughs).
    Kristen: In Part 2 I get to play with the venom running through my veins. And that's after a moment of sheer exuberance. Having a calm breath after the birth.
    Question: I was very pleasantly surprised by your back muscles in the trailer Rob. I can speak for all of us when I say "nom nom nom" (huge laughs). My question is actually for Kristen. After all these years you got to experience vampire make up. What was that like for you. Was Rob's whining justified or was he being a big baby?
    Kristen: So, so justified. You feel locked in there all day. But it helps too because you're so much more aware of your movements. The contacts suck cause you cannot see anything. especially when we both have them in there, we can't see each other.
    Question: Hi! Question for Rob.. if I could give you a CD? Gave you one two years ago and want to give you another one. And what was your favorite scene to film?
    Rob: My favorite scene to film was the birth scene. It was different to anything I've done before. I never got to play Edward in a way.. literally he's so aware of his own helplessness. There's no one else around. He's tried to help Bella but there's nothing he can do. He's desperate. Normally when that happens in the other movie Bella comes in to save the dead. Every single time, Bella comes to save him. But this time Bella can't. It was nice to play someone who's totally annihilated by the entrie situation.
    Bill: Someone asked before and there are so many big things that happen. They all.. I really dont' have one. They're all huge challenges.
    Bill: Someone asked before and there are so many big things that happen. They all.. I really dont' have one. They're all huge challenges.
    Kristen: All the exterior stuff was shot in Canada. In Louisiana we were on a stage primarily. Mostly the stuff we had to do inside was kind of more emotional. More based in reality. Not that anything in the story isn't.. it's just personal intimate scenes. It was a different tone change between the two. I was a vampire more in Louisiana which was cool
    Question: I'm so excited for Breaking Dawn. What scene are you excited to reveal to the fans in Part 2?
    Taylor: I'm going to be boring and go back to the birth scene. I want to give Bill some credit. When I read it in the book it was a lot to take in. It was so interesting, I had no idea how it was going to look visually. I gotta give bill some credit. It's really amazing. I dont' want to give too much away so I'll force myself to not talk. But the birth scene was phenomenal. The fans will eb really really pleased.
    Kristen: You have to give Bella credit of having semi devine intution at times. She's said at time she's going to times. This time she's willing to
    Question: My question is for Kristen. Being pregnant is such a life changing experience. What experiences did you pull from to have that moment?
    Kristen: What experiences? Hah. I've been asked recently what it's like to play such a far fetched story. This story feels the most real in terms of what can happen to you in your life. At 18.. it's so very very ossible. It's hard to talk to you about this (the person who asked the question is pregnant). I didn't have any experiences drawn.. there ya go.
    Question for Rob and Taylor: How's it like working with such a beautiful cast.
    Rob: it's crazy (laughs).

    Kristen: that's the first time it's been asked at one of these!

    Rob: Not true! I've always been asked.

    Taylor: And what do you say?

    Rob: Any way to approach this answer is inappropriate or just plain wrong. So.. Taylor you answer!
    Rob: it's great, it's nice to be surrounded by hot girls all the time. It's why I became an actor.

    Taylor: You summed it up. There could be worse jobs. We have a lot of fun. It is weird. We're all so close.

    Kristen: it's so weird that we're all so hot (laughs).
    Question: I was wondering can you tell us what songs will be in the movie?

        Bill: We're just figuring that out now. We have 15. I don't know if we should say it yet because we haven't made deals with everyone but I think you'll be happy.

        Question: Hey taylor! what's it like to rehearse the fight scenes?

        Taylor: My fight scenes.. I'm usually a wolf. So... I.. it's a bummer. I wish I could actually be doing that. I'm super jealous of my CGI wolf. Although he is pretty cute and fluffy. But I actually got beat up a little bit in both movies. In Part 1 edward gives me a nice punch after he finds out I imprinted on his daughter.
    Rob: There was a stunt where Taylor jumps out of the house. It's a really cool stunt. He jumped down ten stairs. And then Taylor was like "ehh I don't really need a wire" and then goes and sprints and makes a huge jump. It was one of the most impressive things

    Eric: We have surprise guests.. please welcome Julia Jones, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene
    Question from little girl who gets a lot of "awws": Rob.. do you like having the baby with Bella? (awwws)
    Rob: The look on your face makes me think you're asking something else (laughs). No i do. I really like babies. I like doing scenes with them too. It was really fun.. especially with this series as well. You're playing this statue-esque guy most of the time. Can't be hard.. but he has the baby and it makes everything more human. And babies.. in terms of acting with it.. they just do their own thing. It's more fun. You're basically improvising.

        Question for Taylor: Did you like playing the character in Abduction more than the character in the Twilight saga?

      Taylor: Why is that so funny? (audience laughing). Honestly I wouldn't be able to choose. Like I was saying earlier they are such different characters. I was able to go from playing Jacob, who I really love, to playing another character who I could really explore. But i would not be able to choose. That's a good question! You put me on a tough spot here

    Rob: Everyone's really cool.. and there eventually comes a point where I say "no more!" "After the large premiere that is IT!"

       Question: I just want to say congratulations to everyone on your success. This is for the panel. Which movie is your favorite in the saga?
       Bill: Breaking Dawn.

    Rob: Part 1 or 2?

    Bill: Part 1.

    Rob: What's it going to be next year?

    Bill: Part 2. (laughs)
    Taylor: I'll be completely honest. The third book I loved. But.. this movie (Part 1) is my favorite. I just.. it's a testament to Bill. And everybody else. We had an incredible time. This movie.. you're able to see all of the characters in a different light that you've never seen before. We're dealing with things we never have before. I think that's why it was my favorite. It was a challenge but we had a lot of fun is my favorite by far.
    Kristen: My favorite book was always New Moon, but I really like Twilight a lot. Catherine did a spectacular job that made it different from the rest of them. I like this one (Part 1) a lot. I just saw it. Seeing them at points that are nostalgic for anyone.. seeing them at weddings, Bella pregnant.. it's weird. It's incredibly connected to it.

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