Monday, July 18, 2011

*NEW* Pic of Rob leaving Toronto (July 15th)!

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Story behind the pic
My mom works at a private airport in Toronto where a lot of celebrities fly in and out of. She called me last night letting me know that a “Robert Douglas Pattinson, an actor from the UK” would be coming through the avitat today. After my telling her that it was probably my boyfriend Rob coming through, I told her that she better get a picture for me! She and her coworkers joked around over the phone a little bit – laughing at how I told them that Rob is the only person in the world that I am allowed to cheat on my real boyfriend with (he gets to sleep with Eva Mendez) and then my mom finally discovered that he would be flying out before she even got into work today. However, I got a call from my mom this afternoon and a picture from one of my mom’s coworkers eventually followed. This is a picture of Rob heading out of a private Toronto airport July 15/11.


  1. OMG! He and Kristen can't even charter a private plane without being hounded by fans and the paparazzi. Now I know why a lot of these celebrities purchase private island in the middle of nowhere just so they can have some peace.

  2. His name is: Robert Thomas Pattinson., unless he was trying to go under a fake name., but only his middle name was different so how was that sneeky?!?

    I agree., I feel bad for Rob and Kristen that they can't even have privacy on a private plane. I'm sure he was his normal friendly self., but that is besides the point. They travel on private planes and that means they want to be left a lone. :)

    xoxo Total Fan of Both!