Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Imperial Mammoth' band mentions Rob in a new interview with Pattinson Post!

 When Summit Entertainment announced the artists and songs for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack on September 26th, Imperial Mammoth’s “Requiem on Water” was on the list.
Based in Los Angeles, Imperial Mammoth is composed of members Leonard Jackson (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Programming) and Laura Jane Scott (Vocals, Harp, Keys).  They classify their music as Electroacoustic / Indie / Pop.  They were interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine as part of an article on how being on a Twilight movie soundtrack has boosted the careers of the musicians.
PP: Are either of you Twilight fans?

IM: Absolutely! We haven’t missed an opening weekend, and we’re really getting in to the books now. Leonard is especially grateful that Rob has brought the whole “shockingly pale” thing back to sexy. Leonard looks a bit like he was raised in caves.
Read the full interview at Pattinson Post

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