Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kristen talks about Rob in a new interview with Adelaide Now (Australia)!

It’s apt that she brings up Lautner’s media savvy. The three Twilight leads are a study in diversity – Lautner is the ultimate pro, Stewart awkward and uncomfortable, Englishman Pattinson somewhere in the middle.

“Actors have this really weird position – their jobs are wrapped up in their personal lives,” Stewart says. “Not just personal lives as in, ‘Who are you dating?’, but my life is my job, I love it.

“You can’t always be so candid. I definitely learnt from Rob, he really shines when he’s just funny. He’s so appealing in a general way – like I’ve see him on TV and I go, ‘Hmmph, you’re like really good on TV!’.
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