Thursday, November 17, 2011

New interview of Rob with!

The trio were swamped by sobbing Twihards clamouring to have their pictures taken with them on the red carpet at Westfield Stratford shopping centre in London. 

The next instalment of the vampire love story sees Bella Swan (Stewart) finally get hitched to her immortal lover Edward Cullen (Pattinson). 

It features the real-life couple’s hotly anticipated love scene and Pattinson told Metro he wished the 12A-rated film could have been raunchier. 

R-Patz said: ‘It’s funny when you’re doing a sex scene and they’re screaming, “No, don’t actually look like you’re having sex. That’s terrifying!”
 ‘They’re both losing their virginity and people are afraid of showing the actual moment, which is the most emotional part of the scene.’ 

R-Patz, 25, revealed he was looking for another film to do with Stewart but said: 
‘Kristen’s really got her own thing. There’s no other actress around who’s got the same niche and a lot of modern female parts feed into that really well.’ 

His girlfriend, 21, posed for red carpet photos wearing high heels with her Roberto Cavalli dress but changed into trainers before signing autographs. 

She did the same a day earlier at the world premiere in Los Angeles.

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