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New interview of Rob with M Magazine (Austria)!
Robert Pattinson: Sex for the first time

M: After hearing from Kristen how she felt about the end of the Saga, the unavoidable question also for you: How did you feel on the last day of shooting?
Robert: To be honest, that day was miserable. We’d been shooting for two weeks, in Canada, in the cold. Then again, the last day in St. Thomas in the Carribean was an absolute dream. That was the only time we were shooting in bright sunset. That was really our really last day of shooting. We shot on the beach and went into the ocean – yeah, that was amazing… [lacht]

M: And how was the mood?
Robert: In Canada we were 120 actors on set, on the last day of shooting. In the Carribean it was just Kristen and I. We finally did all the stuff we couldn’t do during shooting. Sitting by the sea while the sun sets – it was just beautiful, to end it like that.
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M: Kristen claims that she isn’t sad that Twilight is over. Do you share her opinion?
Robert: I don’t know. Because we’re constantly promoting the movie and talking about Twilight, everything is still really present for me. Please ask me after the second part has been released, because that’s when Twilight really is over.

M: How do you deal with the hype?
Robert: A little hype doesn’t harm anyone, especially nowadays. I’m more interested in how long the hype will last, to be honest. How will people perceive me a few years from now?

M: How do you see your influence as an element of popculture?
Robert: There certainly is an influence. The amount of vampire movies that came into being after Twilight… that’s how you see that it’s a real phenomenon. None of us ever saw the magnitude Twilight would have coming. The influence on the popculture, the last thing that had such an influence was Harry Potter. The special thing is that, especially in the last books of Twilight, we see the wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy and birth in the perspective of a woman.

M: How did you deal with the shooting of the birthing scene?
Robert: That scene was extremely difficult. The movie is PG-13 and the restrictions for that are very strict. No blood can be shown. The birth in the book is described very explicitly though. The shooting was bizarre, I can’t think of a better description for it. We used ice, cottage cheese and jello – it was disgusting. The baby was just a few weeks old and had to fight its way through that thing, that represented the placenta. It was gross and I just thought, what a horrible introduction into the world of acting. I don’t think the baby will ever want to be an actor.

M: We also see how differently men and women deal with these kinds of problems and situations.
Robert: Absolutely. We have sex for the first time, and the consequence is a pregnancy, which Edward wasn’t expecting at all. Additionally to that, Edward does look like a young man but he’s probably 105 years old. He hates himself for not thinking for even one single moment that Bella could get pregnant when he sleeps with her. Edward thinks that he poisoned the person he loves more than anything on this world with his thoughtlessness. That fear and that hate directed towards himself are understandable.

M: How did Twilight’s success change you?
Robert: I became an actor coincidentally. I kinda stumbled into it. That’s why, at first, it was more of a experimenting and learning experience. I didn’t have a clue where I’d find myself at the end of the movie. You don’t learn your job overnight and you don’t wake up, being a pro.

M: Were you scared that you’d be remembered as Edward only?
Robert: Yes, of course. But I came to terms with it when I said, I did well as Edward but that’s over now. All I can do is continue to experiment with roles and that’s cool.

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