Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rob's new interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer + Kristen talks shooting the sex scene with him!

  Interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer|via
Robert Pattinson

Breaking into his impish grin, Robert said about an actor in a much-anticipated scene in “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” “I thought he was a real priest in the scene when we were getting married. He kept forgetting what our characters’ names were. He called us Robert and Kristen. She told me that he wasn’t a real priest.”

Asked how many beds were used in his bed-shaking sex scene with Kristen, Robert laughed and replied, “It was just one bed but it was a trick bed. It was unusual to do a sex scene when there’s a whole stunt set-up. There were three guys behind the bed who controlled the bed. I’m trying to do a sex scene and a guy is cueing me for when the bed breaks. I’m also looking at the big guy lying underneath, on the floor.”

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He explained, “When you’re doing a sex scene, people don’t really give you that much pressure on the set because for one thing, a director doesn’t want to step in and suggest how he would do it (laughing). Because it’s probably uncomfortable for him, too.”

“I was protective of Kristen,” he admitted about filming the scene. “She is so much more comfortable with her body than I am. I was thinking, we must keep the sheet up in between takes. But that was really more for her. That was probably the scariest part – having to be judged by your physicality. I was trying to avoid that in the entire series.”

Robert did workouts to be in shape for the shirtless scenes. “Yeah, for a while,” he said. With a chuckle, he quipped, “But as soon as I didn’t have to take my shirt off, I stopped.”

Kristen Stewart
“Rob and I have made out in this movie more than I can possibly imagine,” declared Kristen, wearing a very short skirt that showed off her legs. “It was weird at first. It got comfortable. When we did the love scene, to be honest with you, I wasn’t nervous about it. It was easy to make fun of it because it wasn’t shot from beginning to end. It was very memory-oriented. Everything in this movie is very much through Bella’s perspective so it was ‘piece-y.’ We shot in fragments. There were lots of close-ups.”

She also mentions Rob on her interview with Daily Telegraph|via
As for Pattinson, all she’ll say is what’s hers is hers. “I’m selfish. I think, that’s mine, and I’d like whatever is mine to remain that way. It’s a funny game to play. I always tell myself I’m never going to give anything away, because there’s never any point or benefit for me.”

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