Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Breaking Dawn" cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, mentions Rob in a new interview!

 Taking a fresh approach meant re-creating from scratch the parallel realities of the different characters’ worlds. “We did a lot of tests and work on how the look of those worlds was going to appear. We wanted to stay away from other things that worked for the other movies,” such as Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) heavy white make-up, a signature of his vampire look, in order to focus more on what was going on inside the characters.
Prior to the wedding, Bella fantasizes about a different sort of wedding – one in which the couple is seen atop a wedding cake, but the cake is actually made up of a pyramid of dead bodies. “It’s a very beautiful shot of them, as if they were the cake toppers with this huge collection of bloody corpses beneath them,” Navarro describes. “We did a shot with Kristen and Robert on top of a little platform with all of these bloodied actors lying around, which you see as the camera starts revealing what’s there. So at the end, it really looks like a wedding cake, but it’s a nightmare wedding that she’s experiencing. It’s a pretty impressive shot, and one with incredibly strong imagery.”

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