Friday, January 27, 2012

Joe Anderson (Alistair in BD part 2) mentions a creepy thing that a fan of Rob did & BD!

A natural musician -- he starred in the Beatles-based "Across the Universe" -- Anderson worked on three projects in one year -- "The River," "The Grey" and "Breaking Dawn."

Throw in 'Twilight' and it was a pretty interesting year," Anderson says with a smile.


The creepy stuff? That was saved for other actors. "A woman was standing outside the Sutton Place in Vancouver with a pair of scissors. She had flown from England to cut some of Robert Pattinson's hair for a doll."
 "Breaking Dawn, Part II" (slated for release in the fall) came with such high financial stakes "tension was ripe," Anderson says. "There's not a lot of rehearsal. So before a scene with Kristen (Stewart) I had to gun up the character from the trailer to the stage. It's the first time you see this guy come to life. But until you get the gear on, you're not quite sure what he's going to be."

Read the full interview at the source|via cupidscloud

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