Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chaske Spencer & BooBoo Stewart talk about Rob!

Chaske Spencer says Rob, Kristen and Taylor are "very down to earth and very good people".|via
At 1:29

BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) talks about the first time he met Rob
 He also noted that during the filming of Eclipse, he never actually worked with some of the stars, including Robert Pattinson. “We were together in a scene, but I was a wolf, so I was never there. So this whole time, I filmed the movie, and we’re doing press for it, and I still haven’t met him, and then finally, we were at the Kids’ Choice awards, and I got to shake his hands for a second.” He did note that once they started filming Breaking Dawn, he got to hang out with Robert, and said he was a really nice guy. I asked him if any of his friends had asked for Robert or Taylor Lautner’s numbers, and he laughed and said no.

 P.S. It was The Teen Choice Awards, not Kids Choice Awards
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