Monday, February 13, 2012

Christina Ricci talks about Rob & 'Bel Ami' to The Sunday Times (UK)!

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I did the transcript of the article regarding Rob & Bel Ami
She stopped short of offering her co-star, the much-hyped R-Pattz, any tips about the tricky transition to adult movies. "Oh, he doesn't need any help from me. He is doing just fine."
Whatever her seld-image issues in the past, Riccie has never been one to shy away from nudity on screen, and Bel Ami is no exception - we see her sprawled on the bed in her birthday suit, awaiting a ravishing from R-Pattz. Ricci rolls her eyes. 'After we made this film, I said I didn't think I should do any more nude scenes for a couple of years. Then, in Pam Am, I'm in my underwear in every episode!"
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