Sunday, June 17, 2012

'Cosmopolis' featured in Sight&Sound Magazine+ New still!

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 "Cronenberg's casting of Robert Pattinson as his lead is a strong, distinctive choice - and a smart one in that the actor's bankability has enabled the director to make supremely off beat art film. Pattinson is surprisingly good, far better than you'd imagine from his awkwardly wolfish turn in the recent period drama, Bel Ami. It's a highly eccentric performance too, at first blankly arrogant, fitting Eric's sheened tailor's-dummy surface, but then more fragile. Pattinson fires off his telegraphic lines with increasing tetchiness, at one point rocking his head on a motionless body, like a nodding toy dog. At other times, he sounds as if he's repressing small-boy brattiness, on the edge of tears; and he has a great moment when fired on by his would-be assassin, he sets off to meet him with a ridiculously, adolescent bring-it-on strut."

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