Monday, June 4, 2012

'Cosmopolis' photocall & press conference in Toronto!

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 HQ pics

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Press conference
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First pictures from eOnefilms & CJancelewicz

From @TeriHart 
Emily Hampshire says she called @BaruchelNDG for advice on working with Pattinson & Cronenberg #Cosmopolis
 Pattinson-I'm not a post modernist scholar Cronenberg - you're agent said you were Funny! #Cosmopolis
 @SarahGadon though about going method and not talking to Rob Pattinson but then thought shed look like a real jerk #Cosmopolis
  Robert Pattinson said that the notion of parallels between his life and his character in #Cosmopolis are not there at all.
 Robert says he thinks his fans from #Twilight will like #Cosmopolis
 Loving that Robert and Paul are still dissecting their characters and what motivates them
 Robert Pattinson is stealing @kiva_jane use of perpetual presence to describe #Cosmopolis she said "all yours" #gracious
@TeriHart he didn't know “@rozweston: told Robert Pattinson that he won Best Kiss @MTV awards. Him? "Yes! 4 in a row" followed by fistpump & sarcasm.”

From  @eOnefilms
Robert Pattinson likes wide angles lenses. And cranes. #cosmopolisshoot
"Malin Akerman made a great Pattinson."- Giamatti on preparation
 "That's a flawed question." #Pattinson gems.
 We sure are! "Canadians are pretty nice." - Robert Pattinson
 Pattinson really wanted to make sure there was a toilet in the last scene. #cosmopolisfact

From @CJancelewicz
Pattinson is here! Black blazer, black V-neck. Ladies, you'd love it. #Cosmopolis
 Pattinson chewing on a toothpick. #Cosmopolis press conference underway!
 Pattinson: Canadian fans are generally very nice! #Cosmopolis press conference halfway through
 "I think my fans will like #Cosmopolis -- I liked the Twilight scripts for the same reasons. I hope they'll appreciate it." - Pattinson

From keri_lotion
 #Pattinson's process: "having a heart attack." #Cosmopolis

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